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10 Health benefits of Camu Camu

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Discover the 10 shocking health benefits of Camu Camu.

The most interesting benefits of camu camu include its ability to boost the immune system, protect against chronic diseases, reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, prevent viral infections, reduce mood swings, promote eye health, protect the sexual organ system and prevent cognitive disorders.

According to much research on the subject, it is believed that one of the most powerful benefits of camu camu is its tremendous ability to increase the immunity of your body .

You may not have even heard of camu camu, but this superfood is even more nutritious than other fruits; also known as cacari, it is the food with the highest vitamin C content known so far and can treat from cognitive disorders to preventing the body against infections and improving sexual health and eye health, it offers multiple advantages.

10 shocking health benefits of Camu Camu


Health Benefits of Camu camu

Camu camu has antiviral properties that can help with cold sores, herpes, shingles, and the common cold.  Others say it is a natural energy booster that is great for the eyes and gums; Research on the benefits of camu camu is still limited, but we have a summary of its potential benefits and some tips for including it in your diet.


1.- Vitamin C content

There is no way to talk about the benefits of camu camu without first mentioning the massive amount of vitamin C found in this remarkable little drupe; has one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C of any food source, and since vitamin C is not only vital to human health but also impossible to create naturally in our bodies, having a rich source like camu camu is a huge plus .

Also, synthetic vitamin C that has recently been injected into food to increase its potency is not as beneficial as natural vitamin C.
Ascorbic acid stimulates the production of white blood cells, which significantly increases the immune system and is also a key component in the production of collagen, which helps repair and develop cells, tissues, and organs. Just as a comparison

2.- Improves cognitive ability

The various antioxidant effects of camu camu benefits, some of which are derived from the large amount of vitamin C, also help eliminate plaque build-up in the cognitive pathways, often caused by free radicals and oxidative stress;

It has been linked to the prevention of certain cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

It can also increase cognitive ability in younger people, increasing focus, memory, and concentration skills.

3.- Anti-inflammatory property

Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory substance, but the other nutrients and amino acids found in camu camu benefits, such as anthocyanins, catechins, and flavanols, are also powerful anti-inflammatory agents.


For people suffering from arthritis and gout, hemorrhoids, and headaches, camu camu can relieve pain and soothe inflammation.

4.- Prevents cancer

Everyone is searching for a magic cure for cancer, and while it has yet to be discovered, antioxidant compounds such as those found in abundance in camu camu benefits are often considered the best natural remedy to prevent development or disease. spread of certain types of cancers ;

It has dozens of antioxidants in its little little package, so load up on these cancer-fighting drupes whenever you can!

5.- Relieves mood swings

Research has indicated that the benefits of camu camu can have a relaxing effect on the body, acting almost like a sedative, which can certainly help balance mood swings and calm mental anxiety.

Although the exact pathway is not completely clear, high levels of magnesium and other vitamins that reduce inflammation and calm the body are likely the cause of this important health benefit, especially for people suffering from depression or menopausal mood swings. .

6.- Antiviral and antibacterial properties

The natural antiseptic qualities of camu camu benefits make it ideal for preventing bacterial and viral infections , including E. coli and various sexually transmitted diseases, such as herpes.


This makes camu camu a powerful dietary supplement for everyone, as our immune systems are constantly under attack by these foreign agents.

7.- Prevents infertility

The benefits of Camu camu have been shown to  prevent infertility by specifically protecting the health of the sexual organs and ensuring the proper functioning of those systems.

8.- Tone the muscle

The varied combination of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and organic compounds found in camu camu benefits make it one of the complete health foods, but this combination also facilitates the growth and protection of muscles .

If you are looking to increase your metabolism and increase your muscle tone, eating camu camu can be an ideal supplement to training.

9.- Improves vision

Carotenoids are primarily praised for their ability to protect eye health as an antioxidant, although they do have other important roles in the body.

By eliminating oxidative stress on the ocular system, camu camu carotenoids can prevent the onset of macular degeneration and the development of cataracts, allowing you to see clearly well into your old age.


10.- Helps in digestion

The dietary fiber content of camu camu benefits is not as remarkable as its vitamin C content, but it is still important and can help improve your overall health by optimizing your digestive processes and even protecting your heart from the dangers of high levels. unbalanced cholesterol.

Fiber also regulates the activity of insulin receptors in the body, helping to control and even prevent diabetes.

Word of warning:  Camu camu is not known as an allergenic food and can be taken in conjunction with other pharmaceuticals and supplements.

If you suffer from gout or other uric acid-related conditions, camu camu can exacerbate symptoms, so you should consult a medical professional before adding it to your diet.

What is Camu Camu?

Light purple in color, this small fruit the size of a lemon and baptized with the name of camu camu, grows in the bushes of the Amazon rainforests of Peru, Brazil and South America.


Its botanical name is Myrciaria dubia, its use is increasingly wide as more people begin to understand its usefulness for health; It is antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and antigenic.


When the fruit is fully ripe, it acquires its flavor but loses part of the vitamin C for which camu camu is famous. It contains 2,145 mg of vitamin C, a whooping 3575% RDA (recommended dietary intake) in 100 grams.

It is also an excellent source of Manganese 2.1 mg which is 106% of the RDA.

It also contains 0.2mg of copper which is 10% RDA. This type of copper is rare in fruits and vegetables, so it is a very good source of copper for people suffering from copper deficiency.

94% of the fruit is water.


Below is a brief nutritional profile. All amounts are per 100 grams of camu camu. (DV means daily value)

• Water  94.1 g


• Protein  0.4 g 1% DV

• Fat  0.2 g

• Vitamin C  2,145 mg 3,575% DV

• Calcium  15.7 mg 2% DV

• Copper  0.2 mg 10% DV

• Iron  0.53 mg 3% DV


• Magnesium  12.4 mg 3% DV

• Manganese  2.1 mg 106% DV

• Potassium  83.8 mg 2% DV

• Sodium  11.1 mg 0% DV

• Zinc  0.36 mg 2% DV

How to use Camu Camu?

As camu camu is very sour, its powder form is more popular, you can use it in the following ways to get the best out of the berry.


• Use slightly ripe berries instead of fully ripe berries to get the maximum amount of vitamin C.

• Add fresh camu camu to other fruits to make smoothies. This will take care of its sour taste while preserving full nutritional value.

• Put camu camu powder in drinks, oatmeal, and other recipes. The powder version is available in stores. You can also get pills and juices to use.

Tips and Precautions

The benefits of Camu camu have not been studied much, therefore, its side effects are not well recorded, it is a natural berry, so it is generally safe. However, consuming too much vitamin C can cause diarrhea, stomach upset, nausea, and vomiting.

If you are prone to stomach ulcers, then avoid consuming camu camu in any form.

Wherever high vitamin C interferes with medication, camu camu will, too. Therefore, if you are taking chemotherapy drugs, consult your doctor, who may suggest that you stop using during the course of chemotherapy.


When should you avoid consuming Camu Camu?

There is some concern that camu camu may interfere with some chemotherapy drugs; you should always inform your doctor about the supplements you are taking, but especially if you are undergoing chemotherapy, for example.

How should Camu Camu be taken?

Camu camu berries are not exactly sold in your local North American supermarket, but you can include them in your diet in tablets or as a powder. The powder can be used to flavor other foods, and camu-flavored ice cream and drinks are popular in Peru.

We hope the article on the 10 shocking health benefits of Camu Camu has been of help.


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