Shocking health benefits of lemon

Discover the Shocking health benefits of lemon.

In juice, green or whole, lemon is renowned for its richness in vitamins and its “slimming” virtues. Zoom on this low calorie citrus fruit with proven health benefits!

Shocking health benefits of lemon

From the citrus family, lemon is a fruit associated with multiple health benefits. It would be good for digestion, for cancer prevention, against fatigue or for weight loss.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Below are the Shocking health benefits of lemon:

Anti cancer

The flavonoids and limonoids contained in lemon are believed to have the ability to slow the proliferation of cancer cells and even to decrease the growth of metastases . The cancers most affected by this preventive action would be all cancers of the upper digestive tract such as cancer of the mouth, esophagus, pharynx and stomach, as well as cancer of the colon.

Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

It is again the precious flavonoids contained in lemon that would be very effective in reducing high cholesterol. Blood cholesterol is in fact directly responsible for the formation of atheroma plaques and the occurrence of cardiovascular disease. Antioxidants are also thought to help improve coronary vasodilation and reduce the aggregation of blood platelets, two factors that promote cardiovascular disorders.

Against chronic inflammation

As acidic as it is, lemon has an alkalizing effect on the body, compensating for the acidity associated with a diet rich in animal products (meat and dairy products). The acidification of the organism would be at the origin of a disturbance of the activity of enzymes and an attack on the tissues, themselves implicated in the appearance of several pathologies:


arterial hypertension,

renal failure,


By alkalizing the tissues, lemon restores the pH and therefore protects the body from all these pathologies.

Anti-aging power

Vitamin C and limonoids work in synergy to fight against the effects of free radicals , responsible for the premature aging of skin cells and organs. A diet rich in lemon therefore helps prevent the harm of aging and stay young longer.

Effects on weight loss?

We often hear that lemon makes you lose weight, what is it really? If this fruit is compatible with a slimming diet, this does not mean that its consumption promotes weight loss . The lemon diet is  based on strict diet rules (very low in calories) which are more weight loss related than the lemon itself.

Lemon Calories

Lemon is one of the low-sweet fruits and therefore low in calories. It has 39 calories per 100g, which corresponds to approximately 17 calories per 60g lemon.

Nutritional values: what does lemon contain?

It’s no secret that lemon shines for its vitamin C content , the antioxidant vitamin par excellence. Among the minerals, it is potassium with which lemon is best provided, an essential element for cardiovascular health. This small citrus fruit is also very rich in antioxidant polyphenols , useful in the fight against premature aging. Finally, it is rich in soluble fibers with multiple health benefits.

Benefits of lemon juice

The lemon juice , if indeed he is drunk immediately after being pressed, has substantially the same advantages as lemon . But if you leave it, even for a few tens of minutes in the open air before consuming it, it will lose around 50% of its vitamin C content , which is extremely sensitive to oxidation.

Warning: consume your lemon juice immediately after squeezing it to benefit from all of its nutritional qualities! Its vitamin C oxidizes very quickly in the open air.

Benefits of lime

Lime, if it is slightly more acidic and fragrant than lemon, has more or less the same nutritional characteristics . Its health benefits are therefore neither more nor less than those of lemon

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