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11 shocking health benefits of cod liver oil

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Discover the 11 shocking health benefits of cod liver oil.

Many residents of northern Europe have experienced for years the health benefits of cod liver oil, which, according to various studies carried out over the centuries, can improve, among other things, the so-called immunity and protect humans from long dark winters.

In the same way, this oil has been used as a natural solution to treat conditions such as joint pain, muscle stiffness, and rheumatism.

If you intend to obtain cod liver oil, you must purchase a species of fish known as Gadus Morhua.


Although, this product is not at all appetizing for most of the people, who consumed it, assure that it is worth the sacrifice for the incalculable properties it possesses.

What is cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is a nutrient-rich source of essential vitamins that include both vitamin A and vitamin B.

It is also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory; Considering that most people do not eat enough anti-inflammatory foods that provide these vitamins and the important nutrients that play crucial roles in cardiovascular, hormonal, immune, reproductive and neurological health, many adults and children can benefit from regular supplementation through frequent intake of cod liver oil.


Cod liver oil comes, as its name indicates, from the cod liver; You can take it in the form of oil or through supplements sold over the counter.

The innumerable studies about the health benefits of cod liver oil have proven that among its benefits we can find the following:

• Reduce high cholesterol and high triglycerides

• Prevent and treat diabetes


• Lower high blood pressure

• Prevent heart disease

• Reduce the risk of osteoarthritis

• Treat depression


• Lower the risk of autoimmune diseases

• Fight eye disorders like glaucoma and protect your eyesight

• Treat ear infections, allergies, and asthma

• Prevent and treat kidney disease


• Help heal skin wounds

• Maintain bone health and prevent fractures or osteoporosis

Health benefits of Cod liver oil

1.- High source of anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids

Cod liver oil is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids in nature, which is known as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

Due to their natural anti-inflammatory properties, including the ability to reduce prostaglandin production, omega-3s reduce the need for anti-inflammatory medications and can be used to treat a variety of symptoms naturally, from risk factors for coronary heart disease to depression or arthritis.


Supplementing with omega-3-rich cod liver oil is one way to reduce inflammation and re-increase your fatty acid ratio for better health.

2.- It can provide vitamin D

Vitamin D not only plays an important role in healthy bone metabolism but also supports important functions in all of our cells.

Low levels of vitamin D can intercept the ability of our cells to recover, besides, a high deficiency of vitamin D considerably increases the risk of getting sick in the short term, it can even lead to you developing certain chronic autoimmune disorders, cognitive diseases, or cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis or cancer.

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency can include depression, anxiety, fatigue, low libido, infertility, autism, asthma, and more.


Furthermore, the deficiency can reduce immunity and even increase the risk of cancer.

High doses of vitamin D can have potential side effects, so it is now recommended to take vitamin D in combination with synergistic vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, as it is found naturally in foods rich in vitamin D, including the benefits of cod liver oil.

3.- Great source of vitamin A

Vitamin A is an important antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress (also called free radical damage) and therefore inflammation levels.

it is linked to the prevention of eye-related disorders, supports brain health, helps fight cancer, and is important for hormone production.


While most people who eat a fairly balanced diet get enough vitamin A, the daily deficiency is a risk for some people who eat highly processed foods or who don’t consume enough calories in general.


Recently, vitamin A supplementation has been debated as high levels are thought to be really harmful and potentially toxic.

However, it is important to note that many early populations that ate whole-food-based diets consumed a lot of vitamin A.

When it comes to getting vitamin A from the benefits of cod liver oil, the quality of the supplement seems to have a big impact.


Many brands contain synthetic versions of vitamins A and D that are not well absorbed, in addition to dangerous proportions of these two nutrients.

While consuming very high levels of vitamin A from supplements has only been linked to a few health problems, obtaining vitamin A from natural sources can help boost the immune system.

Eating lots of foods rich in vitamin A is beneficial for bone growth, night vision, healthy cell growth, testicular and ovarian function, and much more.

4.- Helps prevent heart disease

Evidence shows that the benefits of cod liver oil taken as a supplement or wholemeal can help reduce high triglycerides, a dangerous type of fat in the blood that increases the risk of heart disease.


A range of human and animal studies has shown the high efficacy of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids obtained from cod liver oil in preventing atherosclerosis (hardening and stiffness of the arteries) and its complications.

Treatment alone or in combination with statins helps reverse risk factors in patients with hypertriglyceridemia and elevated triglyceride levels.

5.- Reduces the risk of suffering from diseases such as cancer

Various studies have shown that both the vitamin D obtained from the sun and the health benefits of cod liver oil have the power to help prevent breast cancer in women, this is because it has some effects on the cells that produce this type of cancer in particular, which is quite beneficial in the reduction of breast tumors.

While sun exposure still appears to be the most important protective factor in getting enough vitamin D to fight cancer, cod liver oil also appears to help make up for common deficiencies.


6.- Prevents or treats diabetes

As a great source of essential healthy fats, cod liver oil benefits can help control insulin resistance, inflammation, and control blood glucose (sugar) levels.

Similarly, it has been scientifically proven that it can progressively help reduce the symptoms of complications that can be triggered by diabetes.

7.- Helps treat arthritis

At the beginning of the 20th century, scientists established that the benefits of cod liver oil were a natural ‘antirachitic’, which meant that thousands of mothers began to spoon-feed children who were not willing to do so!


The use of cod liver oil is associated with a reduction in pain, joint stiffness, and swelling in patients with arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

Cod liver oil is an effective natural treatment for arthritis because it mimics the effects of medications.

It acts as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, improves major clinical symptoms, and can be used as a safe alternative to medications, or simply a complimentary supplement, in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

8.- Increases fertility and helps with growth and development

Fats are essential for reproductive health and a vibrant pregnancy because they help the body produce sex hormones, including estrogen and progesterone.


Cod liver oil is linked to healthier testicular and ovarian function as it provides essential nutrients (omega-3 and vitamin D) that help keep the endocrine system running smoothly.

With multiple anti-inflammatory nutrients, cod liver oil supports the adrenal, hypothalamic, and pituitary glands that control the release of sex hormones involved in libido, pregnancy, and reproduction.

9.- Improves brain function

Regularly supplementing with fish oil for depression has been associated with a lower risk of depressive symptoms, due to the higher intake of essential omega-3 fats and vitamin D.

There is a strong connection between taking omega-3s or fish oil supplements and preventing cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s disease.


Studies show consistent results: essential fatty acids vital for brain function are found in fish oil and help prevent brain disorders in older adults.

10.- Helps maintain bone health

Vitamin D is important for building and maintaining strong bones.

Studies show that women who live in cold northern latitudes and don’t get enough sunlight tend to produce less vitamin D, which increases the risk of bone turnover, bone loss, fractures, and obesity.


Vitamin D supplementation, including cod liver oil, has been associated with a significantly lower risk of bone fractures and may help naturally prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

11.- Fight against ulcers

In laboratory settings, the benefits of cod liver oil have been shown to improve gastric ulcer healing and reduce gastric antisecretory effects seen in rats.

The oil also appears to produce gastric cytoprotective effects and causes a significant reduction in the development of stress and pain caused by gastric ulcers.

Side effects of cod liver oil

Cod liver oil can act as a blood thinner, so pregnant women, asthmatics, or people taking high blood pressure or blood-thinning medications should speak to their doctor before starting a fish oil regimen.


While safe for most people, there are some possible side effects, such as belching (erotic burps), bad breath, heartburn, nausea, bloody stools, low blood pressure, high levels of vitamin A and D, and bleeding. nasal.


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