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5 Benefits to Working as a Travel Nurse



Benefits to Working as a Travel Nurse

Nurse who work on travel assignments learn a lot. They often work in different hospitals with new systems, policies, and procedures. They learn multiple EMR systems, approaches to patient care and much more.

They also get to experience new landscapes and cultures. This can be very exciting for nurses. It shows they’re adaptable and up for a challenge.


Working as a travel nurse means you can choose your location based on the kind of life you want to lead. If you’ve always wanted to live in Texas, you can look for an assignment in the area. Or maybe you prefer beach life and enjoy a position in California or Florida? With the right agency, you’ll be able to find a job that fits your desires. Travel nurse jobs in Texas also enjoy the flexibility of their jobs, taking time off between assignments to explore their destinations of choice or spend time with family. Some also use this opportunity to see if they like living in different parts of the country before committing to a permanent residency. For example, you might find that you don’t love big-city living and decide to settle in the suburbs. Or you might discover that you’re more suited to small-town medical care and decide to stay in rural areas. Comparing different regions and cities through your travel nursing assignments is an ideal way to determine where you want to establish a permanent residence.

Flexibility in your schedule

Travel nursing offers several opportunities for nurses who want more flexible schedules. The first is the ability to select a job location that fits their qualifications. If you’ve always dreamed of going Grey’s Anatomy style and working at a big, bustling hospital, that can be an option. But positions are also available at smaller medical facilities, too. Travel nurses don’t contract directly with the hospitals they work for; they contract with an agency that pays their wages and arranges housing (or provides a housing stipend, depending on the nurse). This allows them to choose the best living location, making their assignments more enjoyable. Working at different healthcare facilities exposes nurses to other conditions and patient populations. This broadens their skill set and can help them find more meaning in their work, which can combat burnout. This is especially true for float nurses since they may be assigned to a new department or patient population each shift. That can lead to more excitement and fulfillment in their work, which is only sometimes easy to find as a permanent employee.

Unlimited vacation time

Depending on the agency, many travel nurse positions allow nurses to take time off without using sick or vacation days. Some even offer unlimited vacation, meaning you can take a full week off between assignments or just a few days here and there. Because their jobs are temporary, travel nurses get to try out different locations and work environments before deciding whether to settle in a permanent area. This may help them decide if they like big city living or the quieter life of a small town more, which can make it easier to find the perfect long-term job for them. Travel nursing also allows nurses to expand their skill set by working at various facilities, from top research hospitals to rural community centers. This experience can be valuable if they seek permanent jobs in their field because it shows that they’re adaptable and ready to learn. It can also help them stand out from other applicants. And, of course, it allows them to see new places on their days off.

Great pay

Travel nurses are highly paid and often receive higher salaries than staff nurses. This is largely due to their role in filling critical gaps in coverage, which is incredibly beneficial to the healthcare facilities they work at. In addition, most travel nurse agencies offer stipends for housing and other expenses that can help offset the cost of living in new locations. During their assignments, travel nurses gain a wealth of experience across various hospitals, including rural and urban settings, large trauma centers, and small specialty hospitals. This will broaden their nursing skillset and prepare them for future salary negotiations.

Moreover, because each assignment lasts 13 weeks on average, travel nurses can test out the area where they want to establish a permanent residence. Compare what it’s like to live in the charming countryside of New Jersey with the laid-back lifestyle that San Diego has to offer, and you can figure out where your heart is if you’re considering making a permanent move. Speak with a recruiter today about getting started as a travel nurse.

You get to travel.

Whether seeking adventure or wanting to broaden your nursing skill set, travel nurse assignments provide various opportunities. By working at different healthcare facilities, you’re exposed to new electronic medical record systems and work with a wide range of patients. You are also free to extend your contract or move on if you are unsatisfied. This is an amazing benefit that not all full-time positions offer. Another fun aspect of travel nursing is choosing where you want to go and what activities to participate in. Do you want to see the glittering lights of a big city? Or would you rather spend your time on the white sand beaches of Miami? You can find your perfect paradise with travel nurse assignments available in various locations. This is a great way to see the world and make new friends. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about yourself and your preferences.

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