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6 benefits of bay leaf tea and side effects

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Discover the 6 benefits of drinking bay leaf tea and side effects.

6 benefits of drinking bay leaf tea


These leaves are widely used in gastronomy to flavor dishes.

However, some research has found some benefits of taking bay leaf tea, such as lowering glucose, relieving indigestion, and healing wounds.

What are the possible benefits of drinking bay leaf tea?

Among the main benefits are:

1. Benefits of bay leaf tea for cancer

According to a study, bay leaf extract could be a natural option to kill cancer cells and help apoptosis (programmed cell death), especially in cases of breast cancer .


Although this research sounds very hopeful, it does not determine the amounts of bay leaf tea to consume for this effect. For this reason, more research is still needed in this regard.

2. Benefits of bay leaf tea for diabetes

According to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition and conducted in people with type 2 diabetes, after 30 days, participants who consumed bay leaves had a significant decrease in their fasting glucose of 21 to 26%.

Researchers believe that this benefit is due to the fact that bay leaves have a polyphenol, which has an activity that enhances the action of insulin.

3. Calm indigestion

According to a study published in Food Chemistry , bay leaf tea contains cineole and eogenol, compounds that eliminate gas and prevent heartburn.

In addition, bay leaves contain enzymes that help break down protein, which helps to process food more quickly and facilitate digestion.


4. Relieve kidney stones

Research published in the Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research in 2014 found that bay leaves could reduce the amount of urease (the enzyme that generates kidney stones ) in the body .

In that study, eight other herbs were also found that appear to have the same effect, so the scientists suggest that more research should be done on how these herbs act as a treatment for this kidney problem.

5. Treat seizures

According to research by BioMed Research International , an extract of bay leaves may be effective in treating seizures , which could be of great help for people with epilepsy.

However, while the research is promising, it was conducted in rats, so scientists are still required to conduct relevant tests of the use of bay leaf tea in humans.

6. Heal wounds

Although this use is not drinkable, there is scientific evidence that an aqueous extract of bay leaves promotes wound healing significantly.

The study was published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine and, although it was carried out in animals, it shows that this extract has an improvement in wound healing.


What contraindications does bay tea have?

Bay leaf tea is actually safe for most people in moderate amounts and for the short term. However, consuming the whole leaf may not be safe because the body is not able to digest it.

Given this fact, the leaf can pass intact through the digestive system and pierce the lining of the intestines.


Because there is not enough information on the consumption of bay leaf tea in pregnancy and lactation, its use is not recommended at these stages of life for women.

In addition, when bay leaf is used medicinally, it is recommended that it be stopped at least two weeks before having a scheduled surgery, as it could slow down the central nervous system and interfere with anesthesia.

How to prepare bay leaf tea

Bay leaf infusion or tea can be prepared as follows:

• Place a liter of water in a pot and bring to a boil.


• Add 20 to 30 grams of bay leaves to boiling water.

• Turn off the heat and leave at least 10 minutes for the leaves to release their properties.

• Strain the leaves before consuming it.

It is recommended that it be prepared with fresh leaves instead of dried ones, as this way the properties of these leaves are maintained.

Side effects of bay leaf tea

Excess drinking of bay leaf tea may cause some adverse effects in some people.

These may include issues during pregnancy, lactation, and surgery, and interactions with blood sugar control medications. Furthermore, bay leaf tea may cause allergies in some people.


•Possible Issues During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

There is limited data available on the safety of bay leaf intake during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Please consult your doctor before including it in your diet.

•May Interact With Blood Sugar Control

Bay leaf can play a beneficial role in glucose metabolism. This beneficial property may also make it interact with blood sugar medications.

Hence, if you are on drugs for high blood sugar, consult your doctor before taking bay leaf.

Since there is lack of concrete research in this area, it is better to take precautions.

•Possible Issues During Surgery

Anecdotal fact suggests that bay leaf may cause issues during surgery. It may slow down the central nervous system.

Hence, stop using bay leaf at least two weeks before a scheduled surgery


What is the recommended dosage?

So far there is not enough scientific information to recommend a safe dose of this tea, because the appropriate dose may vary according to age and the health conditions of each person.

Although there may be some benefits to taking bay leaf tea, the truth is that like all natural products, medical supervision is required for safe use.

For these reasons, before consuming it, it is best to consult with the treating doctor to avoid adverse effects.


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