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Mike pompeo weight loss 2022

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Discover mike pompeo weight loss.

FORMER Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed he ordered turkey bacon at a restaurant and avoided pasta from his diet as he shared the secrets to his amazing weight loss.

The ex-Trump aide, 58, revealed he lost 90 pounds in just six months.

Mike Pompeo has revealed he lost 90 pounds in six months.mike pompeo weight loss


He said some days in government involved cheeseburgers, carbs, and sugary foods.

The former lawmaker has been hitting the gym and laying off junk food since leaving the White House.


He told the New York Post that his weight loss journey started in June when he stepped on the scale and noticed he was approaching 300 pounds.

The politician revealed that some days in government involved cheeseburgers, carbs, and sugary foods as he worked long hours.

He said, “When you work and eat, you keep working and you keep eating. »

The ex-secretary of state revealed that he and his family still enjoy traditional trips to the IHOP restaurant but order egg whites and turkey bacon, instead of syrup-soaked pumpkin pancakes.

Pompeo admitted that “food is where we come together”, adding: “We are Italians and we like to come together over a good meal of pasta and bread and cheeses and dessert.

“We’re still going to enjoy these big meals with family and friends, except I’m going to be the guy who says, ‘Yeah, I’m going to have a salad.


Pompeo, a former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said he did not invest in expensive personal trainers or go through intense training programs.

He said his strategy was to get it right and be disciplined.

The former congressman has invested in a home gym and tries to train five to six times a week.

Pompeo said: “There was no coach, there was no dietitian. It was just me.

He told the Post that he “wanted to be there” for his family and grandchildren.



He said: “The truth is, I’m preparing for 2044 and I hope to be there in 2054.”

The politician hopes his trip will inspire others struggling with obesity to lose weight.

He said: “It’s difficult and it’s not permanent. There’s no guarantee I’ll always be at whatever I weigh now, but if you realize good things can happen if you persevere, you can too.”


Pompeo credited his family for their support and for helping him stay focused.

The former lawmaker attended Harvard Law School and is a former US Army officer.

He served in Congress between 2011 and 2017, where he represented Kansas’s fourth congressional district before being named director of the CIA.


Since leaving the White House, Pompeo has been a senior adviser for global affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice.

Mike Pompeo’s Weight Loss Secret

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed he lost 90 pounds in six months.

He used to eat cheeseburgers and sugary snacks when he was in government.

The politician opts for egg whites and turkey bacon when visiting his favorite IHOP restaurant with his family.

He will choose to eat a salad while having dinner with his family and friends, instead of eating pasta.

Pompeo tries to exercise five to six times a week at his home gym.


He didn’t hire an expensive personal trainer or follow intense training schedules.

He said his strategy was all about “doing it right” and discipline.

Mike Pompeo slams Biden’s ‘panic’ over Taliban rout in Afghanistan after POTUS deploys troops to evacuate the embassy.

Mike Pompeo faced nasty comments about his weight loss

Mike Pompeo’s nearly 100-pound weight loss is a huge transformation. Pompeo has faced nasty comments over his dramatic physical change, despite his change to a healthy lifestyle.

The former secretary of state told the New York Post that he received negative comments from the public. Pompeo said: “The messages were pretty mean or just plain inaccurate, speculating that I had health issues with my neck, or that I had cancer… Nobody ever called me and asked me: Hey, what happened? « »

He’s not wrong about the conversation circulating online. One Twitter user tweeted, “He [Pompeo] did this weight loss thing that looks like he’s dying of cancer. Another speculated, “He [Pompeo] had gastric bypass surgery.


A Washington, DC Twitter user observed, “Did Mike Pompeo find out about the ‘I’m running for president’ scheme?” Everything he did seems to have worked unless it was a double or something. But journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted, “  Mike Pompeo has lost an incredible amount of weight. »

Despite the public chatter, the Post reported that Pompeo’s friend and fellow West Point graduate David Urban was not surprised at the weight loss.

Urban said, “You don’t graduate from West Point, let alone become number one in your class at West Point, without being able to be incredibly focused. »

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