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12 Benefits of Chikoo fruit and side effects

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Discover the 12 shocking health benefits of Chikoo fruit or sapote and side effects.

Many people around the world might not be familiar with the tree and the benefits of the chikoo fruit.

But the different way in Asia. This common fruit that grows in many countries is quite favorable.

With the small size of the fruit and the authentic taste that feels good in the mouth, chikoo is quite common to find in the traditional market.

Also, the tree is commonly grown in the backyard and generally yields an enormous amount of fruit.

12 shocking health benefits of Chikoo fruit


Chikoo Tree

The Chikoo tree can be listed as an easy tree to grow in various countries. Therefore, it is common to see that the tree is grown in many places.

Mainly in a country with a tropical climate like Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and even in Indonesia. This tree is also known and famous for the sapodilla.

For those who don’t know what the sapote tree looks like, it can usually grow up to 30 meters and the diameters can go up to 1.5 meters.

The leaves are medium green in color and also look shiny. While the fruit is brown with the flesh a little orange.

The flavor of the fruit is very sweet and malty. Usually, in a year, it can produce fruit twice. Inside the fruit, there are usually several black seeds.

How to use Chikoo fruit or sapote

There are several ways to consume chikoo fruit and feel the benefits. If you want to know more, here are some lists of how to use chikoo fruit and reap the benefits.


1.- Direct consumption

It is the easiest way to obtain the ripe fruit and consume it directly. Make sure to clean it first before peeling the skin and then consuming the meat.

2.- Make a cake

Some creative people mix meat with various ingredients and produce a cake by baking or steaming it. It can be mixed with walnuts or almonds and can also be used as a single ingredient.

3.- Infused water

The fruit is also suitable for making water in the form of an infusion. Even this might not be very common, but it has been done by several people and it can still provide good taste and benefit.

4.- Fruit salad

Cut up some chikoo meat and mix it with other fruits. Mix it with low-calorie yogurt and it can make a delicious fruit salad.

5.- Juice or milkshake

Another common way is to produce chikoo juice or even make a shake with chikoo meat. The shake is usually a combination of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. While the juice can be using a single chikoo fruit or mixing it with other ingredients.

6.- As the syrup

Some people with certain medical conditions make chikoo fruit as ingredients for chikoo syrup. Hence, it is also capable of producing delicious syrup as well.


Chikoo (Sapodilla) Juice Recipes

For those interested in making chikoo juice, there are several recipes to try. Below are the details of this.

• Recipe 1

Mix in the chikoo fruit choosing the ripe meat. Avoid using green meat otherwise, the taste is simple. Mix it with a little lemon extract to give it various bitter flavors and avoid an overly sweet taste.

• Recipe 2

Mix the chikoo fruit with other fruits like banana, apple, avocado, or pear. It will provoke a different flavor when combined with different fruits. Therefore, to achieve a different feeling of consuming chikoo fruit, always combine with different fruits every day.

• Recipe 3

Mix the chikoo fruit with milk and sugar. This can produce a feeling of fullness. So it can be one of the healthy afternoon snacks.

Health Benefits of Chikoo fruit or Sapodilla

By looking at the nutrient content of the fruit, it can be concluded that chikoo can bring many benefits. Below are some top health benefits of the chikoo fruit points list.


1.- Add Energy

Chikoo fruit is high in calories and sugar. Therefore, it can help provide more energy to support daily activities.

In addition, it will help to avoid hunger and it is best to maintain the energy level if it is consumed for breakfast.

2.- Better metabolism

The calories within the chikoo fruit will help to produce a better metabolism system. It will manage the body to increase the metabolic rate and lead to the optimal conversion of food into necessary energy.

That is why it also stimulates oxygen distribution throughout the body and leads to the optimization of the oxygen level in the brain.

3.- High fiber

Chikoo fruit also contains a large amount of fiber. Therefore, it can help to be a natural source of fiber and manage a better digestive system.

When the digestive system works well, it means that the intestine works quite well as well. Therefore, it can help avoid digestive problems.


4.- Benefits of the chikoo fruit for digestion

An optimal digestive will usually lead to rapid digestion.

Regulates bowel movements and creates a rapid digest in the stomach. That is why consuming chikoo will stimulate a better bowel movement.

5.- Benefits of the chikoo fruit for weight loss

When the body’s metabolism and digestive system work fairly well, the body can absorb more nutrients from food. This will cause the body to absorb various necessary vitamins and minerals.

This is one of the mechanisms of how the body will avoid fat gain and naturally reduce weight slowly. Therefore, chikoo is also one of the good alternatives to promote weight loss.


6.- Relief stomach problems

Other unexpected health benefits and uses of chikoo (sapodilla) fruit and juice are to ease any stomach problems.

It includes stomach pain and also helps relieve constipation as well. Where it is common to occur when the stomach contains too much gas.


By consuming chikoo, you will help to absorb gas and make your stomach feel better, and avoid heartburn.

7.- Benefits of the chikoo fruit for inflammation

The nutrient within the chikoo fruit benefits can prevent inflammation as well.

Especially the tannin content within the fruit that works to reduce the inflamed swollen area and help soothe the pain. Also, it can reduce redness and bring fast recovery.

8.- Benefits of the chikoo fruit for eyes

Chikoo fruit also contains vitamin A which will support eye health. You can achieve healthy vision and prevent new eye infections. Therefore, consuming chikoo can maintain vision for a longer period.

9.- Anti-Bacterial

Not only does it benefit as an anti-inflammatory, but the fruit is also good at acting as an antibacterial agent.

Therefore, it will help to avoid new bacterial infections in the body. Also, this can help the body avoid other diseases as well.


Since bacteria can cause some infections like stomach infection, brain infection, and many more.

10.- Increase the immune system

The vitamin C within this fruit will bring better immunity. It will help to stimulate the immune system naturally. Thus, it will lead to a better and stronger body to avoid more bacterial or viral infections.

11.- Support for the well-being of the body

When immunity increases, the health of the body will increase accordingly. In addition, it can lead to better body well-being that keeps you away from any disease. You will avoid any possibility of illness and maintain a strong and healthy body.

12.- Benefits of the chikoo fruit for hair

Not many people would understand that chikoo is also good for healthy hair. This will lead to a healthy scalp surface and prevent further problems like hair loss and dandruff.

This is the reason why many herbal shampoos also use the benefits of the chikoo fruit as ingredients to make the most of the extract and produce better hair shine and healthier hair conditions.


13. Benefits of the chikoo fruit for skin

Since the fruit is capable of acting as an anti-inflammatory, it is good to treat any skin inflammation such as eczema.

Also, it will help to create smoother skin and prevent any appearance of acne in the face area of the skin. Hence, consuming the fruit will lead to healthy skin.

14.- Antioxidant

Chikoo fruit is also a good antioxidant. This will benefit the body to avoid any free radical effects that usually come from pollutants or ultraviolet light.

Therefore, it is a good way to naturally avoid the signs of early aging and avoid the symptoms of cancer.

15.- Benefits of the chikoo fruit for children

It is quite surprising that the fruit is also good for children. Especially to add bone mass and help children grow.

Also, it will lead to a healthy body and prevent various diseases for children. By increasing the immune system of children, it can lead to a better child to grow and develop.


Side effects of Chikoo fruit or Sapote

Chikoo or Sapote provides many benefits, but on the other hand, it gives several side effects as well.

Even these side effects are not happening to everyone, still, it is important to be careful.

Therefore, it is best to see the following precautions if this is your first time trying chikoo fruit.

  1. Watch out for any itchy, rash, or red skin reaction. This means that your body is allergic to the fruit.

Therefore, it is better to avoid consuming this fruit again in the future.

  1. This fruit tastes very sweet. Therefore, people with symptoms of diabetes should avoid consuming too much fruit. Otherwise, it can easily spike your blood sugar level and lead to the worst diabetic diseases.
  2. The sweet taste can also cause a sore throat. Therefore, keep monitoring the amount of fruit you consume every day to prevent a sore throat from occurring.

  3. Clean the fruit well before consuming it to avoid the effect of tannin and latex acid on your skin. Otherwise, it can lead to mouth irritation and ulcer.

  4. Excess consumption can also cause stomach problems, as the fruit is rich in fiber. Therefore, always eat in the right portions and avoid consuming too much fruit.

Those are all the health benefits of chikoo (sapote) fruit. Not only is it easy to find, apparently the fruit has many health advantages.

Therefore, one of these exotic fruits is worth consuming many times. Also, don’t worry about having a hard time getting the fruit.

If you live in a tropical country, it will easily grow in the backyard. Just make sure you understand the way to grow the plant first.

Then when the harvest season comes, you can get the benefit every day.

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