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Benefits of celery juice and side effects

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Discover the Benefits of celery juice and its side effects.

We know how important it is for you to eat the healthiest and most balanced diet possible, made up of the best quality ingredients.

For this reason, we want to help you start creating your green juice recipes, sharing with you all the information you need about its most common ingredients. Today we will talk about celery, one of the most used ingredients in juice recipes to lose weight and in detox juices.

What does celery contain?

Although it is widely used in recipes to lose weight healthily, celery has an impact on many parts of the body thanks to its great nutritional contribution. Among other things, 100 grams of celery contains:

1.6 grams of fiber

95.43 grams of water


3 grams of carbohydrates

1.34 milligrams of sugar

Vitamins: A, B-9, C, and K.

Minerals: Calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, and fluorine.

And they provide only 16 calories.

Benefits of celery juice and side effects

Benefits of celery juice

1. Benefits of celery juice for digestion

It seems like a no-brainer because it is widely used in reductive juice recipes; In addition, it is a vegetable known for its high content of water and fiber (both soluble and non-soluble). However, that’s not the only thing that makes it so good at helping improve digestion.


Celery owes part of its diuretic properties to the fact that it helps regulate bacteria in the intestine and this, in addition to improving digestion, facilitates the absorption of nutrients.

For this reason, it is a highly recommended food to help combat or regulate gastritis, heartburn, reflux, and heartburn problems.

2. Benefits of celery juice for heart

Celery is a heart-healthy food. It helps to alkalize the blood, it is a natural vasodilator and a great blood regenerator.

In addition, it contains a substance called apigenin, which is found naturally in some varieties of plants and helps prevent various cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

3. Keeps you healthy

Although this could be said of many vegetables, in the case of celery it is particularly true because one of its many properties is to help eliminate pathogens.

This means that the nutrients it provides make it easier for the body to get rid of various viruses and bacteria; so it makes it easier for you to be healthier.


4. Helps regulate hormonal alterations

In addition to vitamin C, celery contains folic acid, which facilitates the regulation of hormonal cycles. It is a highly recommended food for women, both in menstrual age and in menopause.

In addition, it strengthens the body during the menstrual period, thanks to its high content of water and minerals, rehydrates and remineralizes the body, slightly reducing the discomfort caused by premenstrual syndrome.

5. Benefits of celery juice for liver

Undoubtedly, one of the organs that obtain the greatest benefit from all the nutrients that celery provides is the liver. This vegetable, thanks to its purifying properties, helps prevent chronic diseases related to this organ.

In addition, it also fights other types of diseases because it eliminates excess uric acid, favors the elimination of kidney and gallstones.

As you can see, celery is a purifying food par excellence, it helps both our digestive system and the rest of our body to get rid of what it no longer needs, fight illnesses, and to regenerate itself. For that reason, it is so common in detox juice recipes.

Frequently asked questions

Are you wondering how to make celery juice, why is it useful, how long will it take to feel its benefits, can babies and pregnant women consume it?


Curious about the sodium content of celery juice, or if it contains nitrates or oxalates? Or maybe you want to add other ingredients to the celery juice and don’t know if that’s recommended or not.

I am going to share with you these frequently asked questions translated and answered by the promoter of celery juice Anthony William :

1. What is the ideal amount of celery juice to receive the healing benefits?

450 ml or 16 oz of PURE celery juice per day is ideal to receive the healing benefits. Increasing consumption to 700 ml or 1 liter per day can be extremely beneficial for anyone suffering from symptoms of chronic disease.

2.  How much celery do I need to make 450 ml of juice?

One long bunch usually makes 450 ml of juice.

3.  When is the best time to consume the juice?

The best time to consume celery juice is in the morning on an empty stomach before consuming anything other than water or lemon water (wait a minimum of 15-30 minutes after consuming the lemon to drink your celery juice).

Celery juice is medicinal, not caloric, so you’ll need to eat breakfast afterward to have strength for the rest of the morning. Just wait 15-30 minutes after drinking the juice before consuming anything else.


If you can’t consume celery juice in the morning before eating, then the second-best option is to drink it 15-30 minutes after eating something, or 30-60 minutes after having a small snack, or 2 hours after eating. eat a heavy meal at any time of the day.

If you are consuming 1 liter per day, you can serve yourself 2 times 450ml. You can drink the first half in the morning on an empty stomach before eating any food, and the second half in the afternoon or evening, at least 15-30 minutes before your next meal.

4. What juicer do you recommend?

Masticating juicers are best for making celery juice. In the US, the Medical Medium recommends “Greenstar juicer”, “Omega juicer” and “Aicok juicer” are the best depending on your budget, but any juicer will work. In Argentina, I recommend the Royal Prestige

5. Does the celery have to be organic?

Organic is better, but if you can’t get it organic don’t worry. They can buy conventional celery. Then wash each stem with a drop of natural fragrance-free dish soap, followed by a good water rinse.

If you don’t have natural dish soap, give the celery a quick rinse in warm water. Be sure to rinse each stem. It can also be brushed with water.

6.  Can I juice celery ahead of time?

It is best to drink celery juice immediately after juicing it. But if you have no choice, don’t let a day (24 hours) go by. If you are going to use this option, make sure to store it in a covered glass jar and leave it in the refrigerator.


7. Is it okay to add lemon or lime to my celery juice?

Celery juice works best ALONE. Adding other ingredients will weaken its medicinal properties.

This includes lemon, lime, ginger, apple, orange, green leaves, carrot, or any other ingredient. Wait 15-30 minutes after drinking your celery juice before consuming any other food.

8. Is there anything that can be added to celery juice to increase its benefits?

Celery juice is a healing tool for chronic diseases. He has healed and continues to heal millions of people around the world.

Unfortunately, some individuals are attempting to take advantage of the popularity of celery juice by changing the formula and adding new ingredients to name it as their own and benefit from it.

They recommend adding ingredients like collagen, apple cider vinegar, and activated charcoal to celery juice, but these three ingredients destroy and denature celery juice when added to it, taking away each of its healing properties and getting substances into your body that you don’t they benefit health.

To protect your health, you must become aware of how misleading and unhelpful these proposals are that compromise the purity and potency of celery juice.


These trends were proposed by individuals who didn’t even believe in celery juice and its healing properties.

They were unaware of its existence as a healing tool until the global celery juice movement that I started organically began to attract millions of people for its effectiveness in helping and healing all kinds of symptoms and conditions that affect health.

These trend-setting financial investors don’t even know what makes celery juice so effective, like the as-yet-undiscovered clusters of sodium salts that can destroy the membrane of pathogens, killing them, and how the salts work by restoring hydrochloric acid.

Without knowing how celery juice works and why, they cannot know how to consume it to receive its benefits and how important it is not to add ingredients like collagen, apple cider vinegar, or activated charcoal.

Knowing the correct way to consume the juice is vital so that you can obtain its benefits. Some nutritional compounds can help activate or strengthen the healing properties of celery juice even more. Some of these nutritional components are magnesium, l-glutamine, and choline for example.

9. Can I have celery instead of celery juice?

The reason we recommend juicing celery over eating celery is that juicing removes the pulp (fiber) and this is the only way to get the powerful healing benefits for chronic disease.


There’s a trend going on right now that recommends leaving the pulp in the drink and having the celery smoothie instead of the fiber-removing juice.

Try not to get lost in this trend. Leaving the pulp out will prevent you from receiving all of the healing benefits of celery juice.

Eating celery itself is good and should be part of your diet, but you won’t be able to consume enough celery to reap the benefits of the juice.

You won’t be able to get the proper concentration of the as-yet-undiscovered mineral salts, which do the following things: They quickly restore hydrochloric acid concentrations so your stomach can digest protein.

If the proteins are not digested they cause intestinal putrefaction. Strong hydrochloric acid is important for killing pathogens that enter your mouth.

Celery juice strengthens and increases bile. Bile is important for digesting fats, and for killing pathogens that have entered your body. Eating celery will not allow you to get enough of the mineral salts like celery juice to get the antiseptic effects for pathogens.


Celery juice restores your central nervous system. Removes toxins, such as old drug residues from your liver.


10. Can you consume celery juice during pregnancy?

Yes, celery juice is safe and healthy to consume during pregnancy. If you are concerned, you can consult with your doctor.

11. Can a breastfeeding woman drink celery juice?

Celery juice is amazing for breastfeeding. Provides abundant trace elements, vitamin C, and neurotransmitters, such as undiscovered mineral salts for the baby and its healthy development with strong organs. Celery juice also helps cleanse and detoxify breast milk, purifying; in this way, the baby receives the purest breast milk possible.

12. Can babies and children drink celery juice?

Yes, celery juice is amazing for the healthy development of babies and children.

13. Is it normal to experience changes in intestinal motility after consuming celery juice?

Some people will experience changes in their bowel movements when they start consuming celery juice.


This is a normal detoxification reaction that some individuals who have higher amounts of toxins in their system will experience. Celery juice kills unproductive bacteria in the gut and helps purge the liver.

This can result in loose stools at first as the body removes toxins from the liver. Nearly everyone today has some degree of liver poisoning, which can lead to numerous symptoms.

Soft stools will pass as your body heals and you will notice that your bowel movement becomes more regular and healthier than ever.

If you feel that celery juice is too cleansing, try consuming 450 ml of pure cucumber juice. Cucumber juice doesn’t have the same properties as celery juice, but it’s very gentle and a good option until you can resume celery juice again.

14. Will I experience an increase in symptoms after consuming celery juice?

Celery juice is very healing and the undiscovered sodium salts will start to kill pathogens like viruses (Epstein Barr and Herpes Zoster), bacteria like Streptococcus that are inside the body.

Some people who have already experienced symptoms from time to time in their lives such as fatigue or other symptoms, it is possible in some cases that these people temporarily have these symptoms again.


These symptoms will be brief until the body heals and cleanses itself. This is a very powerful step that celery juice can offer for a long-term healthy body, WITHOUT SYMPTOMS.

However, many times people report that they feel that their symptoms have increased and think that it is because of the celery juice, this is because something else is happening in their body, lifestyle, or diet, the celery juice assumes unfairly to blame.

It is important to understand what else may be going on in the body and how diet and lifestyle choices can affect the increase in symptoms and conditions one may experience and how to properly assist the body in its healing process.

15. Is it normal to feel bloated after consuming the juice?

Celery juice speeds up digestion by stimulating the liver to increase its production of bile and instantly boosting the stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid.

It begins to digest the undigested decaying protein particles, the rancid fats trapped in the lower stomach and small intestinal tract that have been there for decades in all of those dealing with chronic bloating issues.

In some cases, they may feel moderate or severe distension depending on how many toxins are in the digestive tract and how much-undigested waste is in the digestive tract.


If these individuals continue to consume celery juice properly for a long period, the digestive tract toxicity will improve and the bloating will disappear.

16. Does celery juice contain oxalates?

There is a myth that certain green leafy vegetables and herbs such as celery have high amounts of oxalates, and are therefore harmful.

This is completely wrong and is preventing many people from getting powerfully needed nutrients and healing properties from foods considered high in oxalates. Oxalates are not as worrisome as is believed.

There are oxalates in every fruit and vegetable on this planet. The wide range of nutrients in so-called oxalate-rich vegetables like leafy greens and celery are some of the most nutritious foods available to us.

Medical research and science have not discovered that there are anti-oxalates in fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens that prevent oxalates from doing the damage they tend to tell us it does.

In reality, these foods do not cause us any harm, on the contrary, they provide us with essential healing nutrients such as phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals.


17. Can I have celery juice powder or celery powder instead of fresh celery juice?

No, celery juice powder or celery powder is not a substitute for fresh celery juice. It does not offer any of the benefits that 450 ml per day of fresh pure celery juice does.

Selling celery juice powder or putting celery inside supplements is going to spawn a popular trend whereby trying to cash in on the global celery juice movement that is healing the chronically ill as celery juice becomes best known.

Try to avoid these fads. They are a waste of money and do not offer the same healing benefits as drinking pure, fresh celery juice every day.

18. Are there nitrates in celery juice?

Celery and celery juice does not contain nitrates unless the celery is oxidized or dehydrated. Nitrates do not exist in celery when the celery or celery juice has not yet oxidized.

When fresh celery juice or celery oxidizes, just like any herb, vegetable or fruit oxidizes, then there is a natural build-up of nitrates.

But in this natural process, the nitrate is not harmful in any way, shape, or form. Celery juice powder and celery powder are oxidized, so they may naturally contain nitrates that were formed during the oxidation process.


These nitrates are not the same variety as those that are considered harmful to some people. It is important to know that not all nitrates are the same, just as not all people are the same, not all waters are the same, not all sugars are the same, and not all proteins are the same. For example, gluten is different from the proteins found in meat or nuts.

In addition, the nitrates that are formed in the oxidative process of celery, such as celery juice powder, or celery powder, are not as harmful as those nitrates that are added to meat or that type of product.

Nitrates are also not the same as nitrites, they are different. Even celery powder which contains natural nitrate production cannot be considered as the healing method for food like pickles or meat because it does not contain nitrite.

Fresh celery also does not contain nitrites. The natural processes that occur in celery and fresh celery juice are not harmful. The same goes for celery powder or celery juice powder.

However, harmful nitrates can be added to celery juice powder or celery powder by the companies that produce them. Your fresh celery juice won’t contain harmful nitrates unless you add them to it.

If you don’t drink fresh celery juice because you think it has harmful nitrates, you’re missing out on all of the unique healing properties of the nitrate-free juice.


19.  How long will it take for me to feel the benefits of consuming celery juice?

It depends on the condition the person is in. Almost everyone feels some kind of benefit the first week of consuming celery juice properly, the right amount, every day.

Many people feel benefits even from day one. It all depends on the person and their circumstances, their state of health, their symptoms, how toxic or overloaded with pathogens, pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, herbicides, and all kinds of chemicals and toxins, the liver is.

If you are dealing with weight problems, if there are a lot of rancid and putrefactive fats in the colon, and/or a lot of bacteria in the intestinal tract like strep,

It will also influence how long it takes to feel the benefits, the amount of stress you are experiencing in your life, what other foods or drinks you consume, in addition to pure celery juice, your lifestyle.

But the vast majority of people feel the difference pretty quickly. Some people who drink celery juice a long time ago got used to feeling good or feeling better than when they didn’t drink it.

If they stop consuming it for some time they realize that they do not feel as well as when they consume it. There they realize how important celery juice is to feel better.


It is important to consider that if someone does not quickly feel or see the benefits of consuming celery juice, it does not mean that these are not happening.

Everyone who drinks celery juice receives immediate benefits because the healing powers of celery juice immediately begin to work throughout your body.

It may take some time for some people to see or tangibly feel the benefits, although internally they are providing themselves with the healing benefits.

20. Is there a lot of sodium in celery juice?

Not all salts are the same, just as not all sugars are the same. Consuming products with high concentrations of fructose such as syrup, which is harmful to health, is not the same as eating an apple, which gives us healing properties for the liver and provides us with essential nutrients.

Do not be confused with the idea that all salts are the same because it is not. If you’ve heard someone say that there’s too much salt in celery juice, that’s not correct.

The sodium groupings in celery juice are a subgroup of sodium. Science and research have not yet discovered the number and variety of trace minerals and sodium subgroups that reside in celery juice.


Sodium salt clusters are healing for the body and it is difficult to get enough of them. But 450 ml of celery juice daily provides us with sufficient amounts of sodium salts that we need so much.

Sea salt, or Himalayan rock salt, is an entirely different form of sodium. No matter how high-quality sea or Himalayan rock salt is in a drink or food, it’s not the same as getting enough of these as-yet-undiscovered sodium salt clusters in celery juice.

These sodium salt clusters are the only form of sodium that destroys pathogens, helps detoxify the body, helps replenish electrolytes and neurotransmitters.

While you have to be careful not to consume as much sodium from high-quality salts daily, the sodium in celery juice is medicinal, for your blood flow and your body.

21. Can I juice celery root instead of celery?

No, celery root is a different plant than bunches of leafy celery stalks. Celery root juice will not give you the same healing benefits.

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