Shocking benefits of tofu that you didn’t know

Discover the Shocking benefits of tofu that you didn’t know .

In salad, pan-fried or for dessert, tofu has many health benefits. Ally of intestinal transit, source of protein, slimming asset … This soy-based food will not stop surprising you!Shocking benefits of tofu that you didn’t know

Tofu: what is it?

Made from yellow soybeans , water, and a coagulant, tofu is a kind of paste that is an important staple in the Asian diet. It comes in different forms and can be incorporated into a multitude of recipes . Tofu is popular with vegetarians and vegans . And for good reason: it is very rich in protein and therefore constitutes an excellent alternative to meat.

Benefits of tofu

Below are the Shocking benefits of tofu that you didn’t know;

Tofu, a great source of protein

The high protein content of tofu is probably one of its greatest assets. Essential to the body, proteins serve as the building blocks of cells. A sedentary person should therefore consume about 0.8 grams per kilogram of weight per day.

Since 100 grams of tofu contains approximately 18 grams of protein, this food can be used as a substitute for meat . It is also the first source of protein from plant origins. Tofu even has advantages over protein of animal origin, since it contains only a low percentage of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol .

Tofu: a great slimming ally

This low percentage of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol makes tofu a real slimming asset. This food is also up to three times less calories than meat !

Proof of this is: 100 grams of tofu contains 125 calories compared to 300 per 100 grams of ground beef. A good reason to integrate it into your meals when you want to lose weight !

Intestinal transit: the virtues of tofu

Tofu is particularly high in fiber, known to aid digestion. This food is therefore ideal for people with intestinal disorders. But that’s not all: the fibers present in tofu also make it possible to facilitate the assimilation of vitamins, such as vitamin K, which makes it possible in particular to fight against osteoporosis .

Tofu is rich in iron

Iron is needed to make hemoglobin, the protein found in red blood cells that carries oxygen in the blood, but also myoglobin, the muscle protein that stores oxygen.

The daily iron requirement for adults is approximately 1 mg in men and approximately 2 mg in women. Tofu is particularly rich in this trace element : it is even one of the best sources of iron of plant origin. Proof of this is: 100 grams of tofu contains about 5 mg, against 3.5 mg for lentils for example.

Tofu: it would participate in the good aging of the body

Tofu is naturally rich in isoflavones. These are phytoestrogens, in other words nutrients of plant origin capable of binding to the estrogen receptor, hormones secreted by the ovaries.

The consumption of tofu could therefore, according to some studies, reduce the disorders linked to menopause , by compensating for the drop in the production of these female hormones during this period. Phytoestrogens are also believed to be effective in maintaining good bone health, which also tends to deteriorate with the onset of menopause.

Soy, a controversial food

Tofu is made from soy, a food that is not unanimous. Some studies point the finger at certain deleterious effects of soy : it could disrupt the female cycle or even accelerate the development of hormone-dependent cancer cells. If these statements are not shared by all the experts and the studies on the subject diverge, the precautionary principle is in order.

The National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (ANSES) therefore recommends not consuming more than one soy-based product per day and advises against this food for pregnant women and children. less than three years old.

How to eat tofu?

As tofu has a rather neutral taste, it is often mixed with vegetables, spices or even herbs. There are several forms of tofu:

firm tofu : sold as a block in the fresh section, this type of tofu holds up well when cooked. It can therefore be easily integrated into pan-fried vegetables for example.

silky tofu : softer and smoother, it can replace eggs or cream in many recipes such as tiramisu, bavarois or even cheescake.

smoked tofu : this type of tofu is smoked over beech wood. Its taste is therefore more pronounced than classic tofu!

lacto-fermented tofu : it could be compared to feta , with the difference that it does not contain milk: it is inoculated with lactic acid bacteria in order to ferment it. This type of tofu is particularly popular in salads.

Among the well-known recipes that put tofu in the spotlight, we find the famous miso soup. But this food can be integrated into many dishes, such as sautéed noodles with tofu and chicken , tagliatelle salad with green asparagus.

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