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Side effects of eating watermelon

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Discover the Side effects of eating watermelon.

Side effects of watermelon

The Watermelon ( Citrullus lanatus var. Lanatus ) is a typical fruit of the summer season.

Watermelon is used in many recipes, as original as watermelon pizza , which are delicious.Side effects of eating watermelon


As an edible food, watermelon does not present significant contraindications or toxicity.

Still, the consumption of this fruit is not totally free of contraindications . In addition, it has also been the victim of many food myths .

The main doubts about the dangers or not of consuming watermelon are resolved below: Does watermelon have a lot of sugar? Is it good to lose weight? What contraindications does it have?

Is watermelon bad for chronic kidney failure?

One of the main contraindications of most fruits is that, as they are naturally rich in potassium , they cannot be abused by people with chronic kidney failure (CRF), since in these cases they must follow a diet low in potassium .

That is why people with chronic kidney failure cannot eat a lot of fruit. However, within the group of fruits, watermelon is the one that contains the least potassium .


Therefore, within a controlled diet, watermelon is suitable for chronic kidney failure. Anyway, in these cases you always have to consult a specialist. For informational purposes, if it is of interest to you, they have this complete feeding guide for kidney failure .

Is there an allergy to watermelon?

Yes, there is an allergy to watermelon and there are people who should not consume it. Despite its benefits, watermelon can cause allergic reactions with manifestations on the skin in some people.

That does not mean that everyone with a fruit allergy has an allergy to watermelons. The most common allergies are allergies to Rosaceae , such as peach or peach ( Prunus persica ), apricot ( Prunus americana ) or plums ( Prunus domestica ).

Instead, watermelon belongs to another family of plants, the cucurbits . Therefore, people allergic to rosaceae can tolerate watermelon. However, if there is an allergy to cucumber , cantaloupe , zucchini (squash) , or squash (pumpkin) , you may not have watermelon.


Watermelon for irritable bowel

Watermelon is a fruit that contains fructose and that should be moderated in case of following a diet low in FODMAPs, which is a type of diet used in diet therapy to treat irritable bowel or bowel syndrome .

Why does watermelon give diarrhea or repeat?

Watermelon makes some people sick , causes gastrointestinal symptoms (such as diarrhea ) or repeats. When these disorders appear, it is convenient to rule out other possibilities, such as contemplating if some other ingested food is the cause of such discomfort, for example bread ( gluten intolerance ) or milk (which could be lactose intolerance ).

In some cases, these alterations produced after eating watermelon respond to a certain intolerance to fructose , personal intolerances , or a manifestation of irritable bowel. To determine this, the assessment of a specialist is advisable.


Watermelon for diabetes

Many people believe that watermelon has a lot of sugar and therefore should not be taken by people with diabetes. However, that is not exactly the case. Although it is true that in the diet for diabetes it is necessary to moderate the consumption of sugars, watermelon is a fruit with little sugar and diabetics tolerate it well , as long as it is consumed whole, without added sugar, and in moderate quantities.

Is watermelon bad for dinner?

There is no problem with eating the watermelon at any time of the day, not even for dinner. Only people with night urination or prostate problems should take into account that watermelon has a lot of liquid and can make them urinate more at night.

Can Babies Eat Watermelon?

Yes, watermelon is a suitable food for babies, as long as the infant feeding guidelines are respected and the seeds are carefully removed to avoid possible accidents.

Can people with migraine eat watermelon?

It has been proven that the ingestion of certain foods, such as lemon or orange juice , can cause migraine in people who have a diagnosed deficiency of the DAO enzyme .

Watermelon is one of the fruits that people with DAO deficiency do tolerate , therefore it can be eaten with ease on low histamine diets.

We hope the article on the Side effects of eating watermelon has been of help.


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