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13 shocking health benefits of boiled eggs

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Discover the 13 shocking health benefits of hard boiled eggs.

The boiled eggs are rich in nutrients. Eggs can be obtained from farm animals that produce eggs such as chickens, geese, and ducks.

But the type of eggs that are most often chosen to be eaten are eggs that come from a chicken.

How to consume this egg also varies according to the taste of consumers.

There are fried eggs, an omelet, and some are boiled that we commonly call cooked and we will talk about those today.


Nutritional value of cooked eggs

In the egg, it contained a compound called high protein, but depending on the way they are consumed, it can be beneficial or not for the body. Here we present the nutritional value of a boiled egg.

Energy: 143 kcal

Carbohydrates: 0.72 g

Protein: 12.56 g

Total fat: 9.51 g


Dietary fiber: 0 g

Water: 76.15 g

Total sugar: 0.37 g


Niacin: 0.075 mg

Riboflavin: 0.457 mg


Thiamine: 0.040 mg

Vitamin A: 540 IU

Pyridoxine: 0.170 mg

Vitamin C: 0

Vitamin D: 82 IU

Vitamin E: 1.05 mg


Vitamin K: 0.3 mg


Calcium: 56 mg

Iron: 1.75 mg

Magnesium: 12 mg

Phosphorus: 198 mg


Zinc: 1.29 mg

Sodium: 142 mg

Cooked eggs have health benefits for maintaining a healthy body every day.

Choosing to consume cooked eggs is a good option because it does not increase the risk of oil-like frying that eliminates its nutritional content.

That is why many are advocating the boiling food process. There are examples of staples that can be made by boiling such as potatoes, tofu, and chicken.

These are the health benefits of eating hard-boiled eggs, among others:


Health benefits of hard boiled eggs that will change your life

1.- Promotes brain health

• The brain is one of the organs in the body that became central in the body to act.

• With increasing age, the brain’s capacity will decrease especially if it is not sharpened frequently.

• Eating cooked eggs every day has a good long-term impact on brain health.

• Boiled eggs are great for providing brain health because they are high in a compound called choline.

2.- Cooked eggs are good for the eyes

• Cooked eggs contain vitamin A which is good for maintaining eye health.


• So not only carrots and rim bang are good for eye health.

• Eating cooked eggs daily prevents myopia and hyperopia eyes.

• Therefore, there is no problem in combining cooked eggs with rice and salads in your daily diet.

3.- Take care of the health of the nails

• Cooked eggs contain a substance called antioxidant that makes nails look more radiant.


• Although the nails are small and barely noticeable,

• So it is good to consume cooked eggs every day.


4.- Promotes bone health

• Bone health helps support the body to keep it moving for its daily tasks.

• Bone health can be threatened depending on age.

• An example of a bone problem is osteoporosis that reduces bone strength.

• To prevent osteoporosis, eat nutritious foods like boiled eggs before now.

• A boiled egg a day will help you take care of and strengthen the health of your bones.

5.- Prevents breast cancer

• Breast cancer is the second deadly disease in Indonesia.


• Breast cancer affects not only women but also men, only women are more susceptible to breast cancer.

• To prevent breast cancer, the first step is to change your life pattern to make it healthier, which is why many specialists based on scientific research recommend consuming cooked eggs.

• Eating cooked eggs can reduce the risk of breast cancer for both men and women.

6.- Treat anemia

• Anemia is one of the diseases caused by the reduced performance of compounds in red blood cells called hemoglobin.

• Hemoglobin has the function to bind oxygen to red blood cells to meet the needs of other organs in the body.

• Anemia makes the patient look pale, tired, and often have a headache.


• Therefore, many people recommend consuming cooked eggs when suffering from anemia.

• This is because in cooked eggs there is a compound called iron that can improve the performance of hemoglobin to perform its functions properly.

7.- Boiled eggs  for weight loss

• The first step to being able to control the weight or lose those extra kilos is to consume cooked eggs.

• The way to make eggs a dietary supplement for weight loss is to eat cooked eggs every morning.

• Then have lunch with the part of the day that you like.

• At night if you are hungry you can try switching to low sugar fruit such as avocado.


8.- Boiled eggs prevent hair loss

• The first cooked eggs can help prevent hair loss.

• The content of vitamin A and also vitamin E in this food is very useful to prevent hair loss.

• Therefore, this food is good for consumption.

• If you experience baldness in your hair, you can consume hard-boiled eggs to overcome them.

• The content of this food is believed to accelerate the hair growth process.

• By eating boiled eggs regularly, then you make a natural treatment to make hair shiny.


• The fatty acid content in these foods proved that hair becomes lustrous and healthier.

9.- Absorb calories

• Cooked eggs are also helpful in limiting the absorption of calories in the body.

• The content found in these foods has been shown to limit excessive calorie absorption.

• Therefore, this is very suitable for consumption, especially for those of you who do a diet program.

10.- Build and repair the cells of the body

• Other benefits of cooked eggs are that they can be consumed and in this way, help repair existing cells in the body.

• The choline content in it will serve to repair the damaged cells of the body.


11.- Control bad cholesterol

• If you are one of the people with cholesterol, then you can cure it with the frequent consumption of cooked eggs.

• The omega 3 content in these foods is very effective in reducing cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

12.- Good for blood circulation

• For the circulatory system to function properly, start consuming cooked eggs as your complimentary menu for breakfast.

• The ingredients present in these foods prove to be excellent for blood circulation.

13.- Metabolism in the body

• Metabolism is a process that plays an important role in the body.

• To maintain and improve your metabolism, you can consume cooked eggs, because the high content of vitamin B12 helps you maintain and increase metabolism in the body.


Tips for preparing cooked eggs correctly

• Before boiling the eggs, the first multi-step condition you need to do is include the following:

• Provide fresh eggs and one way to know the fresh egg is to soak the egg in the water if the egg sinks then certainly the egg is still fresh.

• Put water in the pot and insert some eggs into it. And heat the stove until it boils.

• After boiling, turn off the stove and remove the eggs to enter the cold water provided above.

• Wait a few minutes and then peel the skin from the boiled egg.


• So after the shell of the peeled eggs can be eaten directly afterward, the eggs that will be consumed for the next day can be kept in the refrigerator. Those are all the health benefits of eating hard boiled eggs.


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