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Benefits of hibiscus tea for skin

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Discover the benefits of hibiscus tea for skin.

In today’s post we want to offer you a wonderful option to enhance your health and even take care of your beauty with a gift from nature whose qualities have been known for thousands of years.

We want to talk about the Hibiscus tea, a plant native to China and Japan, also known as China rose, whose extract has a wide range of properties, among which are antiseptic, digestive, diuretic, and others that we will detail below.Benefits of hibiscus tea for skin


Its cosmetic properties are so amazing that it has been called “vegetable Botox”, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C.

Its effects after constant consumption in the form of an infusion, for example, have been compared to the effects of Botox injections, since its tightening effect helps to hide expression lines and sagging of the face.

Its active components act at the cellular level, nourishing and moisturizing the dermis, creating a wonderful anti-aging effect.


There are 5 different varieties of Hibiscus in the world: Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis, the best known in Spain, Hibiscus esculentus, Hibiscus sabdariffa, and Hibiscus tiliaceous.

Its flower is edible and its different forms of presentation, in powder, in preparation for infusion, or syrup, allow us to take it comfortably and prepare masks that will surely become great allies for your skin and hair.

In India, hibiscus has traditionally been used to treat hair problems, reduce dandruff, moisturize the scalp while nourishing and strengthening it, and even prevent the appearance of gray hair.

Benefits of hibiscus tea for skin

Greater elasticity in the skin

As we have previously mentioned, the Hibiscus tea will provide us with its tensor effect, greater elasticity, and firmness in the skin, keeping it looking young for longer.

Prevents and fights cell damage

Hibiscus tea fights free radicals that cause oxidation that starts the aging process in the skin, the largest and heaviest organ in the body.

Hydrates in depth

After using the usual cleansers we remove the moisture and natural agents that protect our skin, if we regularly use hibiscus masks we will ensure that our facial skin is sufficiently hydrated avoiding dryness and its unwanted consequences.


Unifies skin tone

Hibiscus is known for its exfoliating and anti-blemish action and its beneficial effects in cases of hyperpigmentation, unifying the tone and softening the features.

For all these benefits, the Hibiscus tea is considered a natural and effective anti-aging recipe, do not forget to try it.

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