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8 Benefits of dark chocolate and side effects



dark chocolate side effects

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20 Benefits of banana leaf and side effects




banana leaf

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10 Benefits Of Yogurt For Skin And Hair




benefits of yogurt for skin

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  •          It is not only an important component of your food, but it is equally good for your health.
    • Milk yogurt has several health benefits that will help you live a healthier life if you make it part of your daily diet!
    • The good thing about this is that you don’t have to spend a large amount of money buying it.
    • Yes, yogurt is readily available in stores at affordable prices.
    • However, you could still save on that money and make milk yogurt at home.

      Trust me, it’s easy to make and doesn’t require too much effort!


      The ingredients required to prepare the milk yogurt are listed below:

      • A cup of milk.

      • A tablespoon of sugar for the bacteria to feed on.

      • A pinch of salt.

      • A few tablespoons of yogurt.

      Preparation method

      Here are the steps you need to follow to make fresh, edible milk yogurt at home:

      • You will start your preparation by heating the milk.

      Take two large pots and fit one inside the other.

      This will help you make a double boiler, which actually prevents the milk from burning.

      Remember to stir a couple of times.

      Feel free to use whatever type of milk you prefer.

      • Once the milk has been heated, you will need to cool it to 43 degrees Celsius.

      This will help lower the temperature.

      In case you are using the fridge to chill it, remember to stir it several times.

      • Next, you will need to warm up the starter motor.

      When we use the term starter, we are basically talking about the bacteria that are required to prepare the milk.

      • Then you will need to add half a cup of dry skim milk which will help increase the natural content of the yogurt.

      This will make the yogurt thick.

      • Now add the starter to the milk.

      You could add the yogurt that’s already there or the bacteria that’s dried up.

      • Time to pour all the milk into a container.

      You should cover it well with plastic wrap.

      • Now, you will need to keep the bacteria warm to hatch.

      The temperature should be close to 100 degrees F.

      The more you will encourage bacteria growth, the better the bacteria will taste and taste.

      • Take the thermometer to make sure the temperature is the same at all times.

      Then you need to place it under the sun.

      A good place would be on your windowsill where the sun’s rays can reach the yogurt.

      • Now, you will have to use the yogurt maker.

      Place the milk containers that have been cooled together with the starter into the yogurt maker.

      Make sure there is enough space between each of them.

      • Now, supply a good plastic in the heat.

      This will help maintain the temperature inside the containers and stimulate the growth of bacteria.

      • Check if the yogurt has become firm.

      Once you notice a consistency throughout the yogurt, you can easily remove all the containers.

      • Now shake them gently. If the yogurt has been prepared, it will not show any movement.

      After this, you need to put the containers in the refrigerator. Wait 12 hours before you can use it.

      Frequently asked questions

      What is yogurt?

      • Yogurt is a delicious vitamin packed food that is great for breakfast and can also be eaten as a healthy snack.

      Does yogurt have benefits on the skin when applied topically?

      • Yogurt has been used on the skin for beauty benefits since ancient times.

      • In India, the use of yogurt for the skin is still valued as a great way to get rid of acne and pimples.

      • Even Cleopatra of ancient Egypt was famous for her daily sour milk baths that kept her skin radiant and youthful.

      What type of yogurt is recommended to use on the skin?

      • When purchasing yogurt to use on your skin, be sure to verify that your yogurt is the unsweetened (plain) type.

      • Flavored yogurts can cause irritation and aggravate any existing pimples or rashes. Buy the yogurt that contains fat and live cultures to see really beautiful results.

      • Yogurt cream and Greek yogurt are options that have a thicker consistency, which is not necessary, but can prevent the mask from getting too runny and messy.

      What should you do when removing the yogurt mask?

      • Immediately after removing your face mask, remember to use a moisturizer (if you want to do it naturally, you can use olive oil).

      • This is because the yogurt mask can leave the skin a bit stiff and tight.

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15 Benefits of bamboo leaves and side effects




bamboo leaves benefits

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