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5 shocking health benefits of Silymarin

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Discover the 5 shocking health benefits of Silymarin.

Plants are small chemical laboratories that contain the solutions for many of the diseases that afflict humans.

Such is the case of milk thistle, in whose seeds silymarin is present, which has become a very effective remedy for liver and biliary diseases.

This plant stands out for its ability to protect and regenerate liver cells, preventing toxic products that can harm the body from being absorbed.


Today we will talk about Silymarin and its health applications.

What is Silymarin?

Formula: C25H22O10

IUPAC name : (2R, 3R) -3,5,7-trihydroxy- 2 – [(2R, 3R) -3- (4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl) -2- (hydroxymethyl) -2,3- dihydrobenzo [b] [1,4] dioxin-6-yl] chroman-4-one


Molar mass: 482.44 g / mol

Boiling point: 793 ° C

Classification: Flavonoid

The chemical components of this plant, called flavonoids, are silibinin, silicristin, and silybin, these together are called silymarin.


So, silymarin is the main active ingredient in milk thistle, and it is because of this that it has such special therapeutic properties.

Its use has been popularized in Europe for a long time, and given the extraordinary results that have been obtained, more and more health professionals indicate it in their consultations.

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Properties and health benefits of silymarin

Since ancient times the medicinal properties of silymarin have been valued.


For example, the Greeks and Romans considered it very appropriate to treat liver conditions, and even snake bites.

The Roman physician Pliny the Elder, who lived in the first century AD, documented its use to cure liver problems.

In modern times, numerous studies have found that silymarin’s range of action is not dependent on liver problems, but can be used successfully to treat digestive and skin diseases.

Now it is appropriate to delve more into the benefits of silymarin. Although there are many, we will only expose five.


1. The best to fight fatty liver

Recent studies published by the Spanish Phytotherapy Research Center reveal that silymarin contributes to the elimination of toxins accumulated in the liver, such as those caused by excesses in food, alcohol, drugs, or the use of pesticides.

On the other hand, the official journal of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, argued after different research works carried out in animals and humans, that silymarin has antioxidant and antifibrotic activity, effective in preventing liver damage.

It is essential to provide the liver with antioxidant protection of its cells to cope with the oxidative stress generated by the accumulation of fat, which the liver cannot reverse on its own.

It is there that the bioflavonoids in silymarin act to eliminate metabolic waste, which would otherwise accumulate.


Some medications, such as prism milk thistle, have been very practical for the care of the liver and biliary diseases. In any case, ALWAYS ask the specialist if its use is appropriate.

2. An ally for skincare

Good health is closely linked to taking care of our body’s largest organ: the skin. Without a doubt, we all want you to look healthy and radiant.

In this regard, silymarin is a perfect accomplice, since it has antioxidant properties and exerts a good influence on skin cells to delay their aging.

It is believed that it could even be beneficial to treat problems such as eczema, acne, dermatitis, and psoriasis.


3. It has anti-cancer effects


The US National Cancer Institute has commented on laboratory experiments with cancer cell lines, which have indicated that silymarin improves the efficacy of cisplatin and doxorubicin against ovarian and breast cancer cells.

In this same line, possibly, silymarin produces anticancer effects in prostate and ectocervical cancer cells, because it decreases the rate of proliferation of cancer cells.

Something similar has been observed in the case of leukemia. All of these studies are experimental in the laboratory.

So far the result cannot be confirmed in people with cancer.


4. It helps you lose weight

Silymarin is present in many dietary supplements because it promotes the absorption of fats, the elimination of toxins, and the secretion of bile.

A sample of this is the Natural Prism 25 Day Challenge, a weight control product that contains silymarin.

By facilitating digestion, silymarin is often recommended for people with slow and heavy digestive processes.

It is worth adding that it is a natural remedy to control cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


5. Helps control diabetes

Silymarin is effective as a complementary therapy to control type II diabetes, as its compounds improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels.

On the other hand, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are effective in reducing the risks of developing other typical complications of diabetes, such as kidney problems.

It should always be used in a complementary way to the medication prescribed by the doctor and with his or her approval.

How is silymarin taken?

It is amazing how many functions the extract of the seeds of the milk thistle plant plays, that is, silymarin, which usually contains a concentration of 80%.


Although the ideal thing is that you consume it in the doses that a health professional recommends, the common thing is that it is ingested between 300 and 600 mg daily.

Considering that silymarin does not dissolve easily in water, it is not advisable to make tea with it.

Silymarin contraindications

So far it has been established that both milk thistle and its active ingredient, silymarin, do not cause toxic effects.

However, some important contraindications and observations should be considered when consuming.


Here are some reactions silymarin can cause, as well as some precautions to take when using it.

In the case of some people, it could cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and flatulence.

Of course, you should refrain from using it if you are allergic to silymarin or plants of the ragweed family.

During pregnancy and lactation, a physician’s consent must be obtained for its use.


Milk thistle extract is not recommended for hypertensive people.

It is also not appropriate for people with severe liver disease.

Diabetic patients should consume it only under the strict supervision of the physician.

Milk thistle can interact with drugs indicated to treat hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, antidepressants, and other plants.


For more than two thousand years, silymarin has been in the service of humanity.

Millions of people have benefited from its antioxidant effects, its ability to regenerate the liver and protect the skin.

And its application to many other health fields is still being studied.


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