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17 Benefits of Garden Cress You Never Dreamed of

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Discover the 17 Benefits of Garden Cress You Never Dreamed of.

The cress seeds must first be roasted before being consumed. People need to know that not only the leaves and stems, the health benefits of watercress seeds are also amazing.

You will surely be surprised at the number of benefits you could get from consuming these little leafy vegetables with a botanical name.

17 Benefits of Garden Cress You Never Dreamed of


Garden cress is generally known as simply watercress. It is a fast-growing edible herb that is closely related to mustard and watercress.

Due to its tangy taste, garden cress is very popular as a garnish for pasta or sandwiches.


However, raw garden cress can be eaten as sprouts and added to salad and soup because they are basically like small leafy vegetables.

The most surprising thing about garden cress is not only its small size but also all the edible parts, such as the leaves, stems, and seeds. While the leaves and stems can be eaten raw, Lepidium sativum.

When it comes to size, garden cress is easy to underestimate, but when it comes to health benefits, water cress comes with a pretty long list that could beat even the largest plants.

In other words, don’t underestimate the tiny size of watercress because even its seeds have surprising benefits for human health.

Nutritional values of garden cress

• Those currently on the road to reaching a healthy living goal must have been familiar with watercress because this type of vegetable is packed with some nutritional values such as Folate, Iron, Fiber, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Protein.

• To learn more about its amazing benefits, the list of garden cress seeds’ health benefits below will tell you more.


17 Health Benefits of Garden Cress You Never Dreamed of

1.- Reduce asthma symptoms

• Although asthma is a class of diseases that cannot be completely cured, asthma symptoms could be reduced by eating garden cress seeds that contain an active compound to help improve lung function for asthma patients.

2.- Helps to lose weight

• Do you want to know the natural solution for weight loss? Just mix the garden cress seed with water and drink it in the morning when your stomach is still empty.

• It is such an effective and natural way to lose some weight.

3.- Natural solution for constipation

• One of the amazing things you can get from consuming garden cress seeds is their ability to help you deal with constipation.

• Just be sure to eat it regularly to help improve digestion and say goodbye to constipation for good.


4.- They protect the immune system

• Garden cress seeds naturally promote the immune system

• They will improve your immunity booster by reducing the level of stress that can negatively affect your immunity.

5.- Promotes RBC production

• The iron content found in watercress seeds is quite high and one of the health benefits of iron is optimizing red blood cell production.

6.- Treat anemia

• As mentioned in the previous point, the iron content will help improve RBC production.

• In other words, it is a shortcut to treating all the health conditions caused by iron deficiencies and one of them is anemia.

7.- Helps to normalize the menstrual cycle

• Women who have problems with their menstrual cycle can consume garden cress seeds because they contain certain estrogen-like phytochemicals to help regulate the irregular menstrual cycle.


8.- Recommended for breastfeeding

• Some research studies have shown that consuming watercress seeds can help improve milk production due to the protein and iron content found in both the leafy greens and the seeds.


9.- Excellent memory reinforcement

• Garden cress seeds contain a specific organic compound known as linoleic acid and arachidic fatty acid.

• The combination of these organic compounds is an excellent memory booster.

10.- Natural expectorant

• When you suffer from mild cold, sore throat, or cough.

• Just chewing on a pinch of garden cress seeds can help reduce the symptom as it could act as a natural expectorant due to its acidic taste.

11.- Treat some skin conditions

• Some conditions, like sunburn, will not be fatal, but they are not easy to deal with either.


• Simply turning the watercress seed into a paste and using it on the sunburn area can help soothe sunburns.

• It is applicable for dry lips.

12.- It can prevent hair loss

• You could consume garden cress seeds or use them as a styling paste to help prevent hair loss.

• It is due to the content of minerals found in garden cress seeds, such as potassium, manganese, and iron.

13.- Natural way to treat diarrhea

• There is no such easy way to prevent diarrhea. Sometimes it happens and the best thing you can think of is how to treat diarrhea naturally and effectively.

• The paste made from garden cress seeds is not only capable of treating common diarrhea but also dysentery due to its antibacterial agents found.


14.- Treat colic in children

• Although the cause of colic in babies is still something to be discussed, ground watercress seeds mixed with water could help calm the colicky baby.

15.- Contains anti-cancer properties

• Watercress seeds contain some powerful antioxidants to help fight the worst effects of free radicals.

16.- Excellent source of powerful antioxidants

• Some powerful antioxidants found in garden cress seeds include vitamin A and vitamin E.

• Not only are they capable of inhibiting the growth of cancer cells but they also reduce the side effect of chemotherapy.

17.-Healthy vision

• Garden cress seeds are an excellent source of vitamin A and beta-carotene.

• Among the health benefits of beta-carotene and vitamin A are excellent for vision.


Precautions of consuming garden cress seeds

• As mentioned above, the small size of the garden cress is not something to be taken lightly.

• However, fortunately, due to its small size, it is almost impossible for people to consume it in large quantity because too much is never good.

• It also applies to garden cress seeds and some precautions below can occur when you consume it in large quantities.

• Garden cress seeds are not recommended for those who have problems with their urinary tract because garden cress seeds can worsen the condition due to their diuretic properties.

• Although the garden cress seeds are highly recommended for the mother during lactation, it is better to avoid the mother during pregnancy, avoiding these delicious green leafy leaves altogether. It is because garden cress seeds contain abortifacient properties that could increase uterine contraction that could lead to abortion.

• Garden cress seeds also contain goitrogenic properties that could impair iodine absorption when consumed in excessive amounts.


• Unlike garden cress leaves and stems which are best eaten fresh and raw, garden cress seeds could easily be stored after they are sun-dried or roasted.

• From the list of health benefits of garden cress seeds mentioned above, surely you can’t just throw away garden cress seeds.


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