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10 Benefits of garlic leaves and side effects

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Discover the 10 shocking health benefits of garlic leaves and side effects.

Garlic leaves are used in various types of dishes. Mainly for Asian dishes that are very common in the use of garlic leaves.

The strength, the taste, and the smell add a better flavor to the dishes.

Also, you can make the dishes more delicious instead of using garlic leaves.

10 shocking health benefits of garlic leaves


It can be used in soups, fried foods, or steamed meals.


This makes garlic leaves easy to combine in many types of dishes and many types of cuisine.

Garlic is known as one of the powerful spices, and the health benefits of garlic leaves are powerful too.

Therefore, several people not only consume the garlic, but also the leaves.

This secret is not a secret in Asians. Who has been familiar with the great benefit of garlic?

Also, garlic is used from various ancient medical approaches.

While garlic leaves are also found to bring several benefits to the body as well.


Garlic is native to many countries. It is one of the famous Asian and Western spices.

Garlic leaves the majority growth well in many countries.

Therefore, trying to grow a garlic plant is not too difficult when you go out in a country with mild temperatures.

Also, it can grow throughout the year and is very easy to maintain.

Nutrition facts of garlic leaves

There is not much detailed information on the nutrient in garlic leaves.

But of course, these leaves contain numerous mineral contents that are beneficial for health.


Normally, 100gr of garlic leaves contain the below minerals:

• 95% vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine),

• 52% vitamin C,

• 33% copper,

• 21% iron,

• 18% calcium,


• 26% selenium, and

• 73% manganese

10 Health Benefits of garlic leaves

For those who want to know more, take a look at the following points, various health benefits of garlic leaves in maintaining cardiovascular and blood circulation.

1.- Benefits of garlic leaves for cholesterol

Garlic leaves have been famous for their enormous benefit since ancient times. Including it can help control the level of cholesterol within the blood.

It monitors the level of LDL and HDL within the bloodstream to make sure the level of fat in the blood is stable.


This is the same cholesterol health benefit of octopus that can keep cholesterol down as well.

2.- Facilitate blood circulation

By consuming the garlic leaves, you will help facilitate blood circulation.

When fat is prevented from blocking blood flow, blood circulation will be optimal.

There is no more risk than cod blood is dangerous to the health conditions.

3.- Benefits of garlic leaves for high blood pressure

Consume garlic leaves also good to avoid hypertension.

This is due to the ability to stop lowering blood pressure. It will also stabilize blood pressure.


Hence, this is good for avoiding hypertension as well.

This is the same health benefit of the Ixora flower that can help lower blood pressure as well.


4.- Avoid a heart attack

The ability of garlic leaves to prevent various harsh symptoms such as heart attack.

Therefore, you can also avoid the risk of stroke syndrome. Besides, it will help control a healthy heart condition.

5.- Optimize blood flow

Consume garlic leaves also good to manage and optimize better blood flow. It will handle the blood to optimally carry the oxygen supply to the brain.

Also, it can help prevent any blood health-related diseases.


Mainly for any risk of blood cancer, which can be avoided through the consumption of garlic leaves.

It is the same health benefits of the begonia flower that help optimize blood flow.

6.- Benefits of garlic leaves for diabetes

The health benefits of garlic leaves, including lowering blood sugar.

Therefore, it will be beneficial to avoid diabetes.

Also, it will optimize the level of sugar in the blood and help to reduce it.

7.- Maintain the cardiovascular system

Another of the best advantages of consuming garlic leaves is maintaining the cardiovascular health of the body.


It can help optimize cardiovascular capacity and help prevent dangerous cardiovascular disease.

Plus, the leaves bring the same health benefits of dinner oats as they do for better cardiovascular fitness.

8.- Avoid the accumulation of fat

Frequent consumption of the leaves will also help to avoid the possibility of blood-borne cod.

It can be able to avoid the formation of fat within the bloodstream.

Therefore, it is good to optimize the health of the blood.

9.- Anticoagulant

The garlic leaves will help act as a blood thinner.


This is good for people with symptoms of thrombosis or a thicker, stickier blood condition.

Where the condition can lead to several serious health conditions.

Thus, the leaves manage to maintain a healthy blood system in the body.

10.- Improve blood cells

The leaves also work to improve blood cells.

It will stimulate the blood to produce fresh red blood cells within the body.

Besides, it will also improve the white blood cell during recovery from any illness.


Thus, you can manage a healthier body condition during illness.

Side effects of garlic leaves

Although the leaves bring many health benefits, there are also several side effects when consumed.

For more information, pay attention to the following points before consuming the leaves:

• It is recommended to stop consuming the leaves if an allergic reaction occurs.

• Symptoms can include redness, itching, a rash, swelling of parts of the body, nausea, and even vomiting.

Therefore, make sure you do not have any allergies before consuming the leaves frequently.


• Too much consumption of the leaves will act as a blood thinner.

Therefore, be sure to consult with your doctor when consuming the leaves during medical treatment.

• Especially for cases of anticoagulants. Where it can cause excessive bleeding.

• People with low blood symptoms should avoid consuming the leaves too often.

Otherwise, very low blood pressure will occur. Therefore, it can lead to the unconscious.

• Therefore, be sure to consume the garlic leaves in the proper portion and consume it rarely.


• These are several health benefits of garlic leaves for cardiovascular and blood circulation.

Through frequent consumption of these leaves, you can ensure the management of a better state of blood health.

Also, by consuming the leaves, you will keep the body immune and prevent various harsh diseases.


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