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15 Benefits of kokum and side effects

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Discover the 15 shocking health benefits of kokum and side effects.

Kokum is one of the fruits that is included in the mangosteen family.

Not only is it unique but it also features several health benefits of kokum.

Hence, the fruit is common to consume in the country of India.

Besides, kokum is also regarded as quite famous in the culinary world in the country of India.

Many people in India use this fruit as a base ingredient to make sorbets or types of squash during the hot summer day.

Since the fruit not only tastes good and looks fresh, but also brings some health benefits, people in other countries also want to consume the fruit.

Therefore, India begins to export the fruit and some people even try to grow the tree outside the country of India to help with the growing demand for it.


Even though there are more than 200 species of kokum scattered throughout Asia and Africa, it seems that that number does not encompass all the demands of the pharmaceutical industry or skincare industries that use kokum as their ingredients.

15 shocking health benefits of kokum


Health benefits of kokum

One of the surprising facts that most of the people of India have known recently is that kokum is not just a great taste of drinks during the summer.

The nutrient content within the fruit is found to benefit health and help with various symptoms.

Therefore, many people become more interesting to try to consume the fruit, mainly to taste the kokum squash which is now quite famous.

While for the specific health benefits of kokum they are listed in the points below for an overview.

1.- High antioxidant

Kokum is listed as one of the fruits with a high content of antioxidants.

Therefore, this fruit will benefit to avoid the effects of free radicals, mainly due to the environmental pollution that comes from the vehicle.


Through better antioxidant content, also helps to avoid the possibility of experiencing cancer and to live in healthier conditions.

2.- Natural anti-aging

The antioxidant agent is not only good for avoiding free radicals, otherwise, the health benefits of kokum include acting as a natural anti-aging.

Therefore, consuming kokum will help to maintain the appearance of the skin, avoid the effects of ultraviolet light on the skin face, and make the whole look younger.

This is the reason why kokum is also good for the staple ingredients in the skincare world.

Where to use the fruit on the skin is expected to avoid the signs of early aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

3.- Provide nutrients

Another health benefit of kokum includes the content in the fruit that is rich in vitamins and minerals.


Therefore, consuming the fruit can help supply several important nutrients to the body.

This is also a way to make the body feel better all the time.

Including the content of vitamin C and E which leads to better body health and away from other diseases.

4.- Contains fiber

Like many other fruits, kokum was also noted to be quite high in fiber. Therefore, it can help meet the fiber needs of the body’s system.

Especially for the digestive system that regularly needs fiber supports to function well.

5.- Benefits of kokum for digestion

As we mentioned earlier, fiber can help optimize the digestive system.

Therefore, the health benefit of kokum also improves bowel movement to drive rapid digestion.


Therefore, the body will not experience any digestive difficulties and will lead to better digesting every day.

6.- Benefits of kokum for constipation

Other surprising health benefits of kokum also help prevent constipation.

How some people may experience an upset stomach and feel more gas inside the stomach.

Through consuming the fruit, the gas will be well absorbed and removed naturally.

This is the mechanism where constipation will also be able to reduce.

The fiber content will help boost an optimal digestive system and lead to better metabolism.

Therefore, it will be a great remedy for constipation problems.

7.- Better metabolism

As mentioned above, the health benefits of kokum include a better body metabolism.


Therefore, through the fruit, the body’s metabolic system will also be increased and optimized.

It will reinforce more oxygen to enter the body and process food more quickly into the necessary energy.

This is the reason why kokum will be good to provide enough energy for some activities.

8.- Benefits of kokum for weight loss

When the body experiences a better digestive system and a better metabolic rate, it means that the body will absorb more nutrients and prevent the formation of fat.

Therefore, it is one of the body’s mechanisms naturally to maintain weight.

This is the reason why the fruit is also good for weight loss control.


9.- Anti-inflammatory

Other surprising benefits of consuming the fruit include helping as an anti-inflammatory.

Therefore, it is good to help prevent joint inflammation, reduce a sore throat, or help with skin inflammation.


This makes the fruit also effective in treating acne or eczema. This will lead to better skin health and lead to a cure for inflammation.

10.- Avoid hyperacidity

Some people may have symptoms of hyperacidity. By having kokum fruit regularly, you can help reduce symptoms.

Also, the kokum will manage the level of acidity within the body and produce more well-being.

11.- Relief relief

When you experience a rash or redness of the skin, using the fruit on top of the rash will help soothe the symptoms.

Therefore, one of the benefits of this fruit includes treating the allergy and helping to relieve the itch.

12.- Improve the PMS

Kokum is also one of the good fruits to help with any PMS syndrome.

As many women experience menstrual cramps or a headache during PMS, consuming kokum will help bring a better condition.


Also, the cool feeling inside the stomach after consuming the fruit will lead to a calm stomach during PMS.

This is the reason why it is suggested to consume kokum squash while you have any hard PMS syndrome.

13.- Benefits of kokum for skin

The vitamin E within the fruit is one of the main contents that results in a smoother and smoother skin texture.

In the same way that mangosteen will help produce a better skin surface condition, kokum as one of the mangosteen families can help produce the same effect.

This makes kokum one of the best ingredients for the skincare industry.

Also, the basic ingredients are known to be found in hand lotion and other similar skincare products.


14.- Benefits of kokum for hair

Other unexpected benefits of the fruit also help with hair treatment.

Therefore, people experiencing hair loss or any brittle hair can try using the fruit as a natural shampoo that will help strengthen hair.

Also, it can help to darken the hair color and keep it looking healthy and shiny as well.

15.- Cracked heels

It’s amazing to find that the kokum is also great for dealing with broken heels.

The nutrient content that appears to be good for skin health will help heal the heels and stimulate the formation of new skin cells.

This is why applying the kokum on the heels frequently will result in a smoother surface of the cracked heels and lead to a faster recovery.

Side effects kokum

There are even some health benefits of kokum, the fruit also has some side effects.


As it should be a concern, therefore, before consuming the fruit, it will be best to check the following precautions first:

• Pay attention in case you experience itching, redness of the skin, or even inflamed parts of the body.

Since it could bring a signal that the body is allergic to the fruit.

Therefore, try to consume in small amounts first to avoid any allergic conditions while consuming or holding the fruit.

• The pregnant woman should avoid consuming the fruit before consulting with the caregiver. Whether it could endanger the fetus or not.

It is better to avoid rather than continue to act, but with some effects on the fetus or baby.

• Never consume the fruit along with milk or other dairy products. Since the effects may not be good for the body system.

The bitter taste of kokum fruit can harm the intestine.


So be sure to prevent this from happening and consume kokum separately.

How to avoid the side effects of Kokum

Since the fruit is capable of producing some side effects, it is better to optimally obtain the health benefits of kokum, but on the other hand, try to eliminate the side effects.

Therefore, it is suggested that while consuming the fruit, it is better to make several points below:

  • It is better to avoid consuming the fruit if you encounter any allergic symptoms every time you consume the fruits.

Mainly if the allergic symptoms occur suddenly after consuming the fruit.

  • It is suggested to avoid consuming kokum and milk at the same time.

If necessary, be sure to take the time or a break after consuming the fruit and plan to drink the milk.

At least make sure you have an hour difference between consuming kokum and milk.

  • In case of diagnosing with high blood pressure, it is better to avoid consuming kokum to avoid possible higher levels of acidity within the body.

By avoiding consuming the fruit, then health can be managed including the level of acidity within the body.

Those are all the health benefits of kokum and the potential side effects that can occur as well. Therefore, always make sure to consume in the proper portions.


Also, it is best to always speak with your doctor first before deciding to receive treatment.

Otherwise, it would not bring the expected benefit but it will bring more health problems.

Through a smart way of consuming the fruit, you can help bring several benefits and maintain well-being. Test it!


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