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16 shocking Benefits Of Roasted nopal

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Discover the 16 shocking Benefits Of Roasted nopal.

Roasted nopal includes benefits such as its ability to lower cholesterol levels, improve the digestive process, decrease the risk of diabetes, boost the immune system, stimulate bone growth, strengthen blood vessels, prevent certain cancers, reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s, aid in weight loss and eliminate inflammation throughout the body.

Several studies that have been published about the nopal, affirm that the raw nopal does not affect health, that is, it is neutral. The Nopal to have the effect of being roasted, cooked at an exact point, should not burn or be raw.


Generally, people usually consume nopales in smoothies and salads by a large part of the Mexican population, but scientific data shows that the roasted nopal is the one that provides all its advantages, properties, and benefits to the human body, properties that can be listed in 3 parts.

Origin of the nopal

The nopal (cactus) is one of the fundamental symbols of Mexico. It is considered the living plant (plant of life) as it seems to never die.

The fallen leaves form new plants, therefore an appropriate symbol of the cycle of life and rebirth found in the oldest Mexican myths.


According to legend, the first nopal (cactus) grew in the heart of Copil, son of Malinalxochitl, the moon, and Chimalcuauhtli.

Copil had tried to murder his uncle Huitzilopochtli, the sun because he had abandoned his mother.

According to legend, Huitzilopochtli defeated his nephew and took Copil’s heart, who was later buried.

The next day, the first nopal appeared, complete with the thorns of a warrior and flowers that blossomed with the love Copil had shown in defending his mother.


This nopal (cactus) was discovered by the wandering Aztecs. On top of the cactus, there was an eagle, devouring a snake, on a lake, the sign that the nomads had been waiting for.

Having the face of a nopal (the face of a cactus) is to say that one’s indigenous ancestry is evident.

Techniques for harvesting nopal

• There is a technique to harvest.


• The stalks (leaves) should be light green.

• Old stalks can be eaten, but they tend to taste bitter.

• The stalk should be cut at the base and handled with care.

• It is a cactus after all and there are thorns (thorns).


• Once a good number has been harvested, it is time to de-deplete (remove the thorns).

• It is not a difficult process and practice makes it perfect.

• The base of the spine is cut away from the cutter and discarded.

• The outer edge is also flaking. My husband always does this outside, with less cleaning involved. And that’s more or less.


• The nopal or cactus is ready to cook.

• The cactus can be cooked as a whole leaf on a comal (griddle) or cut into pieces.

• It can be boiled or drizzled in tripa (intestine) juice, which is my favorite form of preparation.

• It can be eaten hot or cold, it is used as a tortilla around cheese, a nopaldilla if it is eaten as a salad with tomato and chili, or with beans and onions.


Properties of the roasted Nopal

• They contain 17 of the 22 essential amino acids.

• It provides us with vitamin A, B1, B2, and C; as well as the minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

• It is rich in fiber.

• Strengthens the immune system.


• It helps you lose weight.

• Improves digestion and blood circulation.

• Fight constipation.

• Helps in the treatment of diabetes (helps control blood glucose levels).


• Helps reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

• Take care of the health of our hearts.

Uses of roasted nopal

• Regulates Cholesterol, Normalizes Diabetes, and thanks to its large amount of proteins, it provides the benefit of assimilating less fat, thus reducing obesity.

• Nutritionists assure that obese people who consume roasted nopal, who want to be benefited from the properties, it is recommended to eat it before each meal, at least 15 to 20 minutes before, the benefit persists for 4-6 hours


• It was confirmed in several studies carried out that using 100 g of roasted nopal administered to both healthy and obese subjects and type 2 diabetics, the administration of nopal 20 min before food three times a day for 10 days, produced a significant decrease in cholesterol total, in triglycerides and bodyweight of obese non-diabetic subjects and with type 2 diabetes, and in the glycemia of diabetic subjects.

• With these results, the authors propose that the effects observed with nopal are due to its fiber content.

Fiber is known to be a mixture of lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, mucilage, and gums, capable of decreasing the gastrointestinal absorption of various nutrients; and consequently the blood levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and glucose decrease due to lack of absorption.

• After some time, similar studies were applied with other vegetables such as pumpkin, which has some similar substances and similar portions of protein and others, surprisingly the same effects were not achieved as with roasted nopal.


• Another extract from the same report suggests that no antihyperglycemic effect is observed when 100 g of nopal is administered without being roasted to healthy patients with hyperglycemia and/or induced intravenously, which indicates that roasted cactus is one of the few forms that can ingest.

Nutritional value of roasted nopal

• In addition to the unusual name, appearance, and origin of this fruit, it also has a unique nutrient composition, including high levels of vitamin C, B-family vitamins, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, and dietary fiber.

• In terms of organic compounds, prickly pears have high levels of flavonoids, polyphenols, and betalains, all of which have a positive impact on human health.


12 Energetic Benefits of Roasted Nopal

1.- Prevents gastric ulcers.

• In external form, roasted nopales have anti-inflammatory properties as well as for wounds and skin infections.

• After roasting the nopal, you can cut it into strips and combine it with carne asada, or in the famous taco place.

• Also, you can cut the roasted nopal into small squares and mix with chopped coriander, onion, chopped, and tomato.

• You will get a delicious pico de gallo salad.


• Another way is to combine the roasted nopal with a little cheese and avocado. However, whatever option you like or make, they are all very healthy because you have nopal.

1.- Increase immunity

• A single serving of roasted nopal contains more than 1/3 of your daily requirement for vitamin C.

• Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C plays an important role in stimulating the immune system, stimulates the production of white blood cells, and acts as an antioxidant in the body.

• Additionally, vitamin C is an important component of various enzymatic and metabolic processes, including the creation of bone and muscle tissue.


2.- Strengthens bones and teeth

• Calcium is an integral part of the human diet, and roasted nopales contain a significant level of it in every serving.

• Calcium is a very important element in the creation of bone tissue in the body; in fact, 99% of the calcium in our body is found in the bones and teeth.

• By making sure you have enough calcium in your system, you can prevent various dental problems, as well as age-related bone disorders such as osteoporosis.

3.- Helps digestion

• Prickly pears have a significant level of dietary fiber, like most fruits and vegetables, so these prickly fruits can help you regulate your digestive process.


• Fiber increases stool density to help food pass through the digestive tract easily, thus eliminating constipation, bloating, and serious gastrointestinal problems, such as colon cancer or gastric ulcers.

4.- Protects heart health

• There are several components in roasted nopal that make it very good for heart health.

• First, the fiber levels in the fruit can help lower the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the body; while significant levels of potassium can help lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels and reducing stress on the cardiovascular system.

• Finally, the betalains found in prickly pear have been directly linked to strengthening the endothelial walls of blood vessels, reducing the chances of weakening the circulatory system.


• Lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening blood vessels can prevent atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

5.- Revoke cancer

• Everyone is looking for a cure for cancer, but unfortunately, our best option is to eat as many antioxidants as we can to combat the effects of free radicals.

• Roasted nopal has high levels of flavonoids, polyphenols, and betalains, all of which act as antioxidant compounds and neutralize free radicals before they cause healthy cells to mutate into cancer cells.

• Studies have shown lower chances of cancer in people who regularly add these types of antioxidants to their diet.


6.- Antioxidant potential

• These antioxidant compounds do more than prevent cancer; they also protect the skin, reduce the chances of premature aging, improve vision.

• They prevent macular degeneration and also increase the strength and functionality of your brain.

• Free radicals are partially responsible for the oxidation of neuronal cells leading to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

• Polyphenolic compounds have been linked to increased cognitive activity.


7.- Reduces inflammation

• In traditional medicine, roasted nopal is applied topically to parts of the body that were inflamed.

• When consumed, some of the antioxidants and minerals in prickly pears can reduce inflammation, especially in conditions like arthritis, gout, or muscle tension.

• It can also be applied topically to remove swelling from insect bites, a method that has been in use for hundreds of years.

8.- Weight loss

• several components within roasted nopales can help you lose weight.


• First, fiber can make the body feel full and inhibit the release of ghrelin, which is a hunger-causing hormone, thereby reducing excessive intake.

• Second, this plant is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, but it is packed with metabolic potential, so the body works at a higher level without gaining weight.

• The presence of vitamin B6, thiamine, and riboflavin also makes the metabolic function work quickly, and these vitamins maximize the burning of fat and the transformation of food into usable energy.

9.- Skin protection

• The phytochemical and antioxidant characteristics of roasted nopales make them a good defense mechanism against the symptoms of premature aging, such as wrinkles and age spots.


• Free radicals leftover from cell metabolism can affect the skin and by eating nopales, you can keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

10.- Increase metabolism

• One of the most important aspects of nopales in terms of health is their mineral and vitamin content.

• Nopales contain thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin B6, all of which are vital components of cellular metabolism that regulate enzyme activity throughout the body.

• A healthy organ system and hormonal balance help you lose weight easily, promote healthy muscle gain, and tone your entire body.


11.- Improve sleep

• This plant also contains magnesium, which is a useful mineral for inducing sleep in people who suffer from insomnia, chronic anxiety, or restlessness.

• It induces the release of serotonin in the body, which results in increased levels of melatonin.

• It also has a mildly sedative effect, reducing nerve function and calming the body, helping you fall asleep.

12.- Control diabetes

• Prickly pear leaf extracts can be powerful regulators of glucose levels in the body.


• For patients with type 2 diabetes, it can cause a reduced spike in glucose levels, making diabetes easier to control.

Easy recipe to prepare roasted nopales at home

Grilled nopales

Here I present two versions of grilled nopales, although of course, they taste better roasted on charcoal.



• 2 medium nopal stalks without thorns

• 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

• Salt and pepper to taste

• Slices of your favorite cheese to melt (optional)



• Heat the comal or grill. With a brush, smear oil on each side of the nopal.

• Put the nopal to roast on the grill or comal

• Place the nopales on the comal and cook – turning – over medium heat until tender (approx. 8 minutes).


• Place the cheese on top of the grilled nopales

• If you use the grill, cook the nopal until it is marked and tender.

• Just before serving, top with the cheese slices to melt.

• Season with salt and pepper. Serve with fresh salsa and hot tortillas. A healthy low-calorie lunch or dinner.


Frequent questions

How can I roast the nopales?

• To roast the nopales, they are simply placed whole on a comal or on the grill where the meat is roasted and leftover low heat until cooked.

• Roasted nopales are an excellent food that can be combined in many ways.

• But, the most important thing is the nutritional properties that it contributes to health.

How much roasted cactus should be eaten for its properties to take effect?

• Experts from several studies indicated that the best way to consume roasted nopal is in portions of a minimum of 100 grams and a maximum of 500 grams.


What is the correct variety of nopal to eat roasted?

• Studies indicate that the variety most studied by scientists so far is opuntia streptacantha.

• However, it has not yet been shown that the other varieties do not work.


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