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How to lose weight with ginseng (ultimate guide)

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Lose Weight with ginseng

Why and how to consume ginseng for weight loss?

From the Panax ginseng CA Meyer plant (Asian ginseng), the rhizome more precisely, used as a general tonic, but also to accompany slimming diets!

Many people use it to lose weight, without really knowing why it helps you lose weight, or how to use it to lose weight. So let’s develop the subject to find out everything about the slimming virtues of Asian ginseng!

How to lose weight with ginseng (ultimate guide)



Overweight and obesity affect more and more people in the world and are becoming a real public health problem. Whether it is for their health or only from an aesthetic point of view, nearly 75% of the world want to lose weight.

For this, we find weight-loss diets as varied as each other, while it is enough to adopt a healthy and balanced lifestyle to see the extra pounds disappear.

As for food, divide your plate in half and put vegetables in one half, separate the other half again in two and put meat or fish in a quarter, and starches in the remaining quarter, you will see, that makes miracles.


In addition to that, get moving, exercise regularly, and apply little tips as we will see in this article on ginseng for weight loss.

Why combine ginseng with a diet?

1. Slimming action of ginseng

Many studies have shown an act of ginseng to help lose weight because no, ginseng does not make you fat, as we sometimes hear.

A study was carried out in 2002 by the University of Chicago on the link between consumption of ginseng and weight loss. The study concludes that certain active ingredients present in ginseng could stop the accumulation of glucose in fat cells and thus promote weight loss.

Another study published in the journal phytomedicine consisted of giving 100 mg of ginseng per day to obese mice for 1 month.

Result: a significant weight loss was observed in the mice who took ginseng. The study has shown that ginsenoside Rg3, an active ingredient in ginseng, has the particularity of blocking the energy stock in the form of fat by the cells, and therefore preventing the accumulation of fat in the body.

The rich nutritional composition of ginseng activates the metabolism, leading to natural thermogenic action. Thermogenics, by speeding up the body’s metabolism, help burn calories and therefore promote weight loss. The increase in body temperature caused by the acceleration of the metabolism also causes a decrease in adipose tissue (body fat).

Ginseng, therefore, acts upstream and downstream, making it possible to block the fat storage process, and promoting their combustion.


All the studies aimed at demonstrating the slimming effect of ginseng have also made it possible to demonstrate a beneficial action on diabetes, with a decrease in blood sugar.


2. Stimulating, energizing and revitalizing effect

Ginseng is known to stimulate the body and raise the general level of energy in the body, ideal during a slimming diet which can tend to cause slackening.

It is a general tonic of the organism which is part of the adaptogen family, that is to say, it helps to restore the general balance and acts positively on the general well-being by acting on all the functions of the body.

Ginseng works on fatigue and other ailments, such as stress and anxiety, by contributing to psychological well-being and by fighting depression.

Periods of diet are often accompanied by fatigue, stress, irritability, which ginseng will help soothe. Also, thanks to ginseng, you will feel more inclined to move around, to walk, in short: to do physical exercise, which is essential for lasting weight loss.

How to consume ginseng to lose weight?

Make a ginseng infusion
Ginseng is prepared as a decoction: put 1 to 3 g of dried ginseng roots in 200 ml of water, then boil for 10 to 15 minutes, let cool a little, and filter.

Take it in powder
You can mix the powdered ginseng root, and take 1/2 teaspoon in a little hot drink, honey or compote in the morning.

How long does a solution last?

There is no general dosage, but among all the ginseng cures, here are the 3 most common:

•According to Commission E, a cure generally lasts 3 months
•According to Russian tradition, a cure lasts between 10 to 15 days, followed by 10 to 15 days of break before possibly resuming.
•According to traditional Chinese medicine, there is no time limit to a cure.
In general, it is necessary to wait at least 10 days of treatment before feeling the first effects.


Precautions for use

It is advisable to take advice from your doctor before embarking on a ginseng treatment, because ginseng can cause side effects, especially if you are taking treatment for diabetes, for blood pressure, or anticoagulant therapy.

As a precautionary principle, ginseng is not recommended for children, pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding.

If you consume too much ginseng, it can cause some side effects: hypertension, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, diarrhoea, etc. These symptoms appear after consuming very large amounts, around 15 g per day.

Due to its stimulating effects, it is recommended not to consume ginseng in the evening.

To go further, you can read our article on ginseng to boost libido.


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