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10 shocking health benefits of soy

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Discover the 10 shocking health benefits of soy.

It is a legume that has been used and consumed for many centuries, it is of Asian origin, and it is healthy and essential in the daily diet due to the great contribution of proteins, vitamins, fibers.

Soy can be consumed in its different presentations and combinations in miso, tofu, sausages, bread, and other additives.

This time you will learn a little more about the health benefits of soy, it will be an excellent alternative if you want to eat a balanced diet, full of amino acids that your body needs.


If you want to substitute meat and adopt a vegetarian diet, you need to include this legume.

Soy properties

It contains around 30 grams of protein which is equivalent to two pieces of meat, if you consume chicken meat, the percentage of protein will be much higher.

1) Decreases symptoms of menopause

It is one of the legumes that you should include if you are in the climacteric process where estrogen levels drop.


The health benefits of soy called isoflavones compensate for the deficit and prevent decalcification of the bones, avoiding symptoms of hot flashes.

Tofu is a good supplement derived from this legume due to its high content of calcium and protein and its seed has higher amounts of phytoestrogens, with greater absorption.

2) Lowers cholesterol

The properties of these foods are not only for vegetarians, if you consume them frequently you can lower cholesterol levels. This legume modifies the adverse effects of fat.

3) Prevents osteoporosis

Another health benefit of soy is that it is suitable for the bones, of all the derivatives the most indicated is tofu due to its high calcium content.


Soy milk is also a good contribution, it is a delicious enriched drink, ideal for people who are lactose intolerant.

Nor should you forget how important this mineral is during life.

4) Avoid menstrual problems

Eating soy is perfect for women with menstrual problems since isoflavones and phytoestrogens reduce the excess of estrogens that are produced in the body, responsible for depressive symptoms, stress, a bad mood, and other problems that are related to premenstrual syndrome.

Many studies indicate that those who consume soy tend to bleed more days, also stomach pain is associated with a diet based on fats with little contribution of vegetables, fruits, and foods rich in starches, such as tubers.


5) Prevents diabetes

The properties are associated with the low incidence of breast cancer due to isoflavones.

Many studies indicate that soy soup has been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing any type of cancer.

Previously it was thought that this legume protected against uterine, breast, and prostate cancer, but when soy was implemented in the Western diet, the same results were not observed as in the East.

These results are contradictory, therefore its consumption is not recommended during cancer treatment.


6) Maintains blood sugar levels

It is recommended for diabetic people since when it releases sugars, it stabilizes in the blood. How about including soy in your daily routine?

7) Prevents Alzheimer’s

Due to the lecithin content, it works as an assistant to the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, and it is considered important in the diet of the elderly to prevent memory loss and dementia diseases.


Another food rich in lecithin is nuts, in addition to its high phospholipid content, it will improve memory and cognitive abilities. Consume a tablespoon after each meal.


8) Avoid constipation

As well as other legumes, it is rich in ideal fibers to prevent constipation, it favors the movements of the entire intestine, facilitating the expulsion of feces very easily.

9) Strengthens the thyroid gland

Avoid the fixation of iodine to the thyroid gland, include in your diet foods rich in iodine such as seaweed, soy drinks, tempeh, soybean oil, tofu.

Be careful in pregnant women, children, people with metabolic problems, and during lactation.

Consumption of soy is not recommended for people with thyroid problems, for example, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis., hypothyroidism.


10) Avoid premature aging

The fatty acids, phospholipids, and vitamin E in lecithin keep cells in good condition, preserving the skin, and increasing the production of collagen and elastin.

11) Improve memory

It contains around 10% alpha-linolenic acid, being a polyunsaturated fatty acid it is ideal for the membranes of brain cells, myelin sheaths, it is also important for faith and in the first three years of the child’s life.

As if that were not enough, the benefit of soy is that it contains choline, a pseudovitamin, which improves memory and attention deficit in adults and the elderly.

What foods contain soy

Derivative products are healthy for health, get to know them:


• Tofu

It is a cheese that is obtained through soy milk, it has very beneficial fatty acids, it only has one drawback in terms of the absorption of iron and trace elements.

It is a good option to benefit from soy isoflavones by regulating menopausal disorders.

You can take it twice a week, it is not recommended to eat it raw, rather boiled or grilled as if it were meat steak


• Soybeans

• Miso

Fermented pasta can be combined with barley or rice, prepare sauces and delicious soups, due to its high salt content it should be used in small quantities and added before removing the stew or soup from the fire.

Without a doubt, it is a good product derived from soybeans because it is alkalizing and purifying.


• Soy sauce

This product is given through the fermentation of soybeans with water, salt, and wheat for three years, it is very addictive and you can find it in bean sprouts, soy lecithin, and soy milk.


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