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9 Benefits of strawberries and side effects

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Discover the 9 health benefits of strawberries and side effects.

Did you know that strawberries are the most popular red fruits in the world?

9 Incredible Health Benefits Of Strawberries You Didn't Even Know


And it is not for nothing! Not only are they sweet and sweet, but they also have an incredible effect on health.

Note that the ideal strawberry consumption months are May, June, July, August.

Today we are revealing to you how these little sweets make you feel good.

Here are the 9 health benefits of strawberries you didn’t know about:

1. Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Women who eat 3 servings of strawberries a week have a lower risk of having a heart attack ( Harvard says so ).


This is because strawberries contain flavonoids. What is that? Things that can improve blood flow and therefore reduce blood pressure.

Fibre and potassium from strawberries also have a positive effect.

2. Acts as an anti-inflammatory

The colouring pigments of red fruits (polyphenols) are antioxidants. They help reduce arthritis and heart disease.

Scientific studies show that you need to eat at least 3 or more servings of strawberries to experience these benefits. No more excuses not to take advantage, especially when it’s the season!

3. Acts against cancer

Researchers have shown that flavonoids (the stuff we were talking about earlier) block cancer cells and prevent them from multiplying.

They are particularly effective against cancer of the breast, cervix and oesophagus.

4. Has antioxidant power

Strawberries are the most concentrated fruit in antioxidants. Antioxidants help fight cancer and bad cholesterol (which can lead to heart disease).

The antioxidants in strawberries inhibit tumour growth and decrease inflammation.


5. Reduces blood pressure

Thanks to their high potassium content, strawberries are particularly recommended if you have high blood pressure.


They indeed help to fight the effects of salt in the body, at the origin of arterial hypertension.

6. Acts as an immune booster

A serving of 8 strawberries (or a bowl) provides more vitamin C than an orange, i.e. 85 mg and 150% of our daily intake!

7. Is nutritionally rich

Strawberries are a “superfood”.

Judge for yourself: they’re packed with fibre (around 3 grams per cup), iodine, and folic acid.

But that’s not all! Strawberries also contain copper, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin B6, and omega-3s.

8. Helps to keep the line

If you watch your weight, strawberries are your allies: low in calories and nutritional richness.

They also contain anthocyanins which stimulate the burning of stored fat.


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9. Improves brain capacity

Studies have shown that red fruits rich in antioxidants can help improve learning.

They even reverse age-related cognitive decline.

Who would have thought that these small fruits could have so many virtues?

How to choose strawberries

Choose medium-sized strawberries that are firm, plump, and deep red.

Be aware that, once picked, strawberries do not ripen more than you see, so be sure to choose them carefully when buying.

Preferably take organic strawberries.

There you go, you know all the incredible virtues of strawberries, in addition to their good taste 🙂


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We hope the article on the 9 incredible health benefits of strawberries you didn’t even know has been of help to you.


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