Benefits of apricot kernel oil and side effects

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Discover the Shocking benefits of apricot kernel oil and side effects.

In this article on the infinite benefits of apricot kernel, what are the benefits of apricot kernel oil? How to use apricot kernel oil? We will consider your questions in detail. Shocking benefits of apricot kernel oil


Apricot kernel oil benefits

• It is especially good for dry skin with winter problems. Therefore, it is among the most preferred products.

If we need to make a recommendation for apricot kernel oil as a skin type, we can say that it is more recommended for sensitive and dry skin.

• It is a product that can be used calmly for skin tightening.

• It can eliminate skin frost imbalances that occur after sunspots.

• Makes skin look brighter than it is. Its content in vitamins A and E makes it a good protector against pores.

• It has anti-aging properties. If wrinkles on your skin have started to form, you can further slow down this situation. It does so thanks to the omega6 vitamins it contains.


• It can be preferred in the treatment of stubborn and not easy to treat diseases such as eczema.

Because apricot kernel oil contains anti-inflammatory properties. In this way, eczema can be gradually reduced in the process.

• Almost all cleaning or health care products contain chemicals. This situation can leave us with some problems as we age. You should throw them aside and use apricot kernel oil.

It is ideal and protective for both health and natural skin. You can use apricot kernel oil instead of hair care shampoos. Therefore, both prevent skin damage and experience greater effects.

• Apricot kernel oil is lighter than other oils. Therefore, it can be used more comfortably on the skin. It can create a smooth skin type.


How to use apricot kernel oil

The answer to the question may vary depending on the purposes for which you will be using it.

If your goal is to use apricot seed oil in the treatment of diseases such as infection, inflammation, acne problem, cellulite, and psoriasis, it is necessary to apply this oil as a massage in the area you are going to use.

If you are going to use it for these purposes, 5 6 drops of apricot kernel oil will suffice. First, spread the apricot kernel oil on any problem areas in circular motions.


Then massage again in circular motions. In this way, the skin can absorb the apricot kernel oil, it will not make you wait too long since it is a fast-absorbing oil.

If you want to use it regularly and there are times when you interrupt it, It is helpful to drop a few drops of apricot kernel oil directly into your bath or tub water.

If your purpose of the use is to treat the wrinkle problem, there are two more types of oils you need: almond oil and sesame oil. You can mix these three miracle oils in a certain ratio and apply them to all areas except the eye area.

However, although almond oil is effective, it is a type of oil that has the potential for hair to grow out. Therefore, it is not much preferred.

Therefore, it is beneficial to use less almond oil when dosing. Another important point is whether apricot kernel oil is sold as a cosmetic product. If sold as a cosmetic product, it should never be taken orally.

The apricot kernel oil we mentioned has a quality that can satisfy you more than other cosmetic products.

You can use apricot kernel oil, which has dozens of benefits, on your skin as a good remedy and protector against wrinkles that cause psychological depression as you age, to eliminate acne and inflammation problems on your skin with ease.

A chemical-free skincare routine will make you happier. It will also affect your health in this direction.


Side effects of apricot kernel oil

Apricot kernels comprise a toxin amygdalin, which leads to cyanide after eating.

Cyanide poisoning can inflict nausea, fever, headaches, insomnia, thirst, lethargy, nervousness, joint and muscle aches and pains, and falling blood pressure.


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