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15 Benefits of Irish moss and side effects




health benefits of irish moss

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Discover the 15 shocking health benefits of Irish moss and side effects.

You may be wondering about the health benefits of Irish moss, especially when you are trying to consume this item in your food.

Irish moss is a type of seaweed that is also commonly known as red seaweed. It is often used as an ingredient in many types of items, especially in the form of carrageenan.

Therefore, you may be able to find this item on the product you consume listed as Irish Moss Carrageenan. The use of this plant has started a long time ago, as they get a lot of benefits from it.

Health benefits of Irish moss

1.- Benefits of Irish moss for anemia
Anemia occurs when the red blood cells within your body are very low, so the hemoglobin that should be available within the red blood also becomes very low.

Hemoglobin must trap oxygen in your body and circulate it through your body through red blood cells.

But when there is less iron in your body, the red blood cells also decrease.

This makes the oxygen level in your body very low, so you will feel very dizzy and it will also disturb other functions that your body must do.

The health benefits of Irish moss occur because within this plant there is an iron mineral that is very useful to increase the production of red blood cells.

Therefore, by consuming this food, you will also be able to treat the cause of anemia, which also means that it can be used as a treatment for anemia.

When the red blood cells in your body are sufficient, this means that your body can function well and your body’s immune system will also increase.

2.- Increased energy absorption
The iron within Irish moss is not only useful for increasing red blood cell production but also increasing metabolic enzyme production.

The body needs this enzyme to absorb nutrients and digest the food you eat.

Therefore, when you consume this Irish moss, your energy absorption will increase, which will help your muscle strength to do its job.

3.- Low in calories
Irish moss is very rich in nutrients, making it an excellent choice to consume. But you don’t need to worry, as it is also low in calories, so you can get a lot of nutrients without getting a lot of calories.

Also, the nutrient within this plant is very helpful for your health, making it very beneficial for you to consume it.

4.- Benefits of Irish moss for Weight loss
Another thing that can give Irish moss benefits for health is because, within this plant, there is DI-Iodothyronine which is a hormone and is available in large quantities.This nutrient within the Irish moss will be broken down by the T3 hormone produced by the thyroid gland.

Then the thyroid gland will use this hormone to regulate metabolism and reduce fat storage within the body.

Additionally, the fibers within this plant can absorb moisture from the food you eat, which will increase its volume and then fill your intestinal tract with its bulky material.

This will make you feel fuller, therefore, you would not eat too much or you would not want to eat frequently.

Therefore, it will be of a great help when you want to lose weight.

5.- Treatment of the thyroid gland
Inside the Irish moss, there are iodine nutrients in great quantity. The thyroid gland needs this nutrient to function properly and to create T3 and T4 hormones with this nutrient.When there are some problems with the thyroid gland, it usually happens when you don’t get enough iodine.

This makes the thyroid gland not create the hormones that your body needs in the metabolic process.

Therefore, it will greatly alter many processes within your body. But by consuming Irish moss, your body will get enough of the iodine nutrient, which is why this plant is good to be used as a thyroid gland treatment.


6.- Prevention of radiation poisoning
The iodine within this plant has a great ability to prevent poisoning that comes from radiation.

This is why people trying to enter an area where there is a radiation leak generally force iodine supplements for prevention.

In addition, it is also consumed by people who live in an area close to the radiation source.

But not just for prevention, these health benefits of Irish moss can be used as a treatment for cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

By consuming this Irish moss, they can avoid the unwanted effect of that radiation treatment.

7.- Benefits of Irish moss for mental health
Inside the Irish moss, you will also find a good amount of potassium. This mineral is important for your body especially in regulating your behavior and mood.

If your body is lacking in potassium minerals, it can trigger many types of mental health problems, including depression, anxiety, agitation, fibromyalgia, bad moods, mental fatigue, and many others.

Unfortunately, your body will not be able to conserve these minerals so regular consumption is recommended. One way to get this mineral for your body is by consuming this Irish moss.

8.- Respiratory treatment
You will get many health benefits from Irish Moss, especially for your respiratory system. Inside this plant, you will get potassium chloride which can be used to eliminate phlegm or colds, as well as the inflammation that usually occurs within the mucous membrane.

This problem generally prevents the congestion function so you will have cold or flu symptoms. But by consuming this plant that was filled with potassium chloride, then your problem will be eliminated.In addition, within this plant, there are also antimicrobial and antiviral properties that can be used as a treatment for your respiratory problem.

These problems are usually caused by infection by germs or viruses such as coughs, pneumonia, sore throats, bronchitis, flu, tuberculosis, and many others. Therefore, by consuming Irish moss, you will also boost your body’s immune system.

9.- Eliminate heavy metal from the body
Within this plant, you can find Algin, which is a nutrient that is very important since it can eliminate heavy metals from your body.

This heavy metal that often enters your body from many types of sources will harm your body.Therefore, it is very important to detoxify your body and eliminate it regularly. The nutrient within this Irish moss is capable of removing that heavy metal from within your body tissue.

10.- Increase recovery
The best health benefit of Irish moss that you may like is that this plant can increase the speed of your body’s recovery from many types of problems.

Since this Irish moss is packed with vitamins and minerals, it can boost your immune system.

By boosting your immune system, your body will be able to recover from many types of illnesses.

The vitamins and minerals that are available in this plant also help to regain the strength of your body, so you can recover faster from diseases that weaken your body such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension.

Additionally, this Irish moss is known for its ability to help strengthen your body’s connective tissues.These tissues can be easily damaged due to intensive training, injuries, surgeries, or any other invasive procedure. But by consuming this plant, the recovery process of these tissues will be faster.

11.- Benefits of Irish moss for skin
You may already know that many cosmetics include Irish moss as one of the ingredients.

The reason is that they want to get the benefits of Irish moss that can promote healthy skin.

You can hydrate and nourish the skin using all its nutrients, so your skin will become healthier and smoother.It will also work to protect your skin as the nutrient within this plant can prevent many types of skin problems such as halitosis, varicose veins, skin inflammation, dysentery, and many others.

Not only for prevention, but the nutrient within this plant can be used as a treatment for various skin problems such as psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and sunburn by repairing skin tissues.

In skincare, the tropical application of Irish moss will be able to increase the level of hydration of your skin for a longer period.

It is also capable of protecting the skin’s cell wall so it will keep the moisture in the cell, which will prevent the skin from drying out.

The sodium nutrient within this Irish Moss will be able to give a facelift effect when applied as a facial.

12.- Regulate bowel movement
Getting health benefits of Irish moss, which can help with your digestion is very important for your body. Since Irish moss is a plant, it also contains many fibers.These fibers can be used as laxatives, which will help your digestion system perform better and can also regulate your bowel movement.

13.- Benefits of Irish moss for digestion
The properties of Irish moss can relieve inflammation that occurs in the intestinal walls, so it can be used as a treatment for various digestion problems.

It can also remove the mucous tract from the digestive membrane. And it can also be used to treat various symptoms that occur when there is a problem in the digestion system, such as vomiting, indigestion, nausea, gastritis, heartburn, dyspepsia, and many others.

14.- Benefits of Irish moss for cardiovascular health
The health benefits of Irish moss can also promote your heart health as it is capable of lowering the level of LDL cholesterol in your blood.

Also, it will work to inhibit arteriosclerosis which can harden the arteries in your body and create some problems in your heart.

Many people who often consume Irish moss are known to generally have better heart health and less blockage in the heart.

15.- Antioxidants
There are many vitamins and minerals within Irish moss that can act as antioxidants, such as selenium, iodine, vitamin K, A, E, and many others.

This antioxidant is very important for your body, as it fights against free radicals that enter your body.

These free radicals typically come from many types of sources, such as food, smoke, the environment, radiation, and many others.

These free radicals can cause many types of diseases, including cancer, which is very dangerous to your life.

Therefore, your body must remove it and Irish moss can help your body in that function.

Those are several health benefits of Irish moss that you can get when you consume this plant in many ways.As there are many benefits that you can get, then you might be interested in consuming it more often.

Side effects of Irish moss
Irish moss can lead to inflammation of the intestines, inducing problems with nutrition absorption.

This can also direct to discomfort and bloating over time. It may also, be correlated with colitis and symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

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