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Contraindications and side effects of fenugreek during pregnancy

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Discover the contraindications and side effects of fenugreek during pregnancy.

Side effects of fenugreek


Like all-natural products, fenugreek has its side effects and contraindications, particularly for pregnant women.

What are the contraindications of fenugreek? Is it not recommended during the whole pregnancy? Even at the end? Let’s answer these questions in detail.

Why is fenugreek not recommended during pregnancy?

With its incredible nutritional benefits, fenugreek could be a very good food supplement for pregnant women, especially for future mothers who wish to breastfeed, being recognized as a galactogen, stimulating the quality and quantity of breast milk. This is one of the reasons that fenugreek helps make the breast bigger.

Except that, even if it does not present a danger for the mother, the small seed can have an effect of stimulating contractions and therefore childbirth, reducing the chances of bringing your baby to term.

Indeed, daily consumption of fenugreek causes uterine contractions which can, in some cases lead to premature childbirth or even miscarriage.

More marginal and unproven, in 2006, the Moroccan Pharmacovigilance Center received 8 cases of malformations, it seems about high consumption of fenugreek by the mother.


It is therefore strongly recommended not to take fenugreek during pregnancy and to follow a course of anything while you are pregnant, a period when it is necessary to be very careful about everything related to food, all products. ingested orally or through the skin.

It is essential to take advice from your doctor or gynecologist, before taking anything.

When can fenugreek be taken?

In general, we recommend starting a fenugreek cure after childbirth, although the seed is used in many medicines around the world to induce labor by stimulating contractions once mothers have reached full term.


Indeed, fenugreek is interesting after childbirth, safe for mothers who wish to breastfeed, because it promotes lactation and improves the quality of breast milk.

Once the childbirth is done, there is no more contraindication to take fenugreek, on the contrary.

NB: fenugreek boosts libido, and many couples consume it to have a child, be careful of its consumption after ovulation because you can very well consume it during the short period when you do not know you are pregnant.

The other contraindications and side effects of fenugreek:

Apart from its contraindicated use during pregnancy, there is no absolute contraindication to fenugreek, only precautions, and a few undesirable but benign effects. However, always seek the advice of your doctor before undergoing a cure.

Main precaution:

The main precaution concerns diabetics. It affects the blood sugar level, people with diabetes should seek advice from their doctor. If you have diabetes, you should take fenugreek under medical supervision.


Its stimulating effect on insulin can, at high doses, lead to fatigue, because insulin lowers the blood sugar level, which can cause hypoglycemia and therefore a feeling of weakness.

Theoretically, fenugreek seeds could increase the effect of plants or supplements with anticoagulant, antiplatelet or hypoglycemic effect.

Side effects of fenugreek during pregnancy

Regarding the undesirable effects, overconsumption can lead to slight gastric disorders, due to the fibers contained in the spice. It is then sufficient to reduce the doses.

Also, you should know that fenugreek being detoxifying, tends to give a certain odor to sweat and urine which evacuates toxins, depending on the amounts consumed.

Fenugreek can cause allergic reactions.

The dosages, natural home remedies, benefits, opinions, and contraindications of this article are given for information only. For any medical prescription and dosage, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


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