Are tomatoes better to eat raw or cooked?

Discover whether tomatoes are better to eat raw or cooked.

The lycopene contained in tomatoes (and in red vegetables) is a powerful antioxidant with beneficial properties in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers, including that of the prostate. This antioxidant power is higher when cooking.Are tomatoes better to eat raw or cooked?

Regarding the action of lycopene, it is recommended to eat peeled, crushed or cooked tomatoes rather than raw. Ditto for the red peppers.

In addition, lycopene is fat soluble, that is to say that it is better assimilated by the body if we add fat such as cheese or – especially – olive oil. One more reason to fall for traditional dishes of Italian cuisine based on fresh but cooked tomatoes, cheese, meat and of course olive oil.

However, unlike lycopene, some of the vitamins and minerals in tomato are lost during cooking. This is particularly the case with vitamin C, which is particularly sensitive to heat and therefore to cooking. For an optimal effect, the ideal is therefore to alternate raw and cooked tomatoes.