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Benefits of beetroot for weight loss

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Discover the benefits of beetroot for weight loss.

One of the first characteristics that we must look at if we want to lose weight is the caloric intake, in the case of beets it is 43 calories

Exercise and healthy eating are the ideal combinations for weight loss, however, when people intend to eat a diet that allows them to lose weight, they often run into the obstacle of not knowing what foods to include in their diet.Benefits of beetroot for weight loss


It is for this reason that to help people learn to plan a healthy diet that allows them to lose weight, today we want to make one of these foods known, exposing the properties and benefits that beet offers and how it has a direct impact on body weight.

Eat beets to lose weight

One of the first characteristics of food that we must look at if we want to lose weight is the caloric intake, in this case, beets offer 43 calories per 100-gram portion.

In addition, it must be taken into account that in this same portion there are 10 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber.


Although there is a popular belief that beets contain a lot of sugar, this is not the case, since a 100-gram red beet provides between 7 and 10 grams, all of these characteristics being ideal for a food that you want to integrate into a diet to lose weight.

Beet fiber, in addition to stimulating intestinal transit, contributes to the purification of the body, eliminating many toxins that can have an impact on weight.

Similarly, it offers a good amount of potassium, and a small amount of sodium, which produces a certain diuretic effect that helps reduce fluid retention that affects the body.

Beetroot and ginger juice

There are also other compounds, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and folic acid, as well as minerals such as iron and magnesium, which together with potassium are involved in the proper functioning of the body, causing fat to be metabolized correctly. more effective.

How do prepare beets to lose weight?

There are many ways to include beets on the menu, salads being the most common recipes to consume this vegetable, however, among the most recommended options to lose a few kilos is the preparation of natural juices, even being able to be combined with other ingredients as well. healthy, as is the case with the famous 3-in-1 juice, which contains beetroot, carrot, and orange juice. 

Likewise, it must always be borne in mind that this breath must be one more piece within a whole planned diet, in which the advice of nutritionists is followed in terms of combination, portions, and cooking methods since all these factors affect directly the body weight.


Finally, we must highlight the great contribution of antioxidants that this vegetable offers, these elements being very helpful to losing a few kilos, since they prevent cell damage to the organs involved in metabolism and consequently can affect body weight.

Beet diet menu

Next, we present an example of a menu that we could follow to lose weight with the beetroot diet. Once again, we clarify that medical consultation is more than advisable to prevent possible side effects.


On an empty stomach and one hour before your breakfast, drink the juice of a lemon. Later, have a cup of tea or coffee with skim milk, a piece of whole-grain toast with low-fat cheese, or a diet yogurt with a tablespoon of bran and an apple.


• A large glass of beetroot juice.

• Salad: Cucumber, tomato, spinach, lettuce, and a few pieces of walnuts; can be seasoned with oil.

• Cooked rice with baked skinless chicken; another option is baked fish.


• 1 orange.


• A large glass of beetroot juice.

• Vegetable soup and baked eggplant.

• 1 apple or 1 slice of watermelon or melon.

Of course, this type of diet can have variations, which also include other beet presentations, such as salads or baked. In short, losing weight with the beetroot diet would only be feasible if you lead a healthy lifestyle, with regular physical activity and adequate rest.

We insist: if you want to test the best diet to lose weight, make an appointment with your doctor. Tell him about your desire to get rid of those extra kilos that bother you so much by making this change in your diet and listen to his proposals.


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