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41 Benefits of sleep you never imagined

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Discover 41 scientific health benefits of sleep you never dreamed of.

Sleeping is one of the pleasures of life , it has many that people do not take advantage of.

Modern people tend to have a busy and stressful life that causes them to leave an important activity that they must spend a third of their time.

What is that important activity that you should spend a third of your time?

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is work or another activity but no, there is something more important, it is sleep.

41 scientific health benefits of sleep


Students and workers thing that sleep is less important than their homework and deadline regardless that sleep is vital to maintaining their health.

While you sleep, the human body performs many functions and repairs anything broken in order to maintain its best function.

Lack of sleep can cause various health problems and illnesses.

So let’s learn more about the magic thing and the health benefits of sleep that you may not realize.

41 health benefits of sleep

Sleep provides many benefits for your health. Here is the list of the health benefits of sleep that you cannot realize


1.- Strengthen the immune system

• The first health benefits of sleeping are for your immune system.

• Adequate and good sleep can improve the function of the immune system and make the infection heal in the body faster.

• This may include the role of cytokines, which play a role in fighting infection.

2.- Helps fight inflammation

A study showed that people who get good sleep at the right time tend to build a stronger immune system that allows the body to better reduce and eliminate inflammation.

• Lack of sleep can reduce the number of T cells and can cause various health problems that take longer to heal.

3.- Prevent colds and flu


• As mentioned before, good sleep can maintain a healthy immune system and prevent the body from catching a cold.

• Lack of sleep can lower the function of the immune system and weak, this can cause failure in your work.

Research shows that people who sleep less than seven hours are more likely to get sick compared to those who got enough sleep.

4.- Benefits of sleep for diabetes

• It is important to get enough and good sleep.

• Not only does it strengthen your immune system to fight inflammation, but it also has benefits for preventing diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes.

• Type 2 diabetes is a type of diabetes that the body is resistant to insulin.


• It can lead to severe health cases such as blindness, strokes, organ damage, complications, etc.

• People who do not sleep are 1.7 times more likely to develop diabetes.

5.- Benefits of sleep for cancer

• Getting adequate and enough sleep at night can keep you from cancer along with a healthy diet.

• The researchers found that people who work nights tend to have a higher risk of developing colon and breast cancer.

6.- Prevents heart disease

• One study reported that sleeping less than five hours a night can increase the risk of heart attack by 45%.


• Adequate sleep can help your body control your heartbeat and keep you healthy.

7.- Reduces the risk of high blood pressure

• One thing that becomes a risk for a person working nights and skipping sleep is the possibility of developing hypertension.

• Staying awake at night can decrease the body’s function to control blood pressure and cause high blood pressure.

• This case not only occurs in older people, but younger people can also experience it.

8.- Benefits of sleep for stress

• Getting enough sleep can reduce your stress.

• During sleep your body will produce chemicals and hormones that can relax your mind and relieve your stress.


• Contrary to these benefits, having stress can make it difficult for you to sleep.

9.- Benefits of sleep for depression

• Lack of sleep is not only can disturb the functioning of your body, but also the mental one.

• People who sleep less can develop symptoms of depression, anxiety, and self-esteem problems.

10.- Promotes a good mood and makes you happy

• Poor sleep can ruin your day at school or work, causing a lot of problems and making you unhappy.

• This is why getting enough sleep can promote a good mood and make you feel happier and healthier.


11.- Eliminates toxins from the brain

• A study conducted by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) reported that during sleep the brain removes toxic molecules that later cleanse it and make it work better.

12.- Increase concentration

• During sleep at night the brain does not stop working and promotes an active mind.

• People who experience less sleepiness may lose focus slightly and barely get their work done.

• Getting enough sleep at night will keep you focused and you won’t feel trapped by drowsiness.

13.- Benefits of sleep for memory

• Are you easy to forget? It may be that you sleep less, the benefits of sleeping to increase memory is scientific evidence.


• When you sleep, your brain collects memory and stores it properly.

• Lack of sleep makes it difficult to memorize and maintain information.

• It is also suggested if you want to learn a new language or something, you’d better get enough or more sleep to boost your memory.

14.- Increase alertness

• Lack of sleep can reduce your alertness and make it difficult to pay attention.

• Make sure you get enough sleep before class or work.

• Some studies also found that sleep deprivation can lead to slow response and attention while doing work, study, and other activities.


15.- Reduce the risk of accidents

• Drowsy driving is the same as drunk driving.

• Less sleep is dangerous for you who used to drive every day.

• The likelihood of having an accident will increase when driving while drowsy.

• Adequate sleep has been linked to brain focus and alertness, which can make you a safe driver and prevent injury.

16.- Improve creativity

• Sleep can make you more creative.

• A study by an Italian scientist in 2010 revealed that sleep, especially non-REM sleep, can enhance the ability to generate and create unique ideas.


17.- Prevent speech disturbance

• It is suggested that you get a good and enough sleep if you have the presentation the next day.

• Being drowsy during the day can disrupt your performance and decrease your ability to speak well.

18.- Benefits of sleep for students

• By increasing your memory, focus and attention, it will make it easy for you to learn something.

• It not only sticks to children or students, but also to adults.

• The research reported that people who get a good night’s sleep tend to do better on homework and can improve their skills compared to people who stay awake 30 hours after learning.


• It is also important that children who attend school get enough sleep as it can improve their study performance.

19.- Helps control emotion and anger

• If you don’t get enough sleep, you will become easily irritated and small things can bother you due to loss of concentration and control.

• A research study in Israel reported that lack of sleep can cause negative emotions that are triggered by little things.

20.- Increase productivity

• If you feel tired and skip sleep, it will be difficult for you to focus on work and other matters related to your life.

• The researchers said that if you want to perform well and be attentive at work or conversation, never skip the dream.


21.- Reduce pain

• People who stay awake at night and do not sleep well are more sensitive to pain and will suffer from chronic pain.


• Most medications, including pain relievers, do not directly eliminate pain, but promote sleep, which can slightly eliminate pain.

• Good sleep actually has the same effect with low doses of pain relievers.

22.- Help to make the right decision

• A study that was published in the Journal of Experimental Physiology in 2000 reported that there is a significant impact of sleep drift on decision making.

• People who tend to sleep less find it difficult to concentrate and make the right choice.

• It is suggested if you are going to make a decision whether its financial cause or otherwise make sure you have enough sleep.

23.- Maintains healthy skin

• Sleeping Beauty is not just a myth.


• Adequate sleep can maintain skin health and help any wound heal better.

• According to a study by a dermatologist from the British Association, people who sleep well tend to recover quickly from UV exposure.

24.- Prevents sagging skin

• While you sleep, your skin produces more collagen which can keep your skin firm and prevent wrinkles.

Even if you use expensive anti-aging cream to your skin, it will not work best without sleep.

• The dermatologist also found that sleeping less than 5 hours a night can make your skin dry.

25.- Brightens your skin


• Getting a good night’s sleep can improve blood circulation and oxygen transfer to your skin and make your skin glow.

• Of course, on the contrary, lack of sleep can cause your skin to appear dull and unhealthy.

26.- Benefits of sleep for eyes

• Too much workload or learning all night will make your eyes look bad with round dark circles.

• Puffy or panda eyes that show dark circles are a sign that the person may experience less sleepiness.

• Actually, this condition of dark circles is the accumulation of fluid around the skin of the eyes which is called edema.

• Getting plenty of good sleep can help get rid of these puffy eyes.


27.- Benefits of sleep for hair

• When you sleep, your blood maintains the flow and provides nutrition to the entire body part, including the scalp, which can make hair grow better.

• Actually, because sleep can maintain the overall health of the body, when you experience sleep deprivation your health will be disturbed and it will also cause your hair to suffer.

28.- Restore your resistance

• Sleep can improve and restore your stamina, which is important for physical performance.

• When you sleep, your body repairs tissue, growing muscle, synthesizes hormones and proteins.

• This entire process known as the restorative stage that allows your body to restore energy.

29.- Fight the hangover


• Based on a study from the Institute of Medicine, the majority of adults who have trouble sleeping will develop alcohol abuse, and conversely, people with alcohol abuse may experience sleep deprivation.

30.- Prevents migraine and headache

• It is true that lack of sleep can cause migraine headaches and severe headaches.

• Migraine is a condition in which overactive nerve cells begin to deliver impulse to the blood vessels and trigger them to expand, they also promote the release of inflammatory brain chemicals that make you feel pain.

• A study carried out with 43 women published in the journal Headache reported that good sleep habits can reduce both migraines and headaches.

31.- Improves vision

• When you wake up too long you will feel tired and the same for your eyes.

• Lack of sleep can reduce your focus and decrease your visual function, even you may experience blurred vision and even hallucinations as the worst effect.


32.- Promote better sex

• Adequate sleep is good for your sex life.

• During night sleep, the body produces hormones including testosterone that can maintain libido in both men and women.

• While sleep deprivation can also cause sexual problems like erectile dysfunction.

33.-Benefits of sleep for weight loss

• Sleep is more likely to be as important as food.

• Healthy sleep can help you control your weight and waist.

• Lack of sleep can make your body crave more food, and it is also tempting to snack at night if you stay awake.


• He also mentioned in a study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinoloy and Metabolism that lack of sleep or sleeping less than 6 hours at night can trigger the desire to eat in the brain and lower the level of leptin and stimulate the level of ghrelin.

• Both leptin and ghrelin are weight-regulating hormones. Leptin promotes satiety while ghrelin promotes hunger.

34.- Relax the muscles

• During sleep your muscles are relaxed and fatigue will be eliminated.

• Sleep can help the body break down lactic acid, which is the cause of muscle fatigue.

• Sleeping after exercise or the gym can help your muscle heal faster.


35.- Helps the body to repair damage

• These are the amazing health benefits of sleeping early for your body.

• Deep sleep and enough sleep allow your body to produce proteins and amino acids that can repair cell and tissue damage.

• Protein is known to be the building block of most organs and tissues in the body that play an important role in repairing body function and development.

36.-Promotes the development of the body

• Much research has reported that growth hormones are produced and released when we sleep.

• This is why babies and children need more sleep due to their body development.

• Also related to brain development is the fact that getting adequate sleep more often can help children develop better cognitive function.


37.- Improve athletic performance

• The dream can make you the winner.

• But why? Adequate sleep can improve your stamina, energy level, concentration and response which are important in athletic performance.

• A good athlete will surely get enough sleep before playing sports or exercising.

38.- Provides energy

• During sleep, your body saves more energy and prepares you for the next day’s activity.

• Sleeping can give the body almost 50kcal which is the same amount with a toast, it is not much but by getting a good night’s sleep your body can feel better and energized when you wake up in the morning.


39.- Benefits of sleep during pregnancy

• It is important that pregnant women get enough sleep to maintain healthy development of the baby and delivery.

• Lack of sleep during pregnancy can have a negative impact on babies and delivery.

• Some research reported that pregnant women who did not get enough sleep during the first trimester of their pregnancy tend to have high blood pressure, which can affect their health.

• Women planning to get pregnant should consider their sleeping habit.

• For your information, sleeping on your side (SOS) is the best sleeping position, which is suggested during pregnancy.

40.- Prevent serious errors

• You may find that when you feel sleepy at some point you make a mistake.


• It can cause typos when you work or write something.

• Some students tend to make a 22% greater mistake when they don’t sleep well, according to Harvard Medical School.

• The worst thing is that the mistake of not being able to sleep causes a dangerous accident like the accident of the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger.

If you remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska on March 24, 1989 it is also due to human error due to lack of sleep.

41.- Extend the useful life

• For all the health benefits of sleep that have been mentioned above, we can conclude that having a proper and proper night’s sleep can help your body stay healthy and prevent many types of diseases.

• This can lead to a longer life and a higher quality of life.


We hope the article on the 41 scientific health benefits of sleep has been of help.

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