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10 Benefits of beets and side effects

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Discover the 10 shocking health benefits of beets and side effects.

Beetroots are part of the menu on your plate. With its pretty red colour that stains hands and clothes, it puts touches of cheerfulness in your vitamin salads that you can garnish with nuts!

If you have difficulty eating it raw, know that beetroot comes in many tasty and enticing recipes such as souffles, smoothies, muffins … So many gourmet preparations to vary your meals while consuming vegetables.

10 shocking health benefits of beets


Because if eating beetroot tastes good, it is also a way to maintain its shape. Beets have incredible and unsuspected health potential.

Note that there are three varieties of beets (yellow, white and red, the most frequently consumed).


So to face winter and its procession of viruses, bet on beetroot! Anti-stress, feeling of well-being, the better quality of life, we reveal the 10 health benefits of beets.

1. A concentrate of vitamins

It is full of benefits with its concentrate of iron and folic acid, excellent for pregnant women and those who follow special diets namely vegans and vegetarians.

Folic acid is essential for the proper development of the fetus! During your pregnancy, do not hesitate to treat yourself to a little beetroot cure so that the baby grows well.

In short, beets revitalize you and have excellent nutritional value. Also, with its beta-carotene content, it ensures a healthy glow, even in the middle of winter…

2. A regenerating

One of the non-negligible virtues of beets lies in its ability to cleanse the blood. Its red colour makes it the ally of blood cells, thanks to the iron it contains and which allows blood regeneration.

It, therefore, promotes the supply of oxygen in your body. As a result, it improves your blood circulation by dissolving non-organic calcium deposits!


Say goodbye to heart problems and varicose veins that appear on your legs, which are often unsightly. So stock up on beets during your next runs.

3. Benefits of beets for high blood pressure

Thanks to its content of nitrates which are transformed under the chemical action of the organism into nitric oxide, beets have the virtue of lowering blood pressure.

Exit the worries of hypertension. According to a scientific study, patients who consumed 120ml of beet juice observed a drop in their blood pressure of 10 points in less than 4 hours.

So to stay in shape and keep your body functioning, we put beets on the menu, in salads for example!

4. A detoxifier

But that’s not his only interest in your body. It detoxifies due to its betacyanin content which allows the elimination of dangerous toxins from the body.

In short, the beet protects you and preserves your liver, purifying it and preventing it from overloading. If you’re struggling with digestion, consider beets. This is ideal for recovering from some excess!


5. Benefits of beets for cancer

An excellent detox ally, beets help you maintain your shape daily. It helps prevent the development of cancer cells. Hence the interest of incorporating it regularly into your menus.

This tuber essentially prevents colon cancer. Do not hesitate to cook it with other vegetables as part of a healthy and varied diet that will help you keep your figure and health.


It was in 1950 that the Hungarian doctor Dr Alexander Ferenczi used beet juice to treat cancer. You can therefore regularly consume a little beet juice in the morning for breakfast.

6. Benefits of beets for cholesterol

Like an onion, beets play a role in controlling your cholesterol. Above all, it helps to maintain a balance, especially if you tend to consume ready-made meals high in salt and saturated fat.

In the evening, on the menu, prepare a small beet salad with vinaigrette and Provence herbs.

Beetroot has the therapeutic property of reducing the level of bad cholesterol, responsible for cardiovascular disorders, and of increasing that of good cholesterol, essential for the protection and maintenance of your arteries!


7. An anti-stress

Do you feel energized? Stressed)? Anxious! Daily life does not spare you! What if a few ingredients were enough to find a little serenity!

Indeed, beetroot is good for anxious people, thanks to its high concentration of antioxidants. So, no longer focus on chocolate, but on beets.

This tuber has the advantage of protecting you from diseases and giving you a feeling of well-being! Good in your head and your body with beetroot! And besides, you have fishing, because it boosts you! Beetroot, stronger than Curonian, an excellent anti-stress shield!

8. Benefits of beets for weight loss

If you have poorly localized curves and the slimming capsules are of no effect to you, why not try the culinary experience of beets?

Quite simply because the latter will help you lose pounds, because of its fibre and nutrient content that will give you a feeling of satiety and prevent you from unwanted snacking on chocolate bars.

By consuming beets, the fibre will swell in your stomach and you will be full!


9. An immune system stimulant

If you’re prone to disease, and your immune system is struggling to fight bacteria, stock up on beets. Indeed, these have the benefit of stimulating and strengthening your immune system.

In short, it helps you fight colds, flu, and other illnesses and saves you from taking antibiotics. Also, it relieves headaches and can act in the context of certain skin problems.

10. An aphrodisiac

This is one of the lesser-known virtues of beets! And yet, it would be wrong to deny it! Yes, it has aphrodisiac benefits.

Already in Antiquity, the Romans used it for this purpose! Because it improves vigour and sexual performance.

No need to invest in oysters or ginger. Called “natural viagra”, it boosts sexual activity by releasing nitric oxide which promotes blood circulation in the penis.

Its boron content, a kind of chemical compound, causes an increase in libido and fertility. Then you will know what to cook for a romantic dinner!


Side effects of beets

Beet juice is a repository of nutrients, encompassing minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, phytonutrients, polyphenols and other dietary fiber.

But these nutrients can give allergies to some people. Some common allergic reactions to beetroot are skin rash, hives, itching, chills and fever.

We hope that the article “10 shocking health benefits of beets” was of great help to you.


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