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3 Good Reasons To Never Throw Avocado Skins Again

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Health Benefits of Avocado Skins

I love avocados, and today I’m showing you everything you can do with their skins. Because yes, what do we do with the skin after eating the fruit?

Some throw it in the garbage, in the composter, or give it to the chickens. But ultimately, we do nothing concrete. 3 Good Reasons To Never Throw Avocado Skins Again

However, these peels are really useful: throwing them away without using them, it’s a shame!

As I hate mess, I researched how to use avocado skins and take advantage of their virtues.

So here are 3 very simple tips to give a second life to these peelings with multiple virtues. Look :

1. Fight against dry feet

Do you have dry or cracked feet? This recipe is made for you! Avocado skin is there to remedy that. To reap the benefits of avocado peels, first, rub the inside of the skin on your feet.

Then wrap them in plastic wrap for about 20 minutes. Then remove the plastic and wipe your feet with a towel. You don’t even need to rinse them.

Your feet are now all soft! Avocado softens and regenerates the epidermis of the skin naturally.


And it doesn’t cost a dime! To make it even more effective, you can also put socks on all night. And if you have dry hands, this recipe works too.


2. Deeply moisturizes facial skin

The skin of your face also has the right to help from the benefits of avocado! It could not be easier: Once the avocado is peeled, pass the skin on the flesh side over your face.

Leave it on for at least 10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Your skin is now deeply rehydrated. This is perfect for sensitive skin that feels tight or very dry skin.

As for oily skin, avocado regulates sebum production. It will therefore normalize after a few regular applications.

And for problem skin, it’s good too! The acne gradually disappears. You will understand, whatever the type of your skin, the avocado peel is a 100% natural treatment that is suitable for everyone.

3. Erases wrinkles naturally

With age, wrinkles are more and more visible on the face. Fortunately, the virtues of avocado can also help remedy this.

To do this, cut the skin of the avocado into strips about 4 cm wide. Place a coverslip under each eye, press lightly to hold, and leave to act for at least 10 minutes.

Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Or even better: dab with a tissue to make the benefits of avocado last longer. Avocado has the power to regenerate the skin.


Results? Fine lines and bags under the eyes will fade. It is only necessary to apply this remedy regularly. Nothing simpler, right? In addition, it is 0 waste and it costs nothing.


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