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Benefits of shiitake mushrooms and side effects

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8 shocking health benefits of shiitake mushrooms and side effects.

Asia is home to many home and medicinal crops, popular herbs such as green tea come from China to Korea, these countries have very honorable cultures regarding the consumption of healthy and even spiritual plants, herbs, and mushrooms.

8 shocking health benefits of shiitake mushroom


There is a rather peculiar mushroom, not to say that it is even interesting and it is shiitake, which is nothing more than a mushroom with quite beneficial properties, which we will explain in this article.

What is shiitake?

Shiitake is the name of an edible mushroom, whose real name is “Lentinus edodes” and comes from the Polyporaceae Family, being a well-known crop in Japan, China, and Korea for approximately more than 200 years.

The shiitake mushroom is the second most popular worldwide, as well as the most widely distributed to powers such as the United States.


It weighs between 60 and 70 grams, is composed of more meat than that of a common mushroom, and is slightly brown.

Note: As analyzed in a study, it is known that “Shiitake is a mushroom highly appreciated for centuries in the East for its properties as food and medicine . ” (1)

Nutrition data of shiitake

Shiitake is considered a mushroom with enormous nutritional properties that are beneficial in the medical field, for this reason, it has also been included in different diets. These are the main properties that are currently known of shiitake:

1. Vitamins

Shiitake is a great source of vitamins, with a great exclusivity of the B complex group, where vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B3 ( niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, and B9 (folic acid) are divided.

Important: It is also necessary to add the following studied in a thesis “It has a high natural concentration of vitamin D (ergosterol), known to vegans and kosher (kosher means” suitable “or” adequate “and designates” suitable “foods to help us in our physical well-being) ”. (2)

2. Minerals

The presence of minerals in shiitake cannot be ruled out, where phosphorus, zinc, potassium, sodium, and calcium stand out, being the most common, but it also adds aluminum, iron, sulfur, silicon, and magnesium.


To highlight: An analysis describes the following: “The nutritional value of shiitake as food has contributed to increasing its consumption around the world. Emphasizing that shiitake is a good source of protein, potassium, and zinc ”. (3)

3. Other compounds

Shiitake has a very considerable amount of dietary fiber and its chitin compound, as well as lipids or free fatty acids as they are better known, passing through essential amino acids for the body and proteins.

Note: Polysaccharides (Lentinan) are the main component of shiitake.

Health benefits of shiitake mushrooms

Shiitake provides many benefits to the body, keeping us healthy and stable, you will surely wonder what are the benefits it presents? These are the most important known:

1. Strengthens the immune system

The immune system is one of the most important defenses of the body, which can be benefited by the energy produced by the antioxidant and mineral effects, including the proteins that keep the defenses balanced.

Shiitake is quite known for strengthening the immune system of the human body it has been widely used by traditional medicine in China to fortify the immune system, thanks to the activation of T cells within fungi.


2. Benefits of shiitake mushrooms for blood pressure

High blood pressure is a well-known cardiovascular disease, whose risk factor is related to cholesterol and triglycerides, which can be alleviated in large part thanks to the consumption of the fungus “Lentinus edodes”.

To highlight: This occurs thanks to the fact that shiitake has amino acids, in a large majority, which are essential for the human body, as well as that they can prevent the risk of suffering from heart disease and favor the wealth of the organism.

3. Stimulates cognitive functions

Cognitive functions are of the utmost importance and are directly related to brain health since it is the human ability to learn or remember certain required information.

Shiitake has B complex vitamins, which directly help the brain organ, which consumes 20% of calories in the human body, adding that these promote a lot in the creation of red blood cells, transporting oxygen, and preventing conditions such as anemia.

4. Supports gastrointestinal health


Gastrointestinal health is more than important for the body, being one of the most delicate systems of the human body, where the stomach organs and even the intestines are involved.

Note: Shiitake is rich in fiber, an element of great importance that greatly favors intestinal health and flora, this is possible thanks to the fact that fiber prevents the formation of hemorrhoids, irritation of the mucous walls, and also constipation in the intestine.


5. Increase physical energy

Physical energy is necessary and should not be lacking in our body, in addition, some components increase this type of energy in the body.

B vitamins play a key role in boosting energy, due to the transformation of the nutrients that lie within the food we eat (in this case the shiitake mushroom), apart from promoting adrenal functions.

6. Benefits of shiitake mushrooms for bones

The health of bones and teeth is important, they are part of the same bone or skeletal structure of the body, therefore, both can suffer from conditions, without any exception.

In this sense, the shiitake mushroom is rich in iron and vitamin D which are key to the bone health of the body, as is calcium, since calcium phosphate is an important component in human bone, it is then an essential element for all living beings and must be in the food diet.

7. Benefits of shiitake mushrooms for skin

The skin can be quite delicate, the attack of bacteria towards the dermal layers of the body can be quite serious, not to mention the infections that these cause, therefore it is necessary to maintain stable skin health.

You should know: Shiitake has the great advantage of having antioxidants such as phosphorus, zinc and other important components such as folic acid (Vitamin B9), all of them have the task of repairing damaged tissue, keeping the skin hydrated, and facilitating healing in general.


8. Benefits of shiitake mushrooms for cancer

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases by man, whose appearance is sudden, and each year the risk factors increase for many reasons.

Shiitake, thanks to the production of red blood cells and the different amino acids it contains, largely prevents the unexpected appearance of cancer cells that mutate in the body.

Important: Shiitake has a component called “lentinan (LNT)” which has been verified to be effective in chemotherapy cases in pancreatic, ovarian, and stomach cancer.

How to use shiitake

It is important not to abuse consumption shiitake recommended for 6 to 16 grams a day as a specific dose, sometimes can vary from 3 to 6 grams, it is important not to exceed this limit.

Shiitake is consumed in its original form, either raw or dried (with the previous cleaning), and can be cooked with soups, stews, or salty and varied foods. The mushroom has a mild and pleasant flavor, and it can also be included in hot infusions.

Key Findings

The “Lentinus edodes” or Shiitake, is a consumable mushroom whose origin is Asian.


It has innumerable amino acids and compounds such as dietary fiber.

It fights diseases and promotes the health of the nervous system in specific parts.

It is consumed in dishes such as soups and is added in hot infusions.

Side effects of shiitake mushrooms

It can induce stomach discomfort, blood abnormalities, and skin swelling. It might also make the skin more sensitive to the sun and can induce allergic skin reactions and breathing problems in some people.


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