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12 Health Benefits Of Hot Water That Nobody Knows

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Discover the 12 Health Benefits Of Hot Water That NOBODY Knows.

Most people already know that water is essential for human survival. Typically, doctors advise us to drink 8 glasses of water a day. But did you know that drinking hot water has benefits that you don’t get when you drink cold water? Yes, hot water has unsuspected virtues! Here are 12 surprising health benefits of hot water:

1. Facilitates weight loss

Hot water is a great way to optimize your basal metabolism.

A healthy metabolism is essential if you want to lose weight. The best way to speed up your basal metabolism in the morning is: Drink a glass of warm lemon water. As a bonus, hot water also helps break down the fatty tissue in your body. It is precisely this tissue that contains fat cells.


2. Relieves irritation of the nose and throat

Drinking hot water is an effective remedy for colds, coughs and sore throats.

Hot water dissolves phlegm , those mucous substances characteristic of irritations of the nose and throat. Hot water also helps flush mucus from the airways. This is why hot water relieves sore throats and decongests the nasal cavity.

3. Relieves painful periods

Hot water can also ease the pain associated with your period.

This is because the warmth of the water has a calming effect on the muscles in the abdomen, which can relieve the pain and contractions associated with periods.


4. Purifies the body

Hot water is particularly effective in purifying your body.

After drinking hot water, the body temperature rises. Therefore, we sweat. Sweating is highly beneficial because it is a way of eliminating toxins and purifying the body. For best results, consider adding a little squeezed lemon juice to your hot water before drinking it.

5. Acts against premature aging

As you have just learned, drinking hot water helps flush toxins from your body.

Here is another good reason to eliminate toxins: they participate in premature aging. Drinking hot water helps your skin to regenerate. Hence, it increases the elasticity of the cells of the epidermis attacked by harmful free radicals. The result ? Your weakened skin becomes sharper and smoother.


6. Avoid acne and pimples

Drinking hot water has another benefit for your skin.

Thanks to the purifying effect of hot water on your body, acne infections are stopped at the root – before they appear.

7. Conditions hair

Drinking hot water is also beneficial for the health of your hair.

It revitalizes and stimulates the nerve endings of the hair roots. It’s very effective at restoring vitality to your hair – and keeping it supple and shiny.


8. Promotes hair growth

Another benefit of stimulating hair roots is that it makes them grow! Drinking hot water stimulates the activity of the roots. Hence, it accelerates hair growth.

9. Fights dandruff

Drinking hot water ensures a well hydrated scalp. It helps your body fight and even prevent dandruff.

10. Improves blood circulation and nervous system

Drinking hot water is also good for the blood circulation. By improving blood circulation, you contribute to the proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system. Additionally, drinking hot water dissolves fat deposits around your nervous system.

11. Promotes digestion

Hot water is particularly beneficial for digestion. On the other hand, several studies indicate that drinking cool water during or after a meal hardens the fat content of the food consumed. This creates deposits of fat on the surface of the intestinal wall – which can lead to bowel cancer. This risk can easily be avoided by replacing cold water with hot water.


12. Facilitates transit Still on the topic of digestion

Drinking hot water stimulates intestinal transit. Bowel movements are easier and painless. Dehydration is one of the main causes of chronic constipation. As stool builds up in your gut, it slows down your bowel movement. This is the reason why it is strongly recommended to drink a glass of hot water as soon as you get up – on an empty stomach. Hot water will help break down food residues in your digestive system. Consequently, the transit of food particles takes place smoothly and without pain.

There you have it, you have discovered the 12 surprising benefits of hot water 🙂 Maybe you know others? Share them with us in the comments . We can’t wait to hear from you!


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