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6 benefits of coconut sugar and side effects



coconut sugar benefits

Discover the 6 benefits of coconut sugar and side effects.

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener that can be more expensive than regular granulated sugar, but it’s worth it as it yields some tremendous benefits that make it a much better choice than many other sweetener options.

For example, coconut sugar is better for diabetics and the gut than regular, everyday sugar, and it contains small amounts of vitamins and minerals.


We can thank the coconut tree for the many products it produces, from coconut water to desiccated coconut, coconut vinegar, and as a personal favorite, coconut oil.

It is also very popular in the manufacture of alcoholic beverages known by the locals as a tuba or coconut wine.

However, it is the inflorescence – of coconut flowers of the coconut tree (not to be confused with the palm tree) – that offers a sap that can be processed to create a syrup or honey-like substance, which is then dried to form coconut sugar.

Benefits of coconut sugar

1.- It can help diabetics

Coconut sugar and coconut nectar contain a fiber known as inulin. This fiber can help slow glucose absorption, offering an alternative for those dealing with diabetic concerns; Some studies show that inulin can help reduce glucose absorption, therefore keeping glucose levels in check.

One particular study conducted suggests that the benefits of coconut sugar help women with type 2 diabetes, improving some glycemic and antioxidant levels while lowering levels of malondialdehyde, a marker of oxidative stress.

Tasting similar to brown sugar, coconut sugar (and coconut nectar) is gaining popularity as a sweetener in everything from coffee and tea to delicious food recipes.

The American Diabetes Association shares that while people with diabetes can use coconut sugar as a sweetener in a diabetic diet plan, they must use it the same way they would use table sugar because it contains as many calories and carbohydrates as possible. possible.

Approximately 15 calories and four grams of carbohydrates per teaspoon. Another important note is that it is often found mixed with table sugar, so take a look at the label before making a purchase.

2.- Tested by the Paleo diet

If you’re following the Paleo diet, coconut sugar is one option you can use to satisfy that sweet tooth, according to the Ultimate Paleo Guide; Some hardcore Paleo followers still avoid it as it is often processed.

However, it is believed to have been used in the Paleolithic, which is part of their claim that it is fine for Paleo lovers.

Studies lead us to think that our ancestors got about 35% of their dietary energy from fat, 35% from carbohydrates, and 30% from protein.

The benefits of coconut sugar would be in the carbohydrate category, but it is still a processed form of the coconut flower; perhaps coconut nectar or a liquid form is a bit closer to Paleo for those who want to maintain a stricter paleo lifestyle.

3.- Contains vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients

Coconut sugar contains vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, albeit in small amounts. For example, both the zinc and the iron that is found in the benefits of coconut sugar contain at least twice as much as what we can find in traditional or granulated sugar.

The FNRI also notes that there is a decent amount of phytonutrients, specifically polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanidins.

These phytonutrients help lower blood sugar, inflammation, and cholesterol, making coconut sugar a better choice than many other sweeteners.

The American Cancer Society explains that phytonutrients from plants offer many health benefits and are better options than supplements or pills.

4.- Good for the digestive system

As noted above, coconut sugar benefits contain inulin, which, among other things, has within its capabilities the stimulation of so-called intestinal bifidobacteria growth, which is usually found within probiotics, which can provide a boosted general to the immune system.


As you know, bifidobacteria make up a select group of bacteria that normally live inside the intestines, and that can grow outside the body and be taken orally like any medicine.

Bifidobacteria are known to help restore the good bacteria in the gut that may have been destroyed through chemotherapy, antibiotics, and the like.

This bacterium helps many conditions that can affect the intestines, including diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, and pouchitis, and has even been used to prevent a particular intestinal infection found in infants called necrotizing enterocolitis.

Side effects of coconut sugar

There seems to be little information regarding precautions other than the reminder that coconut sugar has the same calories as regular sugar, so keeping it in moderation is key.

Having too much sugar of any kind can affect weight gain, and inflammation in the body, and can even increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Additionally, the American Diabetes Association notes that many products on the shelf add regular sugar to coconut sugar, so it’s important to keep an eye on labeling.

How to make use of coconut sugar

Coconut sugar can be used the same way regular sugar is used, but you may want to start with half the amount until your desired sweetness is reached.

Coconut palms have been used for sugar production for centuries using sophisticated tapping techniques that were developed in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Ensuring ways to recover the sap has been of great interest since animal feeding trials were successfully started during a project in Cambodia.

This process has been practiced by Indonesians for hundreds of years and is noted as an efficient system on some highly populated islands.

It is commonly known as coconut sugar, coconut palm sugar, coconut sap sugar, or coconut blossom sugar, but note that palm sugar is not the same thing and is often confused when used in labeling.

Is coconut sugar good for human consumption?

This question is very popular, especially since coconut oil has become one of the main stimulants for almost anything, from whitening your teeth to a healthy fat in your morning toast, but there is still little data on it.

What we do know is that there are trace amounts of vitamins and minerals found in coconut sugar, but for you to have impactful nutrition, you need to eat a lot of it.

Eating too much sugar, in any form, is not a good idea, and coconut sugar, calorie for calorie, is the same as regular granulated sugar.

In any case, it is the best option if you are looking for an alternative sweetener or granulated sugar substitute, as there are trace elements available, such as iron, zinc, calcium, potassium, some short-chain fatty acids, polyphenols, antioxidants, and fiber is known as inulin, all of which may offer some health benefits that regular table sugar cannot.

Final Thoughts

Coconut sugar can be a great sugar alternative, especially for diabetics.

Also, while coconut sugar has many benefits that you won’t find in regular table sugar, it may require large amounts to have a positive effect.

Regardless, it’s a much better option than regular granulated sugar, though keep in mind that I always recommend opting for small amounts of sugar in your overall diet.

However, if you’re going for that sweetener, coconut sugar is one of the best natural sweeteners out there.


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10 Benefits of long bell peppers




Discover the 10 health benefits of long bell peppers.

The long peppers may sound unfamiliar to some, but not in the ears of the Javanese. In Java, it is also known as Javanese pepper, with the scientific name of Piper Retrofractum Vahl.

It is considered as a spice and is commonly used for jamu, which is an Indonesian traditional herbal drink, hence its nickname is “cabe jamu” or jamu pepper.

If you want to learn more about long peppers, you are absolutely on the right track! For your information, long peppers grow at a maximum altitude of 600 m with 1,259 mm/year of rain. Anyway, what exactly is a long pepper?

Long peppers are also known as Balinese pepper or Indian pepper, following their original roots in South Asia, particularly India and Sri Lanka.

In India, long peppers are called ‘pippali’. Long peppers have four main functions, especially as a home remedy, cooking ingredient, medicinal herb, and catalyst to enhance the effects of other herbs.

The benefits of Javanese long peppers are somewhat similar to the health benefits of Indian long peppers.

Just as their scientific name suggests, long peppers contain piperine. Piperine is an alkaloid that works as a stimulant for poor blood circulation. Piperine is also found in black pepper and is also responsible for making both of them spicy.

Now here is the main question; Do long peppers have other uses besides being spices and a cooking ingredient? Yes, it does, and here are the health benefits of long pepper.

10 health benefits of long bell peppers

1.- Good for liver ailments

• Liver disease arises from our habit of indulging in unhealthy junk foods.

• At the end of the day, the liver becomes overworked.

• Long bell peppers balance the liver’s workload by removing toxins that have built up in the liver and that have been produced by digesting these types of foods.

• Here are also the best quick way to detox the liver after several years of drinking.

2.- Helps to lose weight

• The long pepper can burn fatty acids similar to other types of pepper without any side effects.

• In fact, it is considered a safer and healthier alternative compared to its clinical counterparts.

3.- Reduces the risk of diabetes

• Like the health benefits of red rice for diabetics, long bell peppers help alleviate diabetes by regulating the rate of glucose released into the blood system.

• Long peppers also stimulate insulin production.

• That is the main reason why long pepper is highly recommended for diabetic patients.

4.- Decreases bacterial infection

• The risk of bacterial infection may incline as the daily temperature increases.

• Unhygienic food, as well as unsterile water, can be prone to bacterial infection, causing an upset stomach.

• Long peppers can be used to counter these occurrences.

5.- Serves as a cough treatment

Long peppers treat a cough by making it a simple remedy. This is how you do it:

Step 1: Take 1 to 2 grams of the spice and fry it with a little ghee. Ghee is a kind of Indian butter.

Step 2: Bring it in while it cools.

If ghee is not available, you can use honey instead.

6.- Relieves indigestion

• The content of long peppers is capable of curing digestive problems.

7.- Decrease fever

• The antiseptic and antiseptic properties of long pepper can reduce fever or relax the throat.

• You can easily reduce a fever by mixing long pepper with a hot bowl of soup.

8.- Relieves toothache

• You can also cure a toothache by making a paste with pepper, salt, and water.

9.- Cure diarrhea

• Diarrhea can be cured by consuming a long pepper soup.

10.- Relieves asthma

• Long peppers are an alternative to relieve occasional asthma attacks and other asthma symptoms.

• However, you should not use it as a substitute for respiratory medicine.

How to use long peppers for traditional cures

About the previous pointers on the health benefits of long pepper, here are the simple recipes to make your long pepper remedy.

1.- To lower the fever

• Step 1 – Prepare 3g of dried long peppers

• Step 2 – Smooth until it reaches its softest state.

• Step 3: Infuse with hot water and consume.

• Despite its hot taste, it is suitable for both children and adults.

2.- It is a cure for toothache

• Step 1 – Prepare 3 long pepper leaves

• Step 2: squash them, but not to their smoothest shape.

• Step 3: prepare it in warm water

• Step 4: Use the gargle formula. Do it regularly until the toothache is completely gone.

3.- To overcome «Masuk Angin»

Masuk angin is an Indonesian term to describe the uneven distribution of gases within the body characterized by cold-like symptoms.

It has no direct translation into English, and no specific knowledge of this ‘disease’, therefore making ‘masuk angin’ is a large loose term. Long peppers can be treated ‘masuk angin’ by following this simple formula:

• Step 1 – Prepare 3g of long peppers, some brown sugar, ginger, and “temulawak” (Curcuma Zanthorrhiza).

• Step 2 – Boil until everything is softened and add warm water.

• Step 3 – Drink that formula while it’s still hot.

4.- Prevents abdominal spasm

• Step 1: Take 3 long pepper leaves and add a glass of water.

• Step 2: Boil both of them fully and let them cool for a while.

• Step 3: consume completely.

5.- Clean the postpartum ovary

• Step 1: Prepare 3 grams of long pepper roots.

• Step 2: Add warm water and bring to a full boil.

• Step 3 – Filter the water when you are done.

• Step 4: Consume the boiled water until done. It is suggested to consume it while it is still hot.

Those are just the healthy creations you can make with long bell peppers. The recipes are not proprietary so you can easily adjust them to better suit your preferences or requirements.

However, it is still highly recommended that you follow exactly what is written above. In addition to the long bell pepper uses listed above, there will be more below, however, the ones below are not specifically categorized by disease.

Generic long pepper recipe

Step 1 – Boil 150cc of water.

• Step 2 – Make it with 4 grams of pepper powder.

• Step 3: Consume while hot to get your maximum benefit.

If there are still long pepper powders left, you can also use them like this:

• Fill it inside the capsules for consumption at any time.

• Apply the powders directly to the affected area for toothache.

• Use it to treat swollen gums.

• In addition to health, long peppers are equally useful for planting and soil fertility.

• Thirty-eight uses of long peppers can be obtained by using them in a “jamu” or a traditional herbal drink, which has the potential to cure practically everything but the insecticide.

• Long pepper does not work with insecticide because it kills the reaction of the insecticide inside the plants.

Those are just the top long pepper health benefits that may sound unfamiliar to you, especially among the youngest these days. Either way, hope it helps!

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