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16 Benefits of pennyroyal and side effects

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Discover the 16 shocking benefits of pennyroyal and side effects.

Don’t you know the health benefits of pennyroyal peppermint? If you are unfamiliar with this plant, let me tell you right now that its use is very favorable. Read on and find out about the wonderful benefits of this plant below.

The use of pennyroyal dates back to ancient times, and its benefits make it a popular herbal remedy today. This silver is highly sought after and used for the pleasant and relaxing aroma that it gives off, its scent is used in its essential oil.

This plant enters the list of the best for medicinal use, since its benefits are complete and very well used, this plant fulfills many functions that make you want to consume it daily.

What is pennyroyal?

Pennyroyal or pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium L.) is a herbaceous plant of the  Lamiaceae  (Labiatae) family, native to Europe, North Africa, and temperate Asia. Known since European antiquity as a medicinal plant.

Its stem can measure between 30 and 40 centimeters, its leaves are dark green, and its small purple flowers.


Currently, pennyroyal is an herb widely used for infusions, it contains minerals such as potassium and phosphorus, as well as having very favorable medicinal properties for the body.

Its delicious flavor can be enhanced with a few drops of lemon and a little honey among others.

16 shocking benefits of pennyroyal


Health benefits of pennyroyal

1.- Benefits of pennyroyal for digestion

To improve problems related to the digestive system, it is widely used thanks to its antispasmodic benefits that contribute to the regulation of colic and gas accumulation.

It has slimming properties since it eliminates excess gas as mentioned and thus helps to deflate the abdomen, favoring digestion as it improves both gastric and liver metabolism.

It purifies the body of toxic substances for health, eliminates parasites, allows to eliminate excess fluid when suffering from fluid retention in stomach pains, both caused by poor digestion and excess wind.


2.- Reduce stress

You take an infusion of pennyroyal mint that is suitable to be taken as a relaxant not only as a stomach calmer but also as a stress reliever, the delicious aroma and flavor of this mint help reduce nervousness and is ideal to take before sleeping and resting to the fullest.

3.- Natural expectorant

This infusion serves as a natural expectorant, it is highly recommended to clear the respiratory tract, it helps to disinfect and relieve secretions that are accumulated in the lungs, so it is ideal to be used in case of bronchitis.

It is used to fight colds, it is the perfect substitute for any flu and much better for being natural thanks to the health benefits of pennyroyal, it becomes one of the favorite alternatives for the person.

4.- Improves circulation

Pennyroyal mint is good for blood circulation, this is due to the good amount of potassium that this plant contains, this mineral helps regulate blood pressure by maintaining the health of the veins and arteries in optimal conditions.

It acts as a vasodilator so for this reason if you suffer from hypertension it will be of great help. By taking at least 2 cups a day of the infusion of this plant will avoid sudden rises in blood pressure.

5.- Menstrual problems

The benefits of pennyroyal for menstrual problems are very important since this plant also has calming properties, this means that in case of suffering problems related to the menstrual cycle, taking at least two cups of these will be of great help.


6.- Benefits of pennyroyal for inflammation

Pennyroyal oil and its benefits have long been used as a topical remedy for inflammation, particularly when applied to joint and muscle pain. Topical irritation is common, so use a small amount at first.

It is good for pain as it relieves both muscle and joint, so if you suffer from diseases such as arthritis or have any type of ailment that causes pain in these parts of the body, this will be very useful.

It can also be used in case of muscle or joint injuries such as pain caused by blows or other external factors.

7.- Benefits of pennyroyal for skin

The pennyroyal is good for the skin it is that thanks to its power against bacteria are very good to use topically and keeps skin clean and free of impurities.

It can be used daily to combat acne, on the other hand, it is also good for treating skin conditions such as eczema, scabies, and psoriasis, as well as being effective against allergic reactions that cause rashes, redness, or irritations in this part of the body.

8.- Benefits of pennyroyal for sleep

Among its great properties is that of being an excellent sedative, therefore if you have problems sleeping or if you suffer from insomnia it is recommended that you drink a cup of this tea close to bedtime, in this way you will be able to fall asleep faster and it will be deeper and more restorative.


9.- Reduce stress

Pennyroyal is good for reducing stress and all thanks to its great ability to calm and relax the nervous system and emotions, it is very similar to what valerian has, that is why if you are going through a situation that subjects you to high levels of stress it is best to drink one or two cups a day of this infusion.

You can achieve better results if you take it for a while that you have to relax and unwind a bit from your routine.


10.- Benefits of pennyroyal for weight loss

Pennyroyal is used to lose weight, and this is due to two reasons, one of them is because of its ability to improve the digestive system, thus helping to discard everything that is not good, and the other is due to its great capacity to slightly speed up the metabolism and stimulate sweating, this helps to burn fat much faster than it normally does.

11.- Antibacterial

It should be known that the benefits of pennyroyal for health are of great help in many cases, it should be known that its power is good to treat wounds, it is not only effective for its properties against bacteria but also because the infusion of this plant to be applied on an injury or wound stimulates the growth of platelets which helps to heal quickly.

so for this reason it is very useful when cleaning wounds to be able to disinfect them and ensure that they are improperly healthy.

12.- Purifying

Pennyroyal has benefits when it comes to cleaning the body since it is good for purifying the blood because if you are looking to reduce those toxins that you have in your bloodstream, it will be very good to take this infusion twice a day all on an empty stomach and another before sleep.


In this way, it will eliminate harmful fats and substances such as triglycerides and bad cholesterol, and it will also clean your liver, yes, the tea should be accompanied by the consumption of at least two liters of water a day.

13.- Diuretic power

It is an excellent diuretic because if it comes to that is undergoing fluid accumulation, you will help to get rid of them through urine and discarded toxins through your property to make you sweat more than normal so both the unusual swellings caused by this problem will end.

14.- Benefits of pennyroyal for hemorrhoids

On the other hand, you will also be surprised to know that the benefits of pennyroyal help to treat and improve hemorrhoids, this is another of its magnificent benefits and it is due to the same properties that make it so special to treat wounds as it is enough to apply cotton soaked in infusion and apply them about four times a day to the affected area.

15.- Bad breath

It is good for bad breath and is that if you suffer from any disease or injury in the oral cavity it will be of great help you should only gargle with it, just after brushing your teeth.

Not only will it give you a pleasant minty aroma, but it will also eliminate all the bacteria that can cause the bad smell, on the other hand, it will also be of great help against canker sores or sores

16.- Insecticides

Pennyroyal leaves concentrated infusions have long been used to control human ectoparasites. They were especially used to kill lice and fleas.


The whole plant has insecticidal properties previously used in veterinary medicine to preserve dogs against ticks and fleas.

How to make pennyroyal tea

The water must be boiled, it can be in a kettle or a pot, it is recommended that the water be drinkable, place the infusion bag or four or five leaves of the plant, turn it off and wait about 5 minutes for a little temperature to be able to savor it and enjoy it.

Add a little sugar, but if it is consumed to lose weight it is best not to add sweeteners it is important.

Side effects of pennyroyal

Keep in mind that excessive consumption of this infusion can produce side effects, it should be consumed in moderation as it can cause:

• throat pain

• excessive sweating


• thirst

• headache

• diarrhea

yes, if you present any of these symptoms, it is appropriate to consult a doctor

Also in case of suffering from diseases such as anemia, it is better to avoid it and drink this tea, since having low iron levels can help reduce anemia further.

Also, if you have diabetes and you use insulin, it is not recommended that you use it because it can cancel the effects.


Note: Pennyroyal tea can be used as a tonic on your skin in the part of the body you want, also as explained before you can soak a cotton ball in the infusion to apply it to the areas that are more difficult for you to access.

On the other hand, in the case of wounds, it can be used with bandages or you can also put this infusion in an atomizer so that it can be applied better and can be sprayed on any wound.

You should also know that there are other ways to consume pennyroyal since there are extracts in drops that you can get very easily in health food stores and it is very versatile because you can add it to food and drinks.

On the other hand, it is in pennyroyal tablets or tablets, these can be taken twice a day one tablet twice a day. These two versions can be found in health food stores.


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