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9 benefits of Gleditsia triacanthos or honey locust and side effects



honey locust uses

Discover the 9 Shocking benefits of Gleditsia triacanthos or honey locust and side effects.

Gleditsia triacanthos, comes from Greek, and means with three thorns, due to its three-pointed spines.

It is located next to streams, roads, and paths; in parks and gardens, it is also used as the main species in forest safety belts throughout the world.

But these are only the best-known uses of the Gleditsia triacanthos tree.

In reality, there is a part of its history that deserves to be told, and that is that, behind its imposing size of about twenty to thirty meters in height and its thorny appearance, its medicinal role hides.

The fact is that, due to its properties, it can be used as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent in the care of digestive system problems.

But that’s not all, get ready to discover other benefits that the so-called black acacia offers.

Scientific name: Gleditsia triacanthos

Top ranking: Gleditsia

Category: Species

Species: G. triacanthos; L., Sp. Pl. 2: 1056, 1753

Family: Fabaceae

Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae

Health Benefits of Gleditsia triacanthos

Its chemical composition includes substances with physiological activity, such as alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, saponins, anthraglycosides, vitamins K and C, present in its leaves, bark, flowers, and fruits.

All these components allow Gleditsia triacanthos to provide important services in favor of human health, such as those indicated below:

1. Ally of intestinal health.

In many places, it is used as a laxative and also to treat other conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.

2. It serves as an anesthetic.

Stenocarpine, which is used as a local anesthetic, is present in its branches and leaves.

3. To treat wounds and sore throats.

It is also argued that infusions of the bark of the black acacia are useful to heal wounds and some sore throats.

4. It works as an antispasmodic.

Its use has been suggested to prevent or interrupt intestinal smooth muscle spasms.

5. To reduce blood pressure.

Many scientists claim that it possesses the ability to dilate blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure.

6. Helps to improve intestinal problems.

From its active component atraglycosides found in the pericarp of the plant, it derives its laxative effects, which is why it is indicated for the treatment of chronic constipation.

7. It is used to treat dangerous diseases.

Substances that many believe are effective in treating very harmful diseases such as measles, whooping cough, and smallpox are extracted from the black acacia pods.

8. Effective to treat some skin damage.

Its external application, in the form of powder or ointment, is appreciated for the healing of ulcers and skin eruptions.

9. To treat throat problems.

From its bark and wood, an extract called black catechu is obtained, with which candies are made that are used as a remedy for pharyngitis and sore throats. They are claimed to be very effective.

Properties of the Gleditsia triacanthos

Has antispasmodic properties

Analgesic characteristics are attributed

It has anodyne virtues, that is, to calm pain

Is a psychotropic

Has anti-inflammatory attributes

It is used as a laxative

It is believed that it can be used as a contraceptive

It is considered an alkaloid

How to use Gleditsia triacanthos

Its seeds, bark, leaves, and flowers have been used for centuries to cure upset stomachs and other ailments. So, as you can see, practically the entire tree has medicinal properties.

However, as attractive as it is, never forgets the golden rule: before using drugs that are prepared based on Gleditsia, it is essential to first consult a qualified doctor.

On the other hand, the different forms of preparation for its use are infusions, powder, tinctures, and ointments. Each of them has its application depending on the diseases you want to attack. At this moment we will show you the different uses that it can be given:

In infusions. The most common way to use it is to treat digestive diseases such as diarrhea, gastritis, mucous colitis, and inflammation of the biliary tract, as well as hypertension and throat infections, and other conditions.

Powders and ointments. These are the pharmacy presentations indicated for the cure of skin problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gleditsia triacanthos

As has been seen, various medicinal applications have been found in their different parts. For example, the former Soviet pharmaceutical industry produced the drug triacetin, based on Gleditsia, for its antispasmodic effect by dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

Now it is convenient to learn its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Gleditsia triacanthos

It is used to treat diarrhea and colitis

It is used for hypertension treatments

It is used to improve chronic constipation

It is believed to work to treat gallbladder inflammation

Used to lower blood pressure

Use topically to cure some skin conditions

Able to improve stomach spasms

Helpful for treating stomach ulcers

Disadvantages of Gleditsia triacanthos

It should be used with caution in people with low blood pressure.

Caution must be exercised, since, due to its component of saponins, if consumed in excess it can cause intoxication.

Some of its properties are still being studied, so its benefits are not yet fully understood.

Side effects of Gleditsia triacanthos or honey locust

It is impressive that this large thorny tree brings so many benefits. However, you have to take some steps in your job to just get profit without negative consequences.

The fact is that due to the triacanthine alkaloid it contains -which in large doses becomes a toxic agent for the organism- the medicines and infusions of Gleditsia triacanthos must be used with great care, as it could cause excessive paleness of the skin, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, and drowsiness.

Also, consider that not complying with the suggested doses of triacanthine-containing medications can lead to the destruction of red blood cells and create alterations in cerebral blood circulation.

All of this underscores the need to strictly adhere to medical instructions.

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25 Benefits of hot shower




benefits of a hot shower

Discover the 25 shocking health benefits of a hot shower.

A hot shower could be an amazing treatment to calm your mind. Imagine how nice it is to touch your body with hot water after working so hard during the day.

At least you can ward off tiredness and there are still other health benefits you can get just by taking a hot shower.

25 Health Benefits of a Hot Shower

Here are the health benefits of taking a hot shower, which will change your life.

1.- It helps you feel better

• The first health benefit of a hot shower is to make you feel better.

• Feeling stressed and anxious is common, especially when you have a job that takes up most of your time.

• Taking a hot shower can make you feel better as it calms your nerves, which affects the general state of your body and mind.

• The more stressed you are, the more tired your body will feel.

• So de-stressing can make you feel fresher.

2.- Clean pores and skin

• If you have clean skin, it does not guarantee that you also have clean pores, but if you have clean pores, you have clean and clear skin.

• Exposing your face to air pollution, dirt, and toxins daily causes them to accumulate inside the pores and cause some skin problems like pimples and acne.

• The key to clean skin is having clean pores, so if you want to start it all off, first clean your pores by taking a hot shower.

• Hot water can open pores so that accumulated dirt can be washed away by the shower water.

• After showering, your skin will feel better and cleaner. If you want to clean your pores, it is best to wash your face with cold water afterward so that the pores do not remain open after you shower.

• Sometimes, to keep your skin clean, you don’t need to use expensive skincare products, as the hot shower might help.

3.- Effective for headaches

• Headaches occur when your blood vessels narrow.

• The hot shower can reduce this pressure so that the blood vessels can return to normal.

• In other words, showering with hot water helps you reduce the feeling of headaches, so you may not need aspirin.

• This easy and natural treatment can be safer.

4.- Relax the body

• As mentioned in the first point that the hot shower can make you feel better, one of the reasons is because it is a relaxing activity.

• You can spend a little of your busy time experiencing the feeling of relaxation under the hot shower.

• Warm water is great for comforting your body and reducing all the tension on your muscles after a long and tiring day.


5.- Helps blood circulation

• The healthy heart is greatly influenced by proper blood circulation.

• The hot shower can help improve blood circulation, so you can do some light exercises for your heart with the water pressure to improve it.

6.- Relieves flu and cough

• The hot shower helps dry up mucus when you have the flu.

• Mucus in your throat is the big reason you are experiencing a persistent cough, so drying it out can cure your cough and make you feel better.

• It doesn’t have to be a lengthy treatment, but a simple 5-10 minute shower is great for treating flu symptoms, treating cold sores, and curing coughs.

7.- Protect your body

• The result that your body feels during exercise and the hot shower is the same: it makes it very hot.

• So instead of doing strenuous exercise, just take a hot shower for a while.

• Like exercising, showering in hot water can also cause your body’s cells to release HSPs or heat stress proteins.

• This is one of the reasons that exercise helps build muscle as HSPs do the support.

• This case has even been investigated with mice and the result was surprising.

• Exposing your body to heat can build your muscle by up to 20 percent.

• This research conducted the test for one hour, so it may be the measure of the time required for muscle building.

8.- It helps you sleep better

• If you want a good quality of sleep, taking a hot shower at the end of the day can help you get a good night’s sleep.

• The muscles can be relaxed with hot water so you can refresh your mind as an escape from your busy world.

• Not only the hot shower but also the hot tub work well for a relaxing treatment.

• Just make sure you don’t stay in the tub too long.

9.- Heals sore muscles

• Normally, your muscles will get tense and sore after running or competing for a long time.

• You need to give them a little heat to recover the pain and thus be able to return to normal.

• Warming up your body helps increase the rate of the metabolic reaction so that your muscles can recover after pain.

• When the rate of the metabolic reaction is reasonable, the chemical processes in your body can function properly and one of the results is that your muscles heal better.

10.- Helps to lose weight

• The hot shower can be a good trick to lose some weight, and it has been shown in a study that people with diabetes can feel the benefit of lowering their glucose and sugar levels.

• However, the study investigated with a hot tub, not a hot shower, so the result could be different with the shower and another study should also be conducted.

11.- Relieves pain

• Muscle-related aches and pains tend to occur after injuries or sports, so treating your muscles with a good hot shower can help.

• Finish your exercise with a hot shower is an amazing idea to keep your muscles healthy.

• Also, joint and muscle pain in arthritis can also be treated with hot water.

• It may not be a total cure in the end, but relaxing your muscles, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain is what you can do.

• Hot water is good for improving blood circulation and results in loose muscles as well.

• In the case of sore muscles, the Jacuzzi is more useful than the hot shower.

12.- Treatment of high blood pressure

• High blood pressure is closely related to heart disease and must be treated appropriately to prevent the deadly disease from growing.

• The effectiveness of hot water in reducing high blood pressure was shown in a study that conducted hot bath research.

• However, even if this natural treatment seems easy and simple, it should be done only when your doctor has said yes for allowing you to do this.

• Hot water can affect your heartbeat, so making a consultation first is very important.

• Remember that it is a hot bath that is said to be helpful, according to a study, not a hot shower.

13.- Promotes hair health

• Not only your skin but also your hair can reap the benefits of hot water.

• While your skin may become clean and fresh after a hot shower, your hair may be healthier as the water is rejuvenating.

14.- Eliminate stress

• The relationship between HSPs or heat stress proteins and hot water has been mentioned, and now there is something more good about this.

• Those proteins are used to protect your body from stress.


• By maintaining their production, your body can resist stress because they work to protect your body and if they are successful in that work, the next time they feel stress, they will work even better since they have learned how to do it from the beginning.

• Previous experiences. For this reason, it is necessary to maintain your production and hot water is one of the simple ways to do it.


• It can be as simple as taking a hot shower every day and keeping the amount of HSP in your body.

15.- Keeps the skin hydrated

• The good effect of hot water on the skin is more than just cleaning the pores, but it is also helpful in moisturizing the skin for longer.

• You can avoid dry and chapped skin by taking a proper hot shower.

16.- Relieves menstrual pain

• Period cramps are annoying and frustrating.

• Instead of taking medication to deal with this, it is better to take a hot shower and the cramps can be treated well.

• It is easy, simple, and cheap.

17.- Treat itchy skin

• When your skin itches, try to drink some hot water when you shower and it will help to soothe your skin.

• Even when there is a rash on the skin, hot water can be used to remove it.

• You can feel your skin better after taking a hot shower.

18.- Fight migraine

• Since hot water can help improve blood flow, taking a hot shower is one of the simplest ways to combat migraines.

• With better blood flow, migraines can be eliminated so you can feel more energetic without the migraines stopping you from doing your activities.

19.- Decongests the nose

• A stuffy nose is annoying.

• You are very distracting from sleep, so you have to spend the whole night just to find the right way to breathe properly.

• If it ever happens to you, don’t stress, just wake up and take a hot shower.

• With the hot water’s ability to dry up the mucus in your nose, you can finally breathe properly and sleep well.

20.- Become an easy warm-up

• The health benefits of a hot shower could make you overheat.

• Instead of spending a few minutes stretching to warm up your body before exercises, consider simply taking a hot shower and the result could be the same.

21.- Promotes the health of the lungs

• If you experience shortness of breath like asthma, just use hot water and it can open your lungs so you can breathe easier.

22.- Prevents infections

• The reason why hot water can prevent infection is that it can kill bacteria, which is primarily the cause of the infection.

• Taking a hot shower every day can keep you healthy due to infection with the germs on your skin being cleaned.

23.- Eliminate toxins

• It acts as a detox by removing toxins from your body through sweat.

• With its hot temperature it can increase the heat of your body, making you sweat and healthy.

24.- Acts against arthritis

• It has been mentioned above that hot water is good for relieving muscle pain, including arthritis.

• You only need to dedicate 20 minutes of your time every day to take a hot shower so that your arthritis-related pain can be relieved due to improved blood circulation.

25.- Helps to heal wounds faster

• Don’t worry about taking a hot shower when you have open wounds on your skin as it will stimulate your healing processes.

• Still on the ability of the hot shower to improve blood circulation, plays an important role in helping the healing process improve, thus acting as an antibiotic for the skin.

• Note that you should not attempt this for large and bad wounds as it might be appropriate only for smaller ones.

Hot shower side effects

Just because the hot shower is packed with many benefits does not mean that it is completely and completely healthy. There are still other side effects to watch out for, so you won’t be taking the shower too long and too long.

1.- It affects blood pressure

• Although hot water can be good for blood flow, it can be bad for blood pressure.

• Hypotension can occur when blood vessels dilate due to the heat of the water.

• Even when you are healthy without cardiovascular disease, such a condition can make your heart work harder and faster, resulting in a difficult situation.

• The worst effect of this strained heart is fainting that begins with lightheadedness.

• You can imagine how dangerous it is to collapse in a bathroom where the floor is so wet and slippery.

2.- It causes nausea

• Your blood flow can change during a hot shower as the temperature of the water influences it.

• Such a change in some people can cause nausea and even vomiting, especially when they take a shower after finishing eating something that could trigger it.

• However, this type of nausea can easily go away once you get out of the shower.

• So if you experience such a condition, just stop the hot shower and get out of your bathroom.

3.- Stun

• The aforementioned change in blood flow also influences the brain and leads to dizziness.

• In this case, you may feel dizzy and unbalanced.

• This imbalance is very dangerous because it can prevent you from getting out of the shower easily, especially on wet floors.

4.- Exposure to chlorine

• This can be dangerous to your health as warm water is the potential to expose your skin to chlorine due to its ability to open pores.

• Once your pores open when you take a hot shower, the chlorine from the shower stream can easily enter your body through the pores.

• Imagine the amount of chlorine your pores will inhale since the skin is the largest part of the body.

• Chlorine, compared to tap water, is much more dangerous.

• If you drink water that contains chlorine, there are still liver and kidneys inside your body that can filter it, but when it enters your pores, and then there is nothing to filter as it will move directly into the bloodstream.

• One study showed that chlorine can cause bladder cancer, but the number increases when chlorine is inhaled, such as people who swim in chlorinated water or take a hot shower, which means that inhalation increases the risk of bladder cancer.

• Therefore, the longer you are in a hot shower, the more you will get chlorine and other chemicals in your body.

5.- Dry the skin

• Although hot water can adequately cleanse and hydrate the skin, exposing the skin to hot water for too long can lead to dryness.

• This is because the temperature of the water causes the skin’s oil barrier to be removed.

• It is best that once the hot shower is over, your skin is applied with moisturizer to retain its moisture.

• Dry skin is not comfortable as it sometimes itches and scratches and scratches you.

• So don’t forget to use the moisturizer afterward and stick with a shower gel that contains moisturizer to prevent dryness.

The key to getting the benefits of your hot shower is not taking too long.

Chemicals can be the most dangerous thing that could harm your body, so you should not put your health at risk.

It is very nice to take a hot shower during the cold months, but you must remember that your body cannot resist it.

Take it properly, feel the heat, and as the benefits roll in, stop and go.

You can do this every day as long as it’s only for a few minutes.

To reduce the number of chemicals inhaled during shower time, turn on the bathroom fan so that air circulation can occur.

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