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Side effects of lemon water

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Discover the side effects of lemon water.

Lemon juice is known for its different benefits, but taking it in excess can cause problems to our health

What happens if you drink too much lemon juice? 6 negative effects you should know


Lemon juice is known for its various benefits, especially in regulating the pH of the body, controlling body weight, moisturize the body and contribute to digestion, however, as in all foods too much can backfire and it can put our health at risk.

Main side effects of lemon water

It is recommended to drink lemon water every day, to take advantage of its properties, but the abuse of this food can generate different side effects, among which we can mention the following.

1. Causes tooth damage

Excessive contact between the teeth and the lemon juice can wear down their enamel since the acid can gradually degrade its surface.


2. It can cause cavities

In addition to the damage it produces to tooth enamel, it also increases the risk of cavities, because oral bacteria tend to feed on the sugars present in food, especially fruits.

3. It can cause stomach infections

An investigation published in the Journal of Environmental Health revealed that 70% of lemons that are not washed contain microorganisms, such as E. Coli, which can cause diarrhea and vomiting.


4. Aggravates ulcers

Another of the effects generated by the acidity of lemon juice is an aggravation of stomach ulcers, as well as it can also generate reflux.

5. Irritation of thrush

Lemon does not cause canker sores, however, the American Dental Association assures that lemon juice can irritate these types of lesions and make them difficult to heal.

6. It makes migraines worse

People who suffer from migraines should not consume lemon juice or any other citrus fruit, as an investigation carried out by the University of Porto Alegre revealed that citrus fruits may be related to the appearance or worsening of these episodes.


What recommendations should be followed?

Whether for the consumption of lemon or to be able to ingest any other food, it is always necessary to have the opinion of the experts, so it is advisable to consult with a doctor to find out if there is any type of contraindication and then go to a nutritionist to find out when and how to consume both the lemon and its juice.

Another way in which lemon juice can be integrated is by including it in different recipes where you do not have to drink the juice and you can also take advantage of its properties.

Lemon juice can be an ingredient for both sweet and savory recipes, an example is to prepare the juice by mixing it with other types of fruits or to prepare desserts, as well as it can be the perfect company for some meats such as pork or fish, while on the other hand, you can prepare a large number of sauces.

In any case, it does not mean that you should not consume lemon juice, only that you should be careful in terms of quantities, remember that the benefits of water with lemon are more than proven and for this reason, it is important that it is part of our diet.


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