13 Benefits of eating pork and side effects

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Discover the 13 shocking health benefits of eating pork and side effects.

Pork is a very popular type of meat among Westerners and Orientals, especially non-Muslims.

Because Islam avoids consuming this animal for Muslims. But, based on research, there are health benefits to eating pork meat.

13 shocking health benefits of pork


The texture of pork is almost the same as that of beef. For this reason, some who never eat pork did not know anything other than pork or beef. Commonly, pork can be cooked as:

• Pork satay

• Pork roast

• Red pig


• Semur

It can also be used as the main ingredient in Chinese foods with the word ‘ba’, such as

• Bacang

• Bakmi

• Bakpau

It is a brief description of the type of meat. So, does pork have health benefits? Yes, of course, there are many health benefits to eating pigs.

13 Health Benefits of eating pork meat

Commonly, the health benefits of eating pork are similar to the health benefits of eating beef, as well as its nutrition. Here are the health benefits of eating pork:


1.- Energy

It has a very high content. From 100 gr, the pork on the ranch contains 457 kkal. It’s very tall, right? This energy is very useful for ..:

• Give us the energy to do activities

• Take care of our immune system

• Prevent burnout

• Increase our focus when we do activities

But, if you are very surprised, you can try consuming wild boar meat.

This wild boar meat contains less energy than the pork on the ranch, it is approximately 367 kcal per 100 gr.

2.- High in protein

Commonly, it has the same health benefits as beef and other fresh meat. Pork is high in protein.


It is about 100 grams of pork that contain 11.9 grams of protein that is very good and useful for our body …:

• Strengthen muscles

• Take care of strength and the immune system

• Binding fat

Wild boar meat contains less protein than pork, it is about 14.1 grams of protein per 100 grams.

3.- Benefits of eating pork for bone and teeth

It is also found to be high in calcium. 100 g of pork contains 7 mg of calcium and 100 g of wild boar meat contains 8 mg of calcium. The calcium in pork is also useful for ..:

• Take care of bone health

• Prevent osteoporosis


• Make our body higher in growth levels

4.- Benefits of eating pork for anemia

There is calcium, there is phosphorus too. In 100 g of pork, it contains 117 mg of phosphorus and in 100 g of wild boar meat, it contains 151 mg of phosphorus. Phosphorus can be useful for our body

• Prevent osteoporosis

• Caring for the health of bones and teeth

• Strengthen bones

• Prevent anemia

Like other meats, it can prevent anemia. Meats such as pork, beef, and goat contain selenium, which helps prevent anemia.


5.- Iron source

It contains iron which is good for our health. Although not too high, the iron in pork can be helpful for


• Helps the production of erythrocytes

• Prevent anemia

• Heals wounds quickly

100 gr of pork contains 2 mg of iron and wild boar also contains the same as the iron in pork.

6.- Different uses

• Fried pork produces oil, which we call lard.

• According to people, lard is tasty when used as an ingredient to sauté or put in our food.

7.- Benefits of eating pork for  skin

• Another health benefit of eating pork is that it is high in collagen.

• Collagen is useful as a medicine for treating the skin and face because it can ..:


8.- Benefits of eating pork for acne

• Skin tightening

• Prevent or reduce aging / anti-aging symptoms

You can also read the benefits of an avocado

9.- As the main material for making soap

It has fatty acids that have many benefits, especially in the soap and some beauty products industries. Here are some soaps and beauty products that were produced from the fatty acids in pork:

• Body soap

• Shampoo

• Toothpaste


• Anti-aging cream

• Laundry detergent and fabric softener

Other health benefits eating pork meat

Besides the pig, there are many parts of the pig, from its hair, bones, blood, to its internal organs.

Those pork body parts are very useful as a medicine material and they also have many benefits for our health. These are other benefits of part of the body of the pig:

• Material for making heparin

• Material for the manufacture of cosmetics and beauty equipment

• Material to make the filter in cigarettes


• Material for the manufacture of the capsule

Side effects of eating pork

Meat not only has health benefits but also has harmful effects on our body, such as

As a precaution, although it contains high protein content, it also contains very high-fat content. For that, you should not consume excessively as it can cause obesity.


• Based on research, scientists advise people not to consume it in excess.

• Because, there is a high-fat content that can cause obesity.

Increase cholesterol

• Besides fat can cause obesity, high fat can also cause high cholesterol levels.

• So, if you want to consume pork, please do not abuse it, because it can put you in dangerous conditions.

• Or you can add fiber and vegetables when you eat pork to stabilize yourself between the fat and fiber in your body.


Can block the bloodstream

• Although pork contains high content of selenium and iron it can make the bloodstream fluid, the high-fat content in pork can block the bloodstream and can also cause some diseases.

Pork contains Cestoda

• Pork, if not processed well, also had cestodes in it.

• Cestodes can cause some diseases for our body such as diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting, feces contain cestodes, stomach pain, and many more.

Here are some of the health benefits of eating pork and the bad effects of pork Please eat pork well, not too much. So, you get the health benefits of eating pork and it has not its harmful effects.

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