Benefits of strawberry leaf tea and side effects

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Discover the Health benefits of strawberry leaf tea and side effects.

Teas make our body work better and also help weight loss. Strawberry leaf tea is a great option to help you lose weight and also serves to improve the functioning of our body.

If you want to lose the kilos that recipe along with a good nutritional re-education can help you and still offer health benefits.Health benefits of strawberry leaf tea


Why drink strawberry leaf tea?

This tea can be used to aid in weight loss and also for those who want to have a healthier life. However, it must be remembered that this homemade recipe will only offer you the desired effect when it is associated with a balanced diet and physical activities.

This recipe will also give good results, along with physical exercises, to aid and aid in weight loss quickly and at the same time naturally.

This tea will help improve the functioning of the body in general and its most effective action will be dedicated to the digestive system. Strawberry leaf tea is great to help you lose weight naturally, its properties have diuretic actions.

With these tips you can achieve your goal of losing weight naturally and that does not harm your health, as in the case of many medicines used for weight loss.

How to make strawberry leaf tea


• Fresh leaves of 8 strawberries


• 200 ml of water


To prepare strawberry leaf tea is very simple, you must remove the leaves of eight strawberries, place the water to boil, when it reaches the boiling point add the strawberry leaves and leave for about 5 to 10 minutes keeping the container covered. Once that is done, you just have to turn off the fire, then you have to reserve (let it cool a bit and it’s ready).

NOTE: We recommend that you be careful not to crush the strawberry leaves, because that can damage the flavor. Attention is also needed when buying, choose high quality and preferably organic leaves to prepare this tea, which will undoubtedly bring many benefits to your health.

Tips to take into account

If you prefer to sweeten the strawberry leaf tea, use honey, as this combination is very healthy and beneficial for your health. We recommend that you drink this tea three times a day, always before main meals.

A very important advice is that it is advisable to drink the tea shortly after its preparation, to avoid that several of its active compounds diminish its potential.

Recipes like this usually preserve important substances for up to 24 hours after preparation, so it is advisable to take them within that period, to make the most of the benefits.

The health benefits of strawberry leaf tea

1 Provides energy to the body, being rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


2 It helps to strengthen our immune system, so it can avoid various types of illnesses such as colds.


3 That homemade recipe is also good for strengthening bones.

4 Helps prevent the development of age-related eye diseases, such as macular degeneration and cataracts.

5 It effectively reduces cellular inflammation, which is one of the causes of various cardiovascular diseases.

6 It has the power that its substances are anti-inflammatory.

7 It can help prevent the development of many different forms of cancer.

8 Fight against free radicals, thus preventing early skin aging.

9 It can help reduce symptoms of nausea, stomach cramps, and diarrhea.

10 It contains caffeic acid, which is classified as an effective natural diuretic for our body.


11 This homemade tea can also help ease the symptoms of gastrointestinal problems.

12 Strawberry leaves contain substances that can help relieve pain and swelling caused by problems like arthritis and rheumatism.

Strawberry leaf tea is a good natural remedy because it can give you many health benefits. It has purifying properties that help the body to function better and eliminate toxins. It also has an action to accelerate our metabolism against fluid retention, it also has antioxidant and cholesterol-fighting actions, with all that this tea becomes a great recipe for weight loss.

Side effects of strawberry leaf tea

The contraindications of this tea are only for people who have an allergy and a substance made up of strawberry leaves, but if you notice any side effects, consult a specialist.

When in doubt, always remember to have frequent follow-up with a medical professional and nutritionist, who can explain more about the health benefits of strawberry leaf tea.


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