5 Benefits of watermelon Juice and side effects

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Discover the 5 shocking health benefits of Watermelon Juice and side effects.

Many people appreciate watermelon juice when it is dripping down their face while eating a slice of watermelon on a barbecue, but this juice can also just be a healthy, nutrient-dense addition to your diet.

What is watermelon juice?

Watermelon juice, as the name implies, is the juice that is extracted from the watermelon of the fruit – a member of the scientific melon family that bears.

Name Citrullus lanatus var lanatus that grows on a creeping vine. This juice is very sweet and can be prepared in different ways, depending on what other ingredients you can add to alter the flavor.

Watermelon juice has several impressive nutrients and can be a great addition to a healthy diet.

5 shocking health benefits of Watermelon Juice


Watermelon Juice Nutrition

Watermelon juice has a surprisingly dense nutrient profile; a single cup offers high levels of vitamin C and vitamin A, about 30% and 25% of your daily requirement for these nutrients, respectively.

The juice also has more moderate amounts of potassium, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and 1.5 grams of protein.


Most importantly, there are only 70 calories in a cup of this juice, but it is also packed with antioxidants and active ingredients, such as lycopene, beta-carotene, amino acids, and flavonoids.

Health benefits of watermelon juice

Watermelon juice helps prevent cancer, reduce inflammation, and aid in weight loss.

Other health benefits of watermelon juice include its ability to beautify the skin, optimize kidney health, improve digestive processes, and increase vision, among others.

1.- Benefits of watermelon juice for Skin

With the anti-aging properties of lycopene and certain carotenoids, this juice can help relieve oxidative stress and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and other age spots.


2.- Benefits of watermelon juice for Weight loss

This low-calorie, low-fat drink can still fill you up while providing metabolism-boosting compounds and other healthy antioxidants that can boost your fat-burning potential and help you shed those extra pounds.

3.- Reduces inflammation

Research has directly linked the active ingredients in watermelon juice to work against inflammatory compounds, called triterpenoids.

The beta-carotene and lycopene found in such high levels in this juice are to thank for their effects on arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

4.- Detoxifies the body

This sweet juice is known to help detoxify the body by kicking the kidneys into high gear and lowering the level of ammonia and uric acid in the body, which can help prevent kidney stones.


5.- Improves vision

Lycopene is found at very high levels in this juice, and this antioxidant is well known for reducing oxidative stress in the eyes, which helps prevent macular degeneration and slows the onset of cataracts.

6.- Benefits of watermelon juice for cancer

The flavonoids and carotenoids found in this fruit juice are capable of neutralizing free radicals before they can cause cell mutation and slow the progress of cancer cells in the body.

Side effects of watermelon juice

While there are many benefits, drinking too much watermelon juice can also present certain risks, such as cardiovascular complications and allergic reactions, among others.

Heart problems

With high potassium levels, there are reports that an excessive amount of watermelon juice can cause an irregular heartbeat, as well as a rapid drop in blood pressure.


Watermelon juice should not be consumed by diabetics as it is very high in natural sugars, which can lead to a spike in blood sugar, especially since some of the attenuating dietary fiber in watermelons is removed in the juice.


Some people have allergic reactions to watermelon, although they are quite rare and usually manifest as gastrointestinal upset, nausea, or vomiting.

Always drink this juice in moderation, regardless of your allergy status.


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