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12 Good Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

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Discover The 12 Good Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day.

Could you imagine starting your day WITHOUT coffee?

No? It’s the same for me! And apparently, we’re not the only ones.

Indeed, coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world.

Many people depend on it to be effective at work.

Well, know that there are at least 12 good scientific reasons to drink coffee every morning.

12 Good Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

So, if you too are a coffee addict, you don’t need to feel guilty! Look :

1. Coffee is good for the liver

Unlike alcohol, drinking black coffee daily is beneficial for liver health.

People who drink at least 4 cups of coffee per day (about 70 cl of filter coffee) reduce their risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver by 80%.

And the benefits don’t end there.

People who consume this amount of coffee also reduce their risk of developing liver cancer by 40%.

2. Coffee makes you smarter

Caffeine is a stimulant with psychoactive effects. When you drink coffee, the caffeine is absorbed by the digestive system, passes into the blood, and finally reaches your brain (all in about 30 to 45 minutes).


Once in the brain, it blocks the activity of an inhibitory neurotransmitter, adenosine.

As a result, this increases the activity of other neurotransmitters ( norepinephrine and dopamine ), which in turn stimulate neurons in the brain.

These chemicals work on your neurons, which improves mood, increases energy levels, memory, reaction times, and most functions associated with intelligence.

3. Coffee facilitates weight loss

Would you like to lose some weight? But don’t you exercise enough?

So, don’t forget to drink coffee! Caffeine is one of those rare substances known to burn fat.

This is why it is found in almost all slimming products, and also dietary supplements that help to lose weight.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you should drink coffee instead of exercising.

The ideal is obviously to do both! For example, you can start with this plank exercise.

4. Coffee provides excellent nutrients

If you are a coffee drinker, know that it is your greatest source of antioxidants.

The list of essential nutrients present in coffee is impressive: vitamins B2, B3, and B5, manganese, magnesium, and potassium.

It may sound surprising, but the human body absorbs more essential nutrients from coffee than from other foods rich in antioxidants, like fruits and vegetables!

So, when it comes to health benefits, it would seem that it is coffee more than any other food that brings a bigger return on investment.


5. Coffee reduces the risk of diabetes

Of course, you can forget about this blessing if your cup of coffee is half full of milk and galore sweet!

If so, it can increase your risk for diabetes.

But if you drink black coffee, studies show that your risk of diabetes is reduced by an average of 7% for every cup of coffee you consume per day (or 17 cl of filter coffee). In general, the capacity of a coffee mug is 35 cl.

This means that by drinking 2 large cups of coffee each morning (or 70 cl of filtered coffee), you reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 28%, compared to those who do not drink coffee.

6. Coffee reduces the risk of Parkinson’s

No one wants to have to deal with a neurodegenerative disease – especially those who have seen a family member with such a condition.

Parkinson’s disease is associated with a drop in dopamine levels.


Because caffeine stimulates dopamine levels in the brain, drinking black coffee lowers your chances of developing Parkinson’s disease.


Regular coffee drinkers will reduce the risk of developing this disease by 32 to 60%.

7. Coffee decreases the risk of suicide

Remember, caffeine increases dopamine levels in the brain.

And it is precisely dopamine that is nicknamed “the pleasure hormone”.

The following is therefore perfectly logical: a substance that will increase your dopamine levels will make you happier and will also help you fight against depression.

Indeed, a study found that those who drink at least 4 cups (or about 70 cl) of filter coffee without milk or sugar per day reduce their risk of suffering from depression by 20%.


Even more amazing, according to another study, coffee drinkers also reduce the risk of suicide by 50%.

This means that drinking coffee can save lives!

So, if you know someone who is having a hard time, invite them over for a little coffee once in a while.

As they say, it’s the little things that make the difference.

8. Coffee reduces the risk of cancer

As you read above, coffee lowers the risk of liver cancer. But according to this study, coffee also protects against colorectal cancer.

In regular coffee drinkers, i.e. 4 to 5 cups of filter coffee (70 to 90 cl) per day, the reduction is 15% for colorectal cancer and 40% for liver cancer.


Striking figures, all the more so when you consider the fact that liver cancer and colorectal cancer are respectively the 3rd and 4th leading cause of death worldwide.

Coffee also reduces the risk of skin cancer, especially in women, by about 20%.

9. Coffee reduces the risk of heart problems

The risk of a stroke is 20% lower in regular coffee drinkers.

Moreover, those who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from heart problems.

As caffeine increases the heart rate, coffee is good for the health of the heart and blood vessels.

Drinking a few cups of filter coffee every day has the same effect as going for a walk, which keeps your heart healthy.


This is no excuse not to play sports! Even if they are effective, the benefits of coffee on the heart are much less than those of sport.

10. Coffee helps cleanse the body

Coffee is a diuretic, that is, it stimulates the secretion of urine.

Thus, by drinking coffee, you will pee more often than if you had not had it.

The diuretic properties of coffee are generally beneficial because they help cleanse your body.

Indeed, this is often how the human body eliminates bacteria and viruses, and the simple act of drinking coffee enhances this natural process.

Thanks to these diuretic properties, black coffee drinkers get sick much less often.


11. Coffee helps you stay (more) calm

Even before we drink it, the smell of coffee already acts on our brain and we immediately feel calmer.

This is because coffee alters the makeup of a protein in the brain that is associated with stress.

Specifically, this protein is linked to stress caused by lack of sleep.

This is probably why mornings are easier with a good cup of coffee in hand!

12. Coffee protects the brain

Coffee improves memory, thanks to the effects of caffeine on certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

As a result, by acting on memory throughout your life, you reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia as you age.


According to this study, in regular coffee drinkers, the risk of contracting this neurodegenerative disease (the most common in the world) is reduced by up to 65%.


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