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13 Benefits of avocado and side effects

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Discover the Health benefits of avocado.

Avocado has many health benefits and virtues. In addition to being rich in fibre and antioxidants, it promotes weight loss and calms hunger.

Avocado: 13 powerful health benefits of this healthy fruit


1. Avocados promote weight loss.

Avocado: a fruit rich in benefits and promoting weight loss

Although high in calories, avocado may promote weight loss by calming hunger, according to a scientific study.

Avocados indeed contain oleic acid, a fat that activates the part of the brain linked to the feeling of satiety, thus curbing cravings and allowing better control of hunger. Also, unlike other fruits, avocado has very few carbohydrates.

A 100g serving of avocado provides:

•160 calories
•15 g of fat (including 2 g of saturated fat)
•9 g of carbohydrates (including 7 g of fibre)
•2 g of protein


Avocado provides vitamin B6, C, and E and contains lower amounts of magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, and vitamin A.

Although it is tended to be viewed as a vegetable, avocado is a fruit from a tropical tree of the Lauraceae family

2. Avocados promote good digestion.

Avocados are high in fibre and support healthy digestion.

Half an avocado contains 3.4 g of soluble and insoluble fibre.

These fibres are essential for the proper functioning of your digestive system, in addition to helping stabilize your blood sugar levels.

3. Avocados to fight eye diseases.

Avocado is a good source of lutein, an antioxidant that helps fight certain eye diseases, including macular degeneration.

Avocado also provides zeaxanthin, an element that also plays a major role in eye health.

4. A good fruit for babies.

Half an avocado provides 81mg of folate, a nutrient that lowers the risk of birth defects in newborns.


If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, be sure to consume the recommended daily amount of folate. Conversely, never consume these foods during pregnancy.

5. Avocados can help lower cholesterol.

In addition to providing a feeling of fullness, the oleic acid in avocado could help lower your cholesterol levels.

Avocado contains beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol that helps slow the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine. In one study, subjects whose diet emphasized avocado saw their “bad” cholesterol levels drop.

Plus, the folate in avocado may help lower your chances of having a heart attack and heart disease.

If your family has a history of heart problems, consuming avocado as part of a healthy lifestyle may help keep your heart healthier.

Other risk factors for heart disease include smoking and being overweight.

Combined with its high folate content, the cholesterol-lowering action of avocado could thus contribute to better heart health.

Finally, avocado is rich in monounsaturated fats that are good for the heart.


6. Facilitate the assimilation of carotenoids.

Combining avocados with foods that contain carotenoids will help your body absorb them better.

Remember that the carotenoids found in fruits and vegetables participate in the protection of epithelial tissues and the immune system.

It is because the carotenoids are liposoluble, that is to say, that they are soluble in fats, in particular those of this fruit.

Due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, avocado facilitates the assimilation of carotenoids found in other foods.

To fuel up on carotenoids, try adding avocado slices to a salad made with fruits and vegetables.

7. Avocados help stabilize your blood sugar.

Rich, creamy and contains monounsaturated fats, avocado slows down digestion.

This fruit also helps prevent blood sugar from rising sharply after a meal.

Try swapping the butter, margarine or mayonnaise for a puree of this creamy fruit.


To prevent it from oxidizing too quickly, spray it with spray cooking oil or lemon juice, and wrap its flesh in plastic wrap.


8. Avocados are an excellent source of potassium.

Avocados have more potassium than bananas.

A 100 gram serving of avocado provides 485 mg of potassium, while the same amount of bananas provides 358 mg.

9. Avocados would decrease the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Avocado and soy extract to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Studies show  that avocado and soy extract could reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

10. It helps lower cholesterol.

Avocados have a bad reputation for being high in calories and fat: half an avocado gives 113 calories and 10 g of fat.

But these are mostly monounsaturated fats: taken in moderation, they are excellent for your health.

These good fats raise your HDL cholesterol (the good), and lower LDL cholesterol (the bad).


11. It improves sleep

Because avocado contains magnesium (19.5 mg for half an avocado), recognized by experts as an anti-stress nutrient, adds dietitian Elise Muscles.

12. It makes the skin and hair silky

This superfood gives silky-smooth skin, as well as shiny eyes and hair.

This effect is an additional advantage of this remarkable food.

It is due to the fat-soluble vitamins and the monounsaturated fats it contains.

To get such results on your skin and hair, eat it or use it topically, reports Medical News Today.

13. Avocados to better protect against cancer?

Some research suggests that avocados can prevent certain types of cancer, including prostate cancer.

Some studies suggest that glutathione, an antioxidant found in this fruit, could also promote protection against cancer.

However, recent studies seem to question its protective effects against cancer.


Further scientific studies are therefore necessary to conclude and rule on the anti-cancer virtues of avocado.

Either way, avocado is a healthy way to add flavour and texture to your dishes.

Put a few slices in a salad, in a sandwich, or enjoy it as guacamole.

Avocado is always eaten raw because it becomes bitter when cooked.

This does not prevent it from being added to a hot dish such as a spicy sauce to pour over pasta.

Is avocado fattening?

We have said before that  avocado  is a fruit with a high caloric content, about 160 calories per 100 g.

But an investigation carried out by Professor Joan Sabaté, director of the Department of Nutrition at Loma Linda University (California, United States), affirms that consuming half an avocado a day helps to eat less.

What they have verified is that the effect that this fruit produces on the body reduces the desire to snack on something by 40% during the next three hours.


According to experts, this food does not produce a drop or a rapid increase in blood glucose, which is what activates the desire to eat.

Fat – and let’s remember one of the properties of avocado  is that it is rich in monounsaturated fats – and proteins do not activate insulin, which is responsible for rapid drops in sugar that stimulate appetite.

This is something that does happen with carbohydrates and other types of sugar. In addition, they have a slow digestion, which helps the body not to ask for food so quickly again.

So now you know, don’t let them tell you: one of the  benefits of avocado is that it helps you eat less!

Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?

Its green color should not confuse you, the avocado  (also known as  palta ), comes from a tree species native to Central America, probably Mexico, the Persea americana tree, and is an exotic fruit .

Pre-Columbian civilizations already cultivated it from northern Mexico to Guatemala. It was the Aztec peoples who cultivated it for centuries, which made it reach our days.

Do you know where the name “avocado” comes from? From the word “ ahuacatl ”, which means “the testicles of the tree”, since it grows up to 20 meters high, but its fruits are kept at about 5 meters.

There are many varieties, and it is grown in many countries, with a subtropical or Mediterranean climate, without going any further, Spain is the main European producer.


The Hass variety is the most common and the most consumed, since its harvesting period throughout the year makes it the one that has the most facilities to be cultivated. This variety is the one that is usually used to make guacamole .

We hope the article on the health benefits of avocado has been of help.


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