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Benefits of walking barefoot

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Discover the benefits of walking barefoot.

Surely you still remember your mother or grandmother telling you when you were a child to put on your shoes, that if you didn’t you were going to get constipation, or you were going to prick yourself…

A few days before the start of summer, your feet are seeing the light of day. In summer there are very few of us who hesitate to take off our shoes so that our feet can breathe (after all, walking barefoot can be very liberating). Have you checked it?

Is walking barefoot good for your health?

The feet have many nerve endings and when we walk barefoot we stimulate them. If we do it on natural and safe surfaces such as grass, sand, or in our homes, taking advantage of the fact that we are confined, among other benefits, we will improve the circulation in our legs.Benefits of walking barefoot


What are the consequences of walking barefoot?

Our podiatrists and posturology experts give you all the information you need about the consequences of going barefoot for this summer and the rest of the year

What are the benefits of walking barefoot

◦ Stimulate your foot muscles

Walking barefoot is beneficial for our health since we give our feet a break from the pressure that footwear usually causes and the humidity that is generated in the foot.


Taking off our shoes allows us to stimulate and work those muscles that are annulled or atrophied.

◦ Helps calm anxiety and stress

Sometimes our current life produces stress, anxiety, and nerves. Walking barefoot helps unblock pent-up emotions that later turn into other illnesses.

In the foot, there are many nerve endings and it is highly recommended that our plant has direct contact with the ground to release stress, strengthening the nervous system.

◦ Improves anatomical structure and cognitive development

Walking without shoes helps to align the joints and improves the anatomical space. In babies and young children, it is recommended that they walk barefoot at home.

In this way, their development will be complete and they will strengthen their safety while they learn to walk when coming into direct contact with the ground.

◦ Improves blood circulation

Going without shoes improves blood circulation as the muscles are in contact with different surfaces such as grass, earth, sand, parquet, etc. In the feet, there is a deep circulatory network that drives blood to the heart.


◦ Reduces back pain and strengthens muscles and ligaments

Many of the back pains are caused by spending a lot of time on your feet, with heels, or with bad shoes.


Walking barefoot on smooth surfaces will relax the muscles in your foot and may help relieve some back pain. These types of surfaces allow correcting imbalances in movements and strengthening the muscles and bones of the feet and ankles, achieving greater integration of the organism.

Consequences of walking barefoot

◦ Walking barefoot can cause foot infections

Walking barefoot through damp and unhygienic areas can cause us to catch some fungus and/or bacteria.

People who have diabetic feet or who continually work with closed shoes are more likely to have foot infections.

In particular, diabetics have to be more careful and prevent foot injuries that can later ulcerate. Diabetes can cause neuropathy by reducing sensation in the feet. These people should be very careful and do it on safe and clean surfaces.


Where is it better to walk barefoot?

At home, the sand or the grass.

Walking barefoot at home or on some surfaces such as beach sand or grass is positive for podiatric health. They are safe and positive places to start this practice if you are not used to going barefoot.

The fine sand will give you ” a foot massage ” removing impurities while relaxing them.

Avoid going barefoot in public places. Take care of the health of your feet but protect them. In sports facilities such as gyms, changing rooms, or swimming pools, use pigs to avoid the spread of fungi, papillomas, or any infection that is contracted by simple contact.

Who is recommended to go barefoot?

In babies, it is recommended that they walk barefoot than with shoes. They will better develop the motor neuronal connection, it helps them to recognize the terrain, locate themselves better in space and enhance their safety day by day.

In people with diabetes, the disease changes the normal hydration of the skin, which can lead to cracking and infection. They must be very careful and do it on safe and clean surfaces.


In the elderly, it helps to eliminate muscle tension caused by sitting or lying down for a long time.


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