5 benefits of garlic tea and side effects

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Discover the 5 benefits of garlic tea and their side effects.

You probably know the benefits of garlic in your diet, but the benefits of garlic tea are another important natural remedy that can provide several health favors.

However, before adding any powerful herbal teas to your health regimen, it is important to understand how to properly brew it, as well as the potential benefits it has.

5 Benefits Of Garlic Tea You Didn't Know Existed


Properties and benefits of garlic tea

It is well known that garlic tea was very common in ancient Greece and that it was mostly used to strengthen the body, improve general health, and at the same time provide energy and youth to people.

This may seem exaggerated, no doubt. However, you already know the virtues of garlic as a natural antibiotic and as a source of antioxidants,  so… Why not try the benefits of garlic tea that is both delicious and unique?

With this in mind, we must tell you that there are several notable benefits of garlic tea, such as helping weight loss efforts, boosting immunity, calming the respiratory system, lowering blood pressure, and increasing energy, among others.

1.- Increase immunity

Packed with antibacterial and antifungal compounds such as allicin, garlic tea benefits can give your immune system a huge boost by protecting against a wide range of infectious pathogens, particularly those taken in conjunction with food.


2.- Benefits of garlic tea for  blood pressure

Studies have linked the active ingredients in garlic to lower blood pressure, and garlic extract has also been shown to reduce serum cholesterol parallels.

This can reduce your risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke, as well as coronary heart disease.

3.- Improves the respiratory system

If you suffer from a cough, cold, sore throat, or stuffy nose, a single cup of this tea can help clear congestion and reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. It also helps speed healing and clear the underlying infection.

• As you already know,  garlic is an excellent natural antibiotic. This means that we can help prevent those pesky colds and strengthen our immune systems to ward off other illnesses Greek soldiers have been known to drink garlic tea after their battles to cure infections.

So, as you can see, the “miracles” they attributed to garlic tea in ancient times weren’t that unusual.

4.-Benefits of garlic tea for weight loss

Garlic tea’s benefits can stimulate metabolism, which can increase passive fat burning and aid in weight loss efforts, while also partially suppressing your appetite.

Garlic tea is an ideal supplement to help you lose weight gradually; It is superior cleaning support that helps our body dissolve excess fat in our body.

As it is useful to accelerate the metabolism, then, if we have the habit of consuming it every morning, it will not only help to take care of our health in general, but it will also be useful for the figure of our body.


5.- Provides energy

Drinking a cup of garlic tea every morning may not contain a caffeine boost, but it can boost overall energy levels earlier in the day, so if you want higher levels of vitality, be sure to access the benefits of tea. of garlic.

• Do you know how many vitamins you can get in just one glass of garlic tea a day? Much! You will receive vitamins A, B1, B2, and C, as well as some excellent antioxidants that are perfect for helping to take care of your vision and your skin, while also helping to prevent premature aging.

What is garlic tea?

Garlic tea is a hot concoction made from garlic cloves, and while it may not sound like the tastiest drink, it can be very beneficial to your health.

Garlic is scientifically known as Allium sativum and contains high levels of vitamins A, B, and C, as well as sulfuric compounds, allicin, various antioxidants, and other active ingredients.

When you eat garlic cloves or include them in your diet, you benefit from these components, but the concentration is usually quite low.

For thousands of years, garlic tea has been a trusted natural remedy, dating back to the ancient Greeks.

If you can get past the initially unpleasant taste, you will be amazed at the added energy and general well-being that a daily cup of garlic tea can provide.


Side effects of garlic tea

There are some potential side effects to consider, such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, general gastric upset, and an increased risk of bleeding disorders.

These side effects are generally only experienced if you consume a large amount of garlic tea or due to allergies.


You should be able to avoid side effects by practicing moderation when drinking this specialty tea.

How to make garlic tea

Below is the recipe for a glass of garlic tea, keep in mind what you need to make it delicious and without generating bad odors:


• A garlic clove

• Water (one glass – 200 ml or 6.5 ounces)

• Some grated ginger (3 g or 0.1 ounces)

• Lemon juice (1 tbsp. – 15 ml or 0.5 ounces)


Honey (1 tbsp. – 25 g or 0.9 ounces)


  1. It’s really easy to prepare. The first thing you should do is bring a glass of water to boil.

The moment you wait for the water to boil, cut the garlic clove into small pieces or mince the clove.

Do what you prefer. In this way, the benefits of its properties will be better obtained during cooking.

  1. Once the water starts to boil, you can add the 3 grams (0.1 oz) of the grated ginger and the minced garlic.

Let it cook for at least 15-20 minutes.

After this time, simply turn off the heat and let the infusion steep for about 10 more minutes.

3.Are you ready now? Great. The next step is easy. Strain the contents and keep the water that was infused during cooking.

Now you only need to add a tablespoon of natural lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey to sweeten this delicious infusion or tea made with garlic.

  1. You don’t need to worry about a bad smell from the garlic.

By adding the lemon and ginger while the tea is brewing, the smell will completely disappear in your mouth, so you will enjoy this wonderful and medicinal remedy.


When should you drink garlic tea?

You can have this healthy garlic drink every day in the morning and on an empty stomach, shortly after waking up.

You will get the same results as eating a natural garlic clove, and you will also benefit from a healthy infusion of ginger and lemon.

A recipe that is healing and simple, packed with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which is great to consume daily.

An excellent habit for your health that will protect you from many common diseases. How about we take a lesson from the ancient Greeks and start consuming garlic tea every day?

Can garlic tea be considered a good thing?

Garlic contains antioxidants, as well as allicin, the compound that supports many of garlic’s health benefits.

But in 2003, the scientific journal ” Phytotherapy Research ” published a literature review from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences that casts a potential shadow on garlic.

The review notes that although garlic is used to treat a variety of ailments including cancer, infections, and liver function, it also contains compounds that can damage the heart, liver, and kidneys if ingested in large doses.

Is garlic tea good for heart health?

Garlic tea may have heart-protective properties, a promising 1996 study from Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island gave aged garlic extract to 41 men with high cholesterol and found it reduced total serum cholesterol by 6 to 7 percent throughout the study.


Garlic extract also lowered LDL, “bad cholesterol” by 4 percent, and blood pressure by 5.5 percent. Brewing a cup of garlic tea can provide this heart-healthy meal in its real form.

Can garlic tea be considered a natural cleanser?

According to Drugs.com, garlic has been used for centuries to disinfect wounds, fight infections, and even treat tuberculosis using an inhaled version of garlic, perhaps garlic steamed tea.

Garlic juice and oil extracts inhibit the growth of many bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including candida, the antibacterial and antifungal activity is due to allicin, a compound within the garlic.

To release allicin, garlic must be crushed, cut, or chewed raw.


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