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11 Benefits of iodine and side effects

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Discover the 11 shocking health benefits of iodine and side effects.

Deficiencies in the supply of iodine can increase the risk of developing diseases in the thyroid gland.

This mineral is used in the medical field, as a colorant, and also in photography. codes

11 shocking health benefits of iodine


In this article, we will tell you what are the properties of iodine at the health level.

What is iodine?

It is an element discovered in the ashes of seaweed in 1811


It is an essential chemical element for the body.

Iodine deficiency

The thyroid gland is responsible for manufacturing the hormones triiodothyronine and thyroxine, which contain iodine

1. Hypothyroidism

Those who have a deficiency of this element can suffer a disease called hypothyroidism


Extreme fatigue

Weight gain.


Decreased basal metabolism.

This condition is known as goiter.

2. Cretinism

Another consequence of iodine deficiency is cretinism,  which causes retardation in body and mental growth, muscle stiffness, deafness, and dwarfism. This problem is more common in children in Africa.

Did you know that the excess of this mineral in your body can also be harmful to health?

Excess iodine

The excess can occur due to an immune alteration


Symptoms in this case include:

Soft spot.


Heart problems.

Heat intolerance

Ravenous appetite and thirst.


Increase in basal metabolic rate.

Health benefits of iodine

There is little iodine in the body. However, it has very important health functions. These are some of the advantages of this element on a physiological level.

1. Intervene in the synthesis of hormones

it is a mineral necessary for the synthesis of hormones secreted by the thyroid gland

2. Increase sexual desire

Iodine has a very important role in libido and the reproductive function of people, according to a study published in 2019.

Therefore, those with a deficiency of the mineral tend to have less sexual desire.

3. Prevent heart disease

Helps reduce the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries


4. Develop the brain

Pregnant women must consume iodine for the baby to develop the brain properly.

Deficiency of this mineral during pregnancy can cause mental retardation or growth problems.

5. Benefits of iodine for weight loss

By having a fundamental role in the formation of thyroid hormones, iodine can act in such a way that we lose weight or gain weight (depending on whether there is a deficiency or excess) without dieting or overeating.

If it is at adequate levels it will help the metabolism and we will have a better chance of maintaining the ideal weight.

6. Have healthy hair

Iodine nourishes the scalp and maintains healthy hair.

7. Control blood pressure

It can regulate the heart rate


8. Benefits of iodine for skin

One of the “visible” symptoms of this mineral deficiency is a dry and rough dermis.

On the contrary, if it is at adequate levels, it accelerates the wound healing process, regenerates the skin, reduces acne, and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

9. Eliminate toxins

Thanks to iodine, we can excrete toxic chemicals such as fluoride, lead, and mercury through urine and feces.

10. Strong nails

As with hair, when iodine levels are normal we can enjoy strong nails, with good growth and excellent appearance.

An imbalance in the amount of the trace mineral results in brittle nails

11. Increase energy

Drowsiness and listlessness can be symptoms of problems with this mineral.


Sources of iodine

It is essential to offer it through natural sources









Some dairy products have iodine as an additive for their antiseptic power. Be careful with some foods that make it difficult to absorb this trace element :







Iodine in the diet

It is necessary to carry out a balanced and varied diet to obtain all the benefits of iodine.

Except for pathological cases, there is not enough evidence to recommend an increase in the intake of this mineral above the normal dietary allowance.

Therefore, if you are healthy and your doctor has not prescribed any supplements, you do not need to increase your iodine intake.

However, some diseases may require monitoring of the contribution of this substance to alleviate the symptoms and the severity of the pathology itself


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