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Benefits of oatmeal and side effects

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Discover the Benefits of oatmeal and side effects.

Every day the daily consumption of oats in the diet of more and more people is more widespread.

And it is not for less, because from the moment you know its multiple benefits, you will not be able to stop including it in various dishes, especially in your breakfasts, snacks, and even as a healthy snack to snack between meals. Find out everything you need to know about oatmeal!

Properties of oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most complete cereals due to all the nutrients and vitamins that are so favorable for our body.

This fact is what has led it to become one of the essential ingredients in any self-respecting healthy diet. Take note of its multiple properties :

Benefits of oatmeal and side effects


Vitamins and minerals

Among all cereals, oats contain the most vitamins and minerals, as they are rich in iron, magnesium, selenium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin E, vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 .

Unsaturated fats

Regarding the fats in this food, it  is the cereal with the highest percentage of vegetable fat . 65% corresponds to unsaturated fatty acids, and 35% to linoleic acid.

To give you an idea, if you eat 100 grams of oat flakes, you will be covering a third of your daily needs for essential fatty acids.


Carbohydrates and fiber

The fact of including it in the first meal of the day is due to its great energy contribution through the  carbohydrates  it contains, and thanks to this you will have the energy you need to get through the day.

Despite containing carbohydrates, it is wrong to think that  oats are  fattening, quite the opposite!

Because its high content of soluble fiber in contact with water increases in size and produces a feeling of satiety, helping to control appetite . In addition, it also favors intestinal transit.


Combining it with foods such as milk or legumes, it perfectly complements the quality of the protein that our body needs, equaling that offered by meat and eggs, vital for growth and tissue repair.


Essential amino acids

Oatmeal provides six of the eight amino acids that are considered essential, essential for your body and child development.

These amino acids help stimulate the liver to produce lecithin , thus favoring the purification of heavy compounds from the body , eliminating bad cholesterol .

Benefits of oatmeal

As you have seen, oatmeal is full of favorable properties for your body. There are multiple ways to include it in your recipes to obtain healthy meals in the simplest way.

If you want to start the day on the right foot, don’t hesitate to bet on this cereal and accompany it with these natural juices to get the energy you need to face the whole day and perform properly.



1. Rich in antioxidants

Oats have polyphenols practically exclusive to this cereal, known as avenanthramides .

Thanks to these antioxidants, you will not only be able to combat cellular oxidation, but they are also responsible for regulating blood pressure, allowing the dilation of blood vessels , thus achieving an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Benefits of oatmeal for weight loss

As we have told you, oatmeal does not trigger blood sugar and this can be of great help, since it avoids ups and downs as well as being  satiating .

In this way,  it will be easier for you to control your food intake  throughout the day and you will be able to reduce your weight in the healthiest way.

In addition,  it regulates intestinal transit , so thanks to its high fiber content, your constipation problems will end.


3. Benefits of oatmeal for diabetes

In addition to being a very nutritious and cheap food, it also provides great health benefits, such as  heart care and lowering blood sugar levels.

4. Benefits of oatmeal for cholesterol

Another of its great benefits is that oatmeal contributes to the reduction of low-density proteins (LDL or bad cholesterol). Containing soluble fiber, it is capable of reducing the passage of cholesterol into the bloodstream.

How to use oatmeal

Don’t wait any longer and include oats in your daily diet to benefit from all its properties. You can consume this cerear both in your breakfasts, as in your snacks and dinners.

In addition, you can also prepare delicious  pancakes, cookies, bread or even smoothies mixed with fruit and non-dairy milk .

Remember that at the Eroski supermarket in Luz del Tajo you will find all the products you need to include oats in your diet and prepare delicious recipes with this ingredient as the main protagonist.

Recipes with oatmeal

In addition to all the benefits that we have mentioned, one of the strengths of oats is its great versatility when it comes to including it in multiple recipes. This cereal will allow you to play with different flavors and improvise delicious and healthy recipes.


From Luz del Tajo we recommend you to bet on a varied and balanced diet including oats in some of your dishes. If you can’t think of how to do it, don’t miss out on our following proposals for oatmeal-based recipes, you’ll love them!

Oatmeal pancakes

Do you want to start the day with some delicious oatmeal pancakes? Bet on a different and delicious breakfast that will charge your batteries to the fullest to face the day full of energy.

There are many ways to prepare oatmeal pancakes. We recommend that you try one of our favorites made with  oatmeal, almond milk, egg white and a mashed ripe banana . When you have mixed all these ingredients, start making your pancakes in an anti frying pan, it will just be back and forth!

To achieve a presentation worthy of a chef, you can place the pancakes on top of each other and sprinkle a drizzle of honey on top and some delicious blueberries.


It is one of the most popular dishes at the moment in many establishments and Instagram accounts.


Take the opportunity to try this healthy recipe with oats as the main ingredient. The truth is that you can prepare a porridge based on different ingredients, to your liking!

Start by heating the oatmeal with some type of non- dairy milk that you like until it has a consistent or pureed texture.

Add a little lemon and cinnamon and include your favorite fruits to give it your most personal touch. It is a breakfast with which you will be able to satisfy yourself based on healthy foods that will charge you with energy.

Oatmeal cake

Making a cake is one of the first steps you can take to get started in the kitchen on the right foot. .

If you also want to do it with a healthy recipe free of added sugars, you just have to replace the pastry flour with oatmeal and the refined sugar with natural sweetener .


Mix it with eggs, non-dairy milk and 0% fat yogurt. Once this mixture is made, you just have to pour it into a cake pan and bake it for 30 minutes, it’s that simple!


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