5 shocking health benefits of carrot oil on the skin

Discover the 5 shocking health benefits of carrot oil on the skin to know this summer.

Famous for its taste and nutritional qualities, the carrot is also a precious ally for our skin. 5 shocking health benefits of carrot oil on the skin

Its oil rich in beta-carotene and vitamins protects our skin and promotes its radiance.

Back to its many virtues.

Carrot oil is the result of macerating carrot roots in a neutral oil like olive oil or sunflower oil.

1. It gives a healthy glow

Carrot oil acts as a natural self-tanner.

Indeed its orange color gives an immediate healthy glow effect to the skin.

But be careful not to force the dose, you risk turning orange.

A few drops of carrot oil in your usual day cream are enough to restore pep to your mine.

2. Prepares our skin for the sun

It nourishes and protects our skin from the sun thanks to its provitamin A content, which makes our skin more resistant to ultraviolet rays.

But this ally is not enough to protect your skin, so don’t skip sunscreen.

3. Extends the tan

Proud of your tan, you want it to last as long as possible.

Know that carrot oil is your ally.

Its beta-carotene, vitamin A and fatty acid content make it a perfect natural after-sun treatment to prolong the duration of your tan.

4. Promotes cell regeneration

A small hand injury that bothers you?

Carrot oil will make it go away.

Thanks to its vitamin A and its antioxidant profile, it helps the skin to regenerate tissues damaged by skin lesions (acne, eczema, psoriasis and superficial wounds).

5. Delays the effects of aging

Tired of overpriced wrinkle creams? Be aware that carrot oil contains beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals responsible for aging skin.

Three homemade beauty recipes with carrot oil

1. Peeling mask

To brighten your complexion:

Mix 1 teaspoon of carrot oil with 1 teaspoon of organic liquid honey and another of yogurt.

Apply on your face then rinse with clean water.

2. Beauty oil

To prepare your skin for a tan:

Mix 125 ml of carrot oil with 50 drops of rosemary essential oil and 9 drops of vitamin E.

Soothing mask

To prolong your tan:

Prepare your mask with 1 tablespoon of carrot oil, as much red clay and 2 drops of noble chamomile essential oil.

Apply and leave on for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Risks, precautions and contraindications of carrot oil

Be careful, carrot oil does not protect against UV rays and therefore does not replace sunscreen.

We hope the article on the 5 shocking health benefits of carrot oil on the skinhas been of help.