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Serious side effects of enantyum

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Discover the side effects of enantyum.

When any part of the body hurts, we usually go to the medicine cabinet and look for anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofren or Enantyum ; both are pain relievers that help us reduce inflammation and make our cure faster and more satisfactory.

But what exactly is Enantyum for ? If you are pregnant can you take it? We will solve all these doubts in SEO by giving you detailed information about Enantyum: indications, uses and side effects .Enantyum - Indications, Uses and Side Effects


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What is Enantyum for

It is a drug that is included within the anti-inflammatory, since thanks to the composition of Enantyum, it is a powerful analgesic that is usually prescribed to treat different pains such as the following:

•Muscle pains


•Joint pain

•Period pains

•Dental pain

How to take Enantyum

Enantyum for headaches, joints or other types of discomfort can be taken in pills or sachets and should always be accompanied by water and taken after meals, thus reducing any effect on the stomach.

However, if the pain is very strong, it is advisable to take it 30 minutes before meals to facilitate the effect of the analgesic to act more quickly.

To know the amount you should take of Enantyum, it is essential that you go to a doctor and that they indicate the necessary doses for your ailment.


In general, it is recommended that 1 tablet be taken every 8 hours without going beyond 3 doses a day but the doses may vary, so you must follow the guidelines set by a specialist. In this article we tell you how to take Enantyum .

In addition, depending on the type of ailment we want to alleviate and what our doctor prescribes, we also have injectable and gel Enantyum.

We must follow the instructions that our doctor tells us in each case to take this medicine and never self-medicate.

Enantyum contraindications

As in all medicines, there are a series of contraindications when taking Enantyum since it is not indicated for a certain type of people such as the following:

•Allergic to dexketoprofen trometamol or any of the other ingredients of this medicine.

•Pregnant or breastfeeding women


•Allergic to acetylsalicylic acid or another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

•Asthmatics or people with acute allergic rhinitis, hives, angioedema or wheezing in the chest

•People who have suffered from peptic ulcers, stomach or intestinal bleeding, or chronic digestive problems

•People with severe heart failure, moderate to severe kidney failure, or severe liver failure

•Those under 18 years of age

Side effects of Enantyum

Within the taking of this anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicine, there is the possibility of experiencing some side effects, some of which are frequent, others are infrequent and others occur rarely.


Read carefully the possible side effects of Enantyum to be well informed of what taking this anti-inflammatory may entail.

Common side effects:

•Nausea and / or vomiting

•Stomach ache


•Digestive disorders


•Uncommon side effects:


•Vertigo and / or dizziness

•Drowsiness and sleep disturbances




•Hot flushes


•Stomach problems



•Rash on the skin

•Feverish feeling and chills

Uncommon Side Effects:

•Peptic ulcer


•Peptic ulcer perforation or bleeding

•High blood pressure

•Slow breathing

•Fluid retention and peripheral swelling

•Laryngeal edema

•Loss of appetite


•Itchy rash

•Lumbar pain

•Frequent urine output

•Menstrual disturbances

•Prostatic disorders,

•Liver cell damage (hepatitis)


•Acute kidney failure

This article is merely informative, at SEO we do not have the power to prescribe any medical treatment or make any type of diagnosis.

We invite you to see a doctor in the case of presenting any type of condition or discomfort.


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