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Health benefits of dried tomatoes

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Discover the Health benefits of dried tomotoes.


Dried tomatoes , typical of Mediterranean cuisine, are not only a tasty food with which to prepare or give more flavor to our dishes, but they are also a concentrate of beneficial virtues for the body. They are called dry because they are dehydrated, that is, they undergo a drying process in which they lose the water that characterizes them when they are still fresh.Health benefits of dried tomatoes


The method of drying tomatoes can vary: for example, ovens can be used; However, more and more companies are focusing on the organic production of dehydrated tomatoes by drying them in the sun for a few days. However, tomatoes without water are rich in other substances with a higher content than fresh vegetables, just like nuts.

The dried tomatoes have some antioxidants which are extremely effective in combating premature aging and free radicals. Its intense red color is due to a typical antioxidant of this vegetable, lycopene, which is found in greater amounts than the common fresh tomato.

Few people also know that these vegetables contain some minerals that are essential for our well-being. An example? Iron and magnesium! In addition to the ready-made containers in which are already dried tomatoes (preserved or not in oil), they can be prepared at home when weather conditions allow. We will find out more in this article.

Dried tomatoes: calories and nutritional values

Some of the elements that make up the dried tomato are already known by most, others are a true discovery that allows us to appreciate their qualities and pushes us to consume them as a source of well-being.


Iron : Tomatoes have an iron content of 9 mg and their constant consumption allows them to maintain sufficient levels to avoid the appearance of anemia and ward off fatigue and weakness.

Magnesium : With its 194 mg per hectoliter, magnesium plays a regulatory role at the heart level, keeping blood pressure levels normal and regulating the heartbeat.

Soccer : Who would have thought that calcium could be found in dehydrated tomatoes? That’s right, 100 grams gives 110 mg of calcium, involved in many processes, such as muscle contraction, transmission of nerve impulses, mineralization, etc …

Phosphorus : The phosphorus in dried tomatoes (356 mg) is a friend of our psychophysical health, since it improves our ability to concentrate and mood by controlling depression.

Vitamin A : Dried tomatoes are known as beta-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. The intake of this nutrient ensures the elasticity and firmness of the skin, and improves vision.

Fibers : Tomatoes are really rich in them: 12 grams per hectoliter. The fibers are concentrated on the outside (skin) but above all in the seeds, which contain soluble and insoluble fibers.


Antioxidants : They are the true protagonists of this food. We found lycopene (45,902 µg) and lutein and zeaxanthin (for a total content of 1419 µg) that also appear to protect against certain forms of cancer.

Protein : We are used to talking about protein in legumes, but vegetables are also rich in it (14 gr), so its consumption is essential for a balanced diet.

As for the calories of dried tomatoes, they are moderately high, that is, 258 per 100 g, so its consumption must be balanced if we follow a diet, preferably choosing canned tomatoes without other ingredients (such as oil).

Despite the calories, these vegetables can be easily consumed by those who suffer from high blood sugar levels, as the glycemic index of dried tomatoes is quite low (35).


Health benefits of dried tomatoes

Below are the Health benefits of dried tomatoes :

Nutrients are capable of guaranteeing well-being and health in small dimensions. So let’s find out more about its properties.


Fight anemia

We have already mentioned above the iron they contain, which is essential for blood production and therefore has a preventive function against mild forms of anemia.

Prevent aging

We refer to both the cells that make up the internal tissues and organs of our body, as well as the outer skin. The anti-aging function is performed mainly by antioxidants that slow down the aging process and cellular deterioration.

Strengthen bones

Another property of dried tomato is to support and strengthen the bone system, thanks to the presence of calcium and phosphorus that work together for the normal processes of reconstruction and demolition of bone tissue.

Waking up the lazy gut

Tomato fibers regulate intestinal transit by increasing the volume of waste to be eliminated, to facilitate the physiological process.

Protects cardiovascular activity

Eating dehydrated tomatoes can be a way to prevent cardiovascular disorders by normalizing blood pressure and preventing arrhythmias.

How to make dried tomatoes at home?

Making tomatoes at home has never been easier. Once purchased, they will be thoroughly rinsed. Then we place a flat surface, such as a table, outside so that the sun’s rays can reach it and we place a fairly large cloth or tablecloth on it.


Cut the tomatoes (the best species is San Marzano) lengthwise so that the two halves are arranged with the pulp facing up. To reduce the time it is possible to sprinkle the tomatoes with coarse salt , however, it will still take a few days to lose all the water. It is recommended to cover the tomatoes with a mosquito net to prevent insects from settling on them.

At night we cover them with a cloth to keep them away from moisture. If we want to introduce dried tomatoes into the diet but we don’t have an outdoor space, you can always distribute them on a baking sheet and bake them at 100 ° for a few hours (about 5).

Dried tomatoes: ideas for using them in the kitchen

Now that we know how to make them, how do we use them? The ideas in the kitchen are many: we can start with an appetizer based on crunchy bread baskets on which we put some pieces of dried tomato, along with olives and tofu cubes, or make a purely summer salad in which we combine tomatoes with lettuce leaves (or mixed salad), black olives, corn, capers and chopped almonds.

What if we prefer a first course? No problem: we prepare a condiment with fried tomatoes , garlic or onion, a pinch of chili and parsley or basil leaves. We can also use them to enrich puddings, meatballs, rice salads (but also spelled, barley, etc.) or mix them with chickpeas to obtain an even tastier hummus.

Dried tomatoes: contraindications

Despite the valuable benefits of dried tomatoes, some people may experience some discomfort after eating them. Tomatoes are generally not recommended for those who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn , and of course in the presence of an allergy to this vegetable.

Finally, they should not be consumed by those who suffer from hypertension if they have been dehydrated and seasoned with salt, as is the case with those already packaged, to which salts, aromas and flavor enhancers are sometimes added.


We hope the article on the health benefits of dried tomatoes has been of help.


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