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Benefits of jade rolling

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Discover the benefits of jade rolling.

Although in the past couple of years beauty enthusiasts have been excited about cutting-edge skincare innovations, the use of ancient facial tools, used in keeping with time-honored traditions, is in vogue. We do not miss valuable tips for beautiful skin.

Favored for the low price and for the possibility of putting it in the kit, the facial jade roller or in other gemstones like rose quartz and amethyst, has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent times.

Undoubtedly, the primary role of this “alley of glory” is social networks and user sharing. If you haven’t tried it yet, read our reference article. The jade roller for the face guarantees facial well-being

In general, devices used for face massage, help sculpt features, encouraging drainage and toning slack muscles.

So the broader wellness movement that marries skincare with self-care may also play a role in the resurgence of facial tools. As we all use the infused beauty of crystals, it makes sense to incorporate the jade roller made of gemstones.


They not only allow us time for a ritual daily facial but also since they are made of materials revered for their restorative properties, treat the skin in multiple ways.

What is a jade roller?

As a reminder, jade rolling is a type of facial treatment that brings freshness to your face. This is done with a simple to use facial tool – a jade roller, also known as a facial roller.

However, neither the tool nor the process is new. Tracing the origin of jade rollers leads us to old Chinese women, who were usually wealthy.

Nowadays, Chinese women do not see jade rollers as a tool, but as a symbolic tool of power and immortality. In traditional Chinese medicine, jade rollers are precious stones. But that’s about its history, what exactly is jade? Has the usage changed?

First, jade rollers are cold stones; By rolling the beautiful stones on your face, you get an instant result: a face that glows and looks young. The jade rolling brings out fine lines and, according to the Chinese, relieves facial tension that the face may have accumulated.

In short, jade rollers are important for


• enhance your beauty;

• Relax your face against stress;

• And provide other health benefits (more on this later).

Jade rollers work as anti-aging tools, very similar to Refa rollers. Effects include improved facial elasticity, healthy cell maintenance, and improved facial appearance.

Not that this product benefits you immediately, every time. However, some of the benefits of jade rollers are the result of consistent use.

When you use it often, your face will be treated, facial wrinkles or folds will be healed over time. You deserve a beautiful, glowing face, and we’ll show you how to achieve it with jade rollers.


Benefits of jade rolling


How does a jade roller work?

First, a jade roller has an elegant handle and two rollers on each end. The larger roller is for your entire face, while the smaller is for the eye area.

Once you are ready to use, you wrap one end over your facial skin. And it relaxes your skin muscles among other benefits. Jade lamination should be perfectly done (more on this below) to allow facial absorption of applied products and generally enhance beauty.

How to use a jade roller

If someone says jade rollers aren’t helping their face cool down, we know exactly what’s wrong. No, it’s not the product. The person probably went to a bad school and therefore does not know how to properly apply a jade roller. When someone says she doesn’t like them, it leaves us guessing: maybe she tried – maybe – and decided to give it up.

To be honest, using this skincare product works like magic. And now we are going to show you how to use a jade roller and you will want to keep using it.

Once you’ve made your choice from our carefully selected jade rollers, we won’t let you figure out how to use them yourself. We have detailed the whole process below.


Step 1: prepare

• The first preparation consists of placing the jade roller in the freezer for 1 to 3 hours.

• Cleanse your face. You may want to use a facial cleanser or just wash your face. Wash off previous makeup or any layers of cosmetics from your face.

Step 2: Jade Rolling

• Place the jade rollers on your forehead and roll them up to your chest. Or take it anyway, from the chest.

• Focus. Repeat the rollers on each section of your face to ensure it is applied effectively.

• To make sure you are doing a good job, examine your face in the mirror. It should be brighter than before.

• If it shines like the beginning of the moon, reapply the jade rollers. Your beautiful facial lines will come alive like young plants.


• A pure face serum could do the magic. Or use a moisturizer and your face will transform. Additionally, we will talk about other benefits of jade rollers in the next section.

• Use a clean towel to clean your face.

• Reapply moisturizer.

You have completed the process. The effect of the jade rollers will come in the form of a bright and shiny face – like a diamond among all metals. Let us tell you this: the moisturizer you used, in the beginning, drove the roller into the skin of your face. The second time you applied it, you finished it. So we are impeccably done.

Jade Rolling Tips

As usual, here are the highlights to note:

• Apply serum or moisturizer first. This helps the jade roller to be more effective.


• To free yourself from any sign of a headache, use the jade roller on your temple and sinuses.

• If you wish, you can try the method every day. No harm in that. However, the normal jade rolling interval is every two or three days, so three to four times a week.

Benefits of jade rolling

This facial beauty tool has more benefits than any other. Beauty is the whole point of it, and we’ve talked about its obvious and controversial health benefits. However, it is not limited to these. Let’s dig deeper and see what jade rollers give users.

1. Prevents sagging skin by toning facial muscles

Jade rolling regularly will help you get rid of sagging skin, improve your skin elasticity, calm down, and even out your skin tone. Although it is not a definitive anti-aging solution, it tones the muscles of your face and reduces fine lines in the long term.

2. rebuilds the cell in your face with facial massage

We know you massage your back and shoulders when you feel tired. What about your precious face? Using jade rollers can serve you what it feels like when you receive a professional facial – that feeling of being energized in your face.

3. Increases the amount of collagen on the face

By exercising the skin on your face, jade rollers help increase, stimulate and improve the number of facial skin proteins called collagen.


4. Jade rolling increases blood circulation

The muscles of the face will allow the free circulation of the facial liquid, thanks to the movement of the jade rollers on the face. Start by doing a weekly jade rolling and let the blood running down your face take a pleasant turn from one corner of the face, spontaneously to the other.

5. Faster absorption of skincare products

Jade rollers help the face absorb facial treatment products in less time. This means that you have less time to apply makeup to your face and yet the effects of the applied products are still intact. The effects should be improved.

6. Achieve Lymphatic Drainage

This is brought about by the removal of extra facial fluid that is collected around the eyes and cheeks. There are waste products that come out of your lymph nodes, called lymphatic fluid. These wastes usually go back to your cardiovascular system. As you apply jade rollers, you massage the skin of the face, a method that has been used for years to treat sinuses and immune disorders.

7. No darkness under the eyes

Do you wake up early and find dark circles under your eyes? It’s time to get your jade rollers and solve this problem once and for all. If the problem is not genetic or critically severe, the blood vessel under the eyes will be smaller due to their cooling sensation. Case closed. No more darkness under the eyes.

Reminder: How Often Should You Use Jade Rollers?

We have already mentioned it, which is why we recommend it three or four times a week, although there is no downside to using it daily.


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