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7 Benefits of jamu juice and side effects



jamu juice benefits

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6 benefits of drinking bay leaf tea




bay leaf tea side effects

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watermelon juice benefits and side effects

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15 Benefits of coconut oil for babies T




coconut oil for babies to eat

Discover the 15 Health benefits of coconut oil for babies.

People might have known that there are many health benefits of coconut oil for babies.

Therefore, after birth, coconut oil is usually one of the ingredients available to solve various newborn problems.

Many of the benefits are provided naturally through coconut oil, which is why this oil is one of the famous ingredients that is also quite well known in many countries around the world.

It is important to know that there are several types of coconut oil.

Therefore, be sure to choose the correct type for the baby application.

There are pure coconut oil, refined coconut oil, virgin coconut oil, organic coconut oil, and organic virgin coconut oil.

All of these types can be considered suitable for babies. However, for the best result, it is better to give organic virgin coconut oil.

Since there are no chemicals involved in the process that should be safe to use.

Also, if you are curious and want more specific details and explanations, please access the following checklists that provide the 15 health benefits of coconut oil for babies.

Health Benefits of coconut oil for babies

Among the health benefits of coconut oil for babies we can find the following:

1.- Baby massage

The most common benefits of coconut oil are for making baby massages.

Baby massage is believed to be good for controlling blood circulation.

Therefore, some countries still apply massage for newborn babies and hope that this will lead to a healthier condition for the baby.

To do this activity, one of the best ingredients is virgin coconut oil.

By using the oil that is gently rubbed on the baby’s skin, you can help stimulate all of the baby’s blood and muscle arteries to work better.

It will also make the baby feel relaxed and improve the parasympathetic nervous system.

Besides, coconut oil is also easily absorbed into the skin and allows the baby to sleep better after the massage.

2.- Keeps the skin soft

The health benefits of coconut oil for babies, including helping to maintain skin.

Coconut oil is a good agent to help keep the baby’s skin soft and smooth.

Therefore, applying the oil after a bath will benefit to keep the skin smooth and prevent further skin problems.

Mainly newborns who generally have sensitive skin and still manage to naturally change their skin in their first few months.

By using the oil, you can help maintain the condition of the skin and consider it safe for babies.

3.- Maintain healthy skin

Coconut oil is also a famous ingredient that can help bring healthy baby skin. Mainly to help treat skin irritation or infection, such as eczema.

Therefore, applying the oil to the baby’s skin can help prevent further inflammation of the skin.

It will regenerate a new skin cell and bring faster healing to any skin disease.

4.- Avoid diaper rash

Coconut oil is also a good treatment for baby diaper rash. It is common for the baby to have a rash and redness from the napkin or diapers.

Therefore, to handle it, apply the oil gently to the bottom of the baby. It will soothe the symptoms and help moisten the baby’s bottom.

Besides, it can stimulate faster healing and help return the baby’s skin to a soft and smooth condition.

5.- Promote baby’s hair growth

One of the amazing health benefits of coconut oil for babies, which includes helping to promote baby hair growth.

As a newborn, they generally have less hair and need stimulation to get thicker hair.

The use of coconut oil will stimulate the baby’s hair roots through the content of fatty acids it contains.

Also, it can help remove the scalp and sebum inside the baby’s hair follicles.

This mechanism will help support better hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Mainly the first two months where the newborn will lose all the hair and replace it with a better one.

6.- Avoid constipation

Not only is it good to apply, but some servings of coconut oil are also good for babies to consume.

Giving your baby virgin coconut oil frequently will help prevent constipation.

It will stimulate the baby’s bowel movement to drive a better digestive system.

When it reacts to give a faster digestive, it will help avoid a digestive problem.

Which normally one of the common digestive problems of the baby is constipation.

Therefore, consuming baby oil will be good for maintaining a healthy digestive and relieving constipation.

7.- Reduce baby acne

Other health benefits of coconut oil for babies also reduce the chance of experiencing baby acne.

Perhaps not many people know that the baby can also cause acne.

It’s more about the rash that contains some fat inside and grows on the baby’s face and sometimes the body as well.

This acne will generally clear up after several weeks. However, it makes the baby uncomfortable.

Therefore, applying coconut oil will lead to faster relief. It can help clear acne faster and replace it gently or smoothly on the baby’s skin.

Also, it can help prevent more infections that can appear from acne.

8.- Improves the baby’s digestion

As we mentioned earlier, the oil can work to prevent constipation.

In the same way, it means that the oil will help improve the baby’s digestion system.

It can handle a better gut and lead to a better digestive hormone.

That is why giving a teaspoon of coconut oil to the baby regularly will help improve the baby’s digestion system.

Also, you will avoid any digestive problems and manage a healthy digestive every day.

9.- Increase Baby’s Immunity

Other health benefits of coconut oil for babies also help boost the baby’s immunity.

People might not consider this benefit. But the fact is that coconut oil contains the fatty acid that works well to enhance the body’s immune system.

Because it is one of the natural contents within breast milk that will help support the baby to develop a good immune system.

Therefore, consume coconut oil also a good way to create better immunity and lead the baby to stay healthy.

It will prevent more illnesses or infections from viruses and bacteria.

While the baby is easy to get sick and needs more immune stimulation to keep his body healthy.

10.- Calm the babies

Using coconut oil on the baby’s skin will also help calm any baby.

It is common for the baby to experience cradle cap in the first few months due to the very mild skin condition.

Sometimes it can hurt the baby and bring an uncomfortable feeling.

Therefore, to soothe the symptoms, applying virgin coconut oil will help moisturize and soften the skin.

It will help the baby avoid uncomfortable skin and accelerate the regeneration of skin cells.

Additionally, the antibacterial properties within coconut oil will take care of naturally removing debris and further protecting skin irritation or inflammation.

11.- Avoid dry and chapped lips

The coconut oil will also work to moisturize the baby’s skin and bring a smooth surface skin condition.

It also works the same way on the baby’s lip. Therefore, it will be good to apply the oil to avoid dry and chapped lips for the baby.

As it is a common condition that can appear in newborns and cause injury to the lips.

By applying coconut oil, you can protect the baby’s lip and help moisten the surface of the lip.

Therefore, it would not dry easily and it would also become soft.

12.- Treatment for Candida

Coconut oil has an antimicrobial agent that will work to kill any bacteria or viruses. It also works effectively to prevent candida.

Therefore, if you have experience with baby candida, it will be better to treat this problem with coconut oil. Candida usually comes from breastfeeding.

The rest of the breast milk can invite any yeast and candida to grow inside the baby’s mouth and tongue.

This can cause an unpleasant sensation for the baby and cause him to cry during the day.

Therefore, by administering the coconut oil, you can help to treat Candida and also to faster healing.

Also, it will make the mouth and tongue feel comfortable and eliminate all symptoms.

13.- Wounds for healing babies

It is also a surprising fact that coconut oil can help in faster relief from a baby’s wounds.

Therefore, it is also good to apply the oil to help the baby’s wound healing faster. However, be sure to avoid further infection and do so gently.

Through the proper form, the antioxidant capacity will stimulate collagen and lead to faster healing.

Also, it will stimulate cell regeneration and help improve the healing process.

14.- Antimicrobial

Perhaps many people do not realize that the health benefits of coconut oil for babies include bringing them in as an antimicrobial agent.

Therefore, consuming the oil will lead to avoiding further bacterial infection.

This is important as babies are easy to get infected from their environment.

Therefore, giving a teaspoon of oil every day will help bring a good effect to fight the virus and infection.

15.- Baby teething

The baby always faces a necessary teething phase.

Therefore, they will act to bite many types of animals around them.

Giving coconut oil will help calm any inflammation that may occur during the baby’s teething time.

Therefore, it will help prevent further gum irritation and a healthier mouth for the baby.

Also, it can relieve pain and eliminate the feeling of discomfort as well.

How to apply coconut oil for babies

Many new mothers may find it difficult to apply coconut oil. It’s even actually a simple thing to do.

However, some new mothers feel so careful about treating their babies to avoid further risks and problems.

So if you have the same problem, check below for ways to apply coconut oil and reap the health benefits of coconut oil for babies:

  • Pour a little coconut oil on both hands. Rub gently to bring a little warming effect from the oil before applying it to the baby’s body.
  • Gently massage the coconut oil on the baby’s stomach, back, hand and feet. Make sure not to cause injury or avoid uncomfortable feelings for the baby.
  • Let the oil absorb into the baby’s skin for 10 to 15 minutes. While you wait for the oil to absorb, do a light massage. Be sure to do the massage in a warm room to avoid the baby’s illness.
  • Take the baby to a bath to clean all the oil after the end.

Precautions and recommendations when using coconut oil for babies

There are even several health benefits of coconut oil for babies, even so, there are several precautions that need to be taken when applying the oil.

If you plan to apply or give the oil to babies, be sure to check the following recommendation first:

  1. Carefully apply the oil and make sure not to touch the baby’s eye. Since it can irritate the baby’s eyes and cause redness or itching.
  2. If you mix the oil in baby food, be sure to give it the proper portion. Do not give too much of the oil as the baby’s stomach could be too sensitive and cause diarrhea.
  3. Do not continue applying the oil if the baby suddenly experiences a rash, nausea, or does not feel well. Some babies may still have allergy problems or are not suitable for the oil.

Also, make sure that you only use virgin coconut oil and avoid any coconut oil that has been mixed with another chemical composition, as it could be a danger to babies.

Those are all the health benefits of coconut oil for babies that naturally bring many benefits.

Therefore, it is not surprising if many health professionals also suggest using virgin coconut oil as one of the best ingredients for newborns.

However, always pay attention to some recommendations above.

Thus, it will lead to a safer way to apply the oil and achieve the optimal health benefits of coconut oil for babies.

Enjoy a wonderful coconut oil time with your newborn!

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