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10 Benefits of bach flowers and side effects

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Discover the 10 Benefits Of Consuming Bach Flowers and side effects.

When it comes to the benefits of consuming Bach flowers, it does not bring any risk, much fewer contraindications harmful to health, nor do they interact with other medical treatments, which is why they are suitable for everyone in the family.

It is especially beneficial for those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or exhaustion. Do you sometimes feel under deep stress?

There is a natural remedy without strong medications or painful injections, which only needs a natural essence of certain flowers, the so-called Bach flowers that can have a wonderful effect to combat emotional disorders.10 Benefits Of Consuming Bach Flowers


Emotion therapy influences all aspects of our life, which is why Bach flowers provide us with a series of benefits for health and our body.

What are Bach flowers?

The Bach Flowers, also known as «flower therapy», or «bach flower essences», is nothing more than the name or the generic and commercial definition of a form of non-pharmaceutical artisan preparations made using a decoction process of maceration in the water of flowers, whether they are ripe and of various wild plant species, which are diluted in brandy (this is a wine distillate, used as a preservative medium).

The history of Bach flowers

Edward Bach was a physician of Welsh origin who, between 1929 and 1936, the year of his death, after having successfully practiced traditional medicine in a successful London studio, returned to his native country.

I work constantly in the search for remedies for the ills of the soul and found them in the virtues of some plants.


He had discovered that every human being responds, from an emotional point of view, since the consciousness of all living beings is based on a common pattern and responds to the same stresses.

When there is a disharmony or an altered state of consciousness, perhaps a condition of emotional stress, humans respond according to specific patterns of behavior, according to the Bach catalog.

Benefits of Bach flowers

The great and numerous benefits of effects that are attributed to these wonderful Bach flower essences are widely recognized since their main objective is to stabilize the body’s energy through the healing of the emotional problems that affect people today.

Different investigations continue to test the effectiveness of this treatment, but bach flowers have been able to acquire great fame and popularity since unlike other remedies it offers the following advantages:

•  it is completely free of chemical ingredients and active substances that can intervene with other medicines,

• It can also be used on people of all ages and can even be administered to pets. their side effects are minimal, these flowers are emotionally effective.

Each of the Bach flower essences is a deep feeling, a character trait. Therefore, you must know yourself to choose the one that best suits you and will help you find your inner balance.

1.- Fears and trials

Brought from Palestine by the Crusaders, the Star of Bethlehem is one of the most requested Bach flowers.


This remedy helps to pass the test and helps calm psychosomatic disorders. Entering into a process of inner healing and appeasement is facilitated. It is also recommended for babies who have suffered during childbirth.

2.- Life changes

Flower of transition and adaptation par excellence, walnut is for people who need to change something in their lives and who cannot adapt to a new situation.

It is a precious remedy to cope with changes. It also allows you to go through the main stages of life (puberty, menopause …).

3.- Improve nightmares

Are you in the grip of panic fears and various terrors? The Hélianthème is for you. If you are a witness or victim of an accident, have escaped a natural disaster, have nightmares or suffer from vertigo, this floral elixir can help you overcome this paralyzing fear.

4.-Increase confidence

People who lack self-confidence, fear failure, or feel inferior can turn to Larch. This remedy is recommended for those who are easily discouraged and think they “will never make it.”

5.- Peace of mind

Native to the mountainous regions of Greece, White Chestnut is recommended to calm the minds of worried people who ask too many questions. This Bach flower treats restlessness and allows you to have clearer ideas

6.- Improve perfectionism

The beech or beech is for perfectionists, as well as for people with an overly developed critical sense, who show arrogance, intolerance and only see the negative side of things.

7.- Improve your lifestyle

Has life become a permanent struggle? Are you thinking of giving up? Try the oak. This floral elixir is destined, according to Dr. Bach, for those who fight and fight vigorously to improve, or to take on daily life.


8.- Egocentricity decreases

! This flower helps to avoid the feeling of loneliness inherent in this egocentric character. It helps them to open up to others and to accept to stop talking only about them.

9.- Overcome melancholy

Mustard is recommended because this floral elixir can overcome melancholy or sadness. It is the flower of comfort and serenity that allows you to regain your joie de vivre.

10.- Control anxiety and impatience

This relief remedy developed by Dr. Bach is the best known of all. Five flowers enter its composition: the honeymoon, impatience, the My robolan plum, the star of Bethlehem, and Clematis. This is a true all-in-one to meet the urgent needs of letting go, a stressful and distressing situation.

Types and groups of Bach flowers

The Bach flowers are grouped in 38 different types. Each flower works on a specific emotion or mood. They are divided into 7 different groups:

Group 1: fear

• Rose of the rocks: intense fear, panic.

• Mimulus: fear of familiar things, shame.

• Plum: fear of losing control, despair.


• Aspen: fear with no known cause.

• Red chestnut: anxious concern for others.

Group 2: uncertainty

• Cerato: doubt about own judgment.

• Scleranthus: unable to decide.

• Gentian: these of discouragement, doubt.

• Gorse: loss of hope.

• Carpe: Monday morning feeling.


• Wild oats: doubting the path to choose in life.

Group 3: insufficient interest in the here and now


• Clematis: daydream, distraction.

• Mother jungle: nostalgia, living in the past.

• Wild rose: apathy.

• Olive: physical and/or mental exhaustion.

• White chestnut: concern.

• Mustard: melancholy for no apparent reason.


• Chestnut bud: do not learn from past experiences.

Group 4: loneliness

• Water violet: pride, reserved.

• Impatiens:

• Heather:

Group 5: sensitivity to the influences of others

• Agrimony: worry, hiding behind a cheerful mask.

• Centaury: not being able to say “no.”


• Walnut: difficult to get used to the new circumstances.

• Holly: hate, anger, envy, jealousy.

Group 6: despair and despair.

• Larch: lack of self-confidence.

• Pine: feeling guilty.

• Olmo: when you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities.

• Chestnut: deep and elegant, standing on the edge of the abyss.

• Star of Bethlehem: sadness, trauma.


• Willow: resentment, bitterness.

• Oak: move forward and not dwell on the past.

• Crab apple: personal self-disgust fixation on details.

Group 7: excessive concern for the welfare of others

• Chicory: give to receive, claim.

• Vervain: exaggerated enthusiasm.

• Vine: tendency to dominate others.

• Haya: criticize, condemn.


• Rock water: self-denial at the expense of your ideals.

Use of Bach flowers

• It is recommended 4 times 4 times a day of prepared and diluted mixture or a single flower.

• To obtain stable results, treatment should be continued for 3 weeks with follow-up.

• They are taken by mouth directly in the mouth or a drink.

When do Bach flowers start to work?

As with most medications, that depends on your sensitivity to the active ingredients.

You can assume that you will notice the consequences within a few days of starting Bach therapy. For some people, it works immediately after the first time.

To make flower remedies, two methods can be used:

1) Using the sun method (especially used for the most delicate flowers), which consists of placing the flower heads in pure water under direct sunlight for approximately three hours.


2) Boiling method where the flowering part of the plant is boiled for half an hour. In both of these methods, the heat transfers the energy from the flowers to the water.

The water is then energized by the energy of the flower that is diluted in the water, and this energized water is mixed with a little brandy to preserve the essence.

This combination is what is called: mother tincture. This blend is also further diluted with brandy by an average of two drops of mother tincture to 30 ml of brandy.


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