6 Health Benefits of sugar cane wine

Discover the 6 Health Benefits of sugar cane wine.

Sugar cane wine is a sweet and natural drink, with a touch of alcohol that enchants the palate of those who taste it.

Sugarcane products also come in the form of alcoholic beverages, although most of them are ethnic.

Sugar canes are available in the form of rum, made from sugar cane juices from the Caribbean, as well as Basi, a fermented alcoholic beverage made from sugar cane juices from the Philippines and Guyana.

6 Health Benefits of sugar cane wine

In the Philippines, basi is a traditional alcoholic beverage from the Ilocos region of the island of Luzon, in the northern Philippines.

In that region, the pale red basi has been consumed since the time of the Spanish colony, traditionally made by crushing the sugar cane at first and extracting the juice.

The juices are boiled in containers known as vats and then stored in “tapayan,” or traditional Earth jars.

As time passes and the juice cools, only additional flavorings such as glutinous rice with duhat or java plum, rinds, or other fruits are added.

Finally, the jars are sealed with banana leaves and left to ferment for a longer period, which can normally last up to years.

It is from fermentation that alcohols begin to form naturally.

If it is fermented longer, it will automatically transform into “suka” or vinegar.

Sugarcane is a crop plant that is the key to sugar production.

Each cane represents 80% of the sugars produced, while the remaining 20% comes from sugar beet.

In addition to the production of sugars, sugarcane can also be used in the form of animal feed, food, and pest control until reaching sustainable energy sources.

Only about food, sugar cane is directly consumable, with applications that range from the most diverse cultures around the world. Sugarcane is usually made into juices, syrups, or wines.

6 health benefits of sugar cane wine

Here are all the health benefits of sugarcane wine: Sugarcane is flexible, it can be reused in vinegar.

Like what has been written above, Philippine “basi” sugar cane wine can be reused in vinegar.

All you have to do is let it ferment for a long period. Acidic vinegar can be used as an antibacterial solution, lower blood sugar levels to prevent diabetes, cure digestive problems, and much more.

1.- Source of organic energy

Like sugarcane contains positive stores of carbohydrates, protein, potassium, iron, and other types of minerals that help increase energy by accumulating plasma and body fluids.

It also contains sucrose (simple sugars) that are easily absorbed by the body to replace the missing sugar levels within the body.

2.- Promotes healthy digestion

Sugarcane wines promote healthy digestion by acting as a digestive tonic and a source of sugarcane juice benefits for weight loss.

Digestive tonics allows you to get out of the sufferings of digestive discomfort by balancing the abdominal pH levels made by potassium.

Sugarcane wines also help you lose weight by being high in soluble fibers and by removing bad cholesterol from the body.

3.- Recommended for diabetics

Similar to the benefits of sugarcane juices, sugarcane wines can be recommended for diabetics, but only in moderation.

Sugarcane wines, like their main ingredient, contain low levels of the glycemic index (GI).

It is the glycemic index that keeps blood sugar levels in check.

Since it does not alter blood sugar levels significantly, it is advisable for diabetics to first consult their doctors to determine whether or not it is safe for them to consume sugar cane wines.

4.- It has minerals

Sugarcane wines have abundant mineral resources within them that are equally good for the body, such as sucrose, potassium, carbohydrates, protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and more.

According to USDA Nutrition Data, most minerals are equal to 1-3% of our daily values, except carbohydrates that total 24% of our recommended daily value.

5.- Acts as health supplements for the body

Sugar canes in general act as health supplements for the body in various ways, such as being an antioxidant, enhancing our immunity, and reducing fever.

Antioxidants improve our immunity, protecting us against liver and digestive diseases, while sugarcane cures fever, preventing the consumer from losing proteins that weaken it in the course of fever.

6.- Promotes healthy bones and teeth

Sugarcane is a considerable source of calcium, with 11.23 mg of calcium based on the USDA Nutrition Facts listed above.

Calcium is essential for the growth and development of our bones and teeth.

In addition, it also prevents tooth decay thanks to its calcium and phosphorus reserves that help build tooth enamels.

Here are the health benefits of sugarcane juice during the first trimester of pregnancy plus the health benefits of red muscat wine.

These are the health benefits of sugar cane wine. As you can see, the health benefits of sugarcane wine make it an alternative to a healthy liquor.

Unfortunately, the sugarcane wine industry is not very developed in the Philippines.

If it experiences higher growth, more people are more aware of its existence and its benefits, thus attracting more consumers.